One by One by One….

The Editorial Board has received information indicating the formal interviews for the GRACE investigation are proceeding as planned.  Some are completed; some are yet to come.  All of them are a vital part in shining truth and light on a once dark, musty, and rather dirty closet at Wade Hampton Boulevard.  

Yes, one by one, they filled out surveys.  One by one, they will sit down with the GRACE team of investigators, and all-around good guys of the Faith. GRACE logo

For many, this will be the very first time anyone has truly believed their stories.  In fact, many had begun to doubt the veracity of their own experience based on the sticks and stones of those fundamentalist stalwarts who ran (and ruined) their lives.  Their “bitterness” was to blame and they were just “out to get” BJU because of their own “sin”.  But no more … one by one by one they have found solace in the welcoming arms of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (G.R.A.C.E. ) What a picture that paints.


God’s grace is, ultimately, the only place we will find complete solace.  He still sends comfort and protection to the afflicted.  One of our friends received a note of encouragement by someone who was praying that “bouncer angels” would be present during the trip to meet the investigation team and the interview.  Oh, the stress and self-talk work overtime to be sure.  But we are happy to report that God did send that type of cover, be they angels, friends, or just a word of encouragement from a stranger or the strangest place.  

One by one, they will all face their fears and their past.  Many will imagine the smirking face of Jim “I Wannabe a Counselor” Berg with his phony degree and hollow, often cruel methods.  Many will see the shadowy faces of their attackers and then those who accused them of lying.  The guilt will come in floods – yet these people are willing to do what is right even when a school founded on “doing right” would not.

We’ll see the results at some point.  BJU continues to shrink into an irrelevant state anyway.  The true fundy believers still have Pensacola and its water park for a whole lot less money.  Those who wake up and want a real degree have a world full of options in Liberty, Wheaton, Cedarville, and so many more.  Yes, one by one I believe we’ll see them all walk away until only a “basement Bible school” remains – and perhaps Stephen can run that by himself.

The word of the day is HOPE friends.  These people who have been, are being, and will be interviewed let hope swell up in them again.  And they are rewarded by a team of loving, Christ-like investigators who believe them and want to see justice done.  One by one by one they will have their interview day … and the dim light of hope grew bright.   The hope that one day someone, somewhere would at long last take the time to sit down, listen and believe their accounts of abuse and mistreatment became a reality.


What’s the Matter with a Little Levity?

C.P. Traveler likes a good joke as much as the next person (assuming the next person isn’t a humorless drone or an android) … in fact, I’ve been known to cut up more than a little and have received my fair share of reprimands for doing so.  But even a “class clown” knows there are some times where making light of things just isn’t “Doing the Right Thing” …

The Editorial Board has obtained an audio copy of the December 9th BJU faculty meeting, or at least a damning 3 minutes of it.  It’s posted on a YouTube channel, but I’m sure many of you have already heard it.  If not and you don’t have the 3 minutes to spare, let me summarize … Marshall Franklin laughs at the Do Right supporters, completely misses the intent beyond the Phelps dismissal, and then openly mocks the wearing of colors as an action of solidarity.

In response to this, one outraged mother of a student sent Mr. Franklin the following (cited with permission, name is changed to retain confidentiality):


I am grieved by your words in the faculty meeting on Friday regarding the Do Right Facebook group. You made negative remarks about the school alumni in connection with this Facebook page. Those remarks were directed at me as well, since I have affiliated myself with that group. As an alumnus, I was a student years ago that spoke to school administration regarding being an abuse victim. This was not reported to the authorities. I did not get the help or support I needed. BJU, as an institute of Christian learning and leadership, failed me as a fellow believer.

I am deeply grieved that you would so lightly set aside this Facebook group, and label negatively people you do not even know. They are a group of people genuinely concerned for people such as myself who need adults and leaders to stand up for them, not brush them aside.

The school would be wise to listen to what they are asking-simply that you as leaders of ‘the bastion of faith’ show some decency and true caring for abuse victims, that you review your reporting policy to reflect that you set a shining example to others and the future leaders you train in how to properly handle reported abuse. Because in my case it was sadly mishandled.

To make fun of us, and to continue to disregard those within your care, is even more grievous to the God you supposedly serve. Each of us will stand before God one day, accountable for our choices in life. What will you say to Him about the choice you make to a humble request that you, as a university leader, show you truly care for abuse victims by choosing to have your abuse reporting policy reviewed by an outside independent source?

As Christians we are called by God to hold ourselves accountable to the authorities of our country. We do not stand above the law, but are accountable to it. (I Peter 2:13-17) BJU, in professing excellence in all things, must then do nothing less than learn the proper process and have mandatory reporting in place for those that need the protection they deserve.

Thank you,

“Ima Parent”

You see, this parent gets it.  She’s expecting a university to help a young adult sent there to grow and expand horizons.  She’s calling them out for their arrogance (and being far more polite than Chuckles or I would have been).  She’s not taking abuse lightly because of what she has seen and known herself.  But would anybody like to wager on the nature of Franklin’s response?  I promise you we’ll post it if and when it is provided to us.

The bottom line, friends, is that BJU is scared.  Marshall Franklin is using levity to detract attention from what will happen on Monday.  And I’m still willing to bet that the safety net so many of us have offered will need to be used by students who stand firm against the arrogance and don’t get to finish the semester (worth of the actual credits not withstanding).  That, as I see it, is no laughing matter.

C.P. Traveler

Note-Correction 12/11/2011 @9:40pm:  Chuck Travels received a note from “Ima Parent.” She is not a parent of a student. The account she refers to is about how she herself was counseled when she told Dean of Student Jim Berg about being sexually abused. She is one more person that has come forward to claim that the crime of sex abuse was not reported by Jim Berg to the police. Instead he read Leviticus to her. Her desire is to see BJU change so that others are not counseled in the same way, and that abuse is reported to authorities.

Is the ACCC serious about the Abuse resolution? What About Ron Williams?

The American Council of Christian Churches adopted a resolution decrying abuse in what the ACCC termed, “professed fundamentalism.”  One of the member organizations is the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America (IBFNA).

The executive secretary of the ACCC is Dr. Ralph Colas.

The Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America (IBFNA) is a member of the American Council of Christian Churches.  Dr. Colas has been a member of both the IBFNA and ACCC since the IBFNA split from the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) in 1990.  This split occurred because they believed the GARBC was comprising in the area of separation.

June 20-22, 2000, Dr. Ralph Colas and two other men were recieved the “Watchman Reward”  at Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville, Pa.

Dr. Colas and the two other men were given this reward, “in recognition of their steadfastness, courage, and boldness in guiding the IBFNA in its earliest stages, including its days as the “Regular Baptists For Revival”.

Skip ahead until 2011.  In the February 2011 the IBFNA Review (pages 4-8) published an interview with the Director of Hephzibah House, Ron Williams. Much like the Sword of the Lord’s famous “phone interview” with Chuck Phelps,(Sword Phelps interview pages one, two, three) The Review interview with Williams is completely one sided. None of the students of Hephzibah House were interviewed.

Since the alleged abuses at Hephzibah House have been taking place for nearly four decades, one has to wonder if the ACCC has rethought its position on Hephzibah House?  One has to wonder if they will once again turn a deaf ear to these women?  Chuckles wonders if Ralph Colas, other leaders of both the ACCC, and IBFNA would interview several former Hephzibah House ladies?

Is the ACCC serious about its resolution on abuse? Is the resolution just a paper dragon? Are leaders of the ACCC going to speak with the IBFNA and encourage them to really speak and really listen to former students of Hephzibah House?  It shouldn’t be too hard for Colas to do so since he has many personal friends who are leaders of the IBFNA.



American Council of Christian Churches Approves Resolution on Abuse

The American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC) was founded under the leadership of the controversial and militant minister Dr. Carl McIntire in 1941. It was started as Fundamental Separatist Church group by Carl McIntire, and remains a Fundamental Separatist group today. Prospective members must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement, and be admitted with a 3/4 vote by current members.  Membership is denied those who have any affiliation with the World Council of Churches (WCC), National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), anyone associated “Ecumenicism” or the Charismatic Movement.

Current Member Churches and Organizations:

  • Association of Ministers of the Reformed Faith (AMRF)
  • Bible Presbyterian Church
  • Evangelical Methodist Church of America
  • Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches
  • Free Presbyterian Church of North America
  • Fundamental Methodist Church
  • Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America
  • Independent Churches Affiliated

The ACCC 70th Annual Convention took place in Lancaster Pennsylvania October 18-20th.  The ACCC passed six resolutions, including one on the issue of abuse in what the ACCC termed “professed fundamentalism.”

At first glance it is encouraging that a fundamentalist Church organization such as the ACCC is at long last recognizing that physical and sexual abuse is a problem within fundamentalism, however there are some problems with this resolution.

The first glaring problem, is that no matter where one stands on homosexuality, it should not be put on the same level as Pedophilia, Rape of Minors, and incest.  Homosexuality takes place between two consenting adults, where the latter three do not.  Furthermore, whether they like it or not, homosexuality is not illegal, the latter three most definitely are illegal.

Second, there are many adults who have been victims of sexual assault and rape.  Most are women, not all.  Why are these overlooked?

Third problem is the wording of this part of the resolution:

“The glorious heritage of Christ’s Church is badly stained when such abuse occurs, and more so when those who deal with the abuse fail to address it. The result is that those who reject our message feel free to challenge our genuineness. But for worse, these scandals reproach the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, giving His enemies an opportunity to blaspheme. (2 Samuel 12:14)”

It appears to me, that they are still trying to blame those who where abused in fundamentalism, and/or those who advocate for those who are abused because many of those people have questioned the genuineness of fundamentalist leaders.  Most fundamentalist leaders have turned a deaf ear to the plight of those who were abused. As I see it, they should not refer to those who question these fundamentalist leaders genuineness and imply those who do reject the message, and may be enemies who blaspheme against Jesus.

For example Dr. Bob Jones III spoke on October 19, 2011 at the ACCC 70th Annual Convention.  The title of Dr. Jones’ message wasKeep Your Eyes Open and the Doors Shut.  Would it be wrong to question the genuineness of Dr. Bob Jones stand against child abuse when he endorsed a book written by a man who is still incarcerated in a Texas State Prison for holding down an 11 year old Hispanic boy while his brother (and co-pastor) beat the boy with two sticks until the little boy went into kidney failure and nearly died? The testimony from Caleb Thompson’s appeal is even worse than all the newspaper articles. There is enough information for an objective, third party to understand the gruesome details of the case and the need for the sentence which was handed down. If Bob Jones, III is truly interested in the facts then he should be willing to read this Appeal and rescind his endorsement.

“Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth.” Galations 4:16 (KJV)

Evangelist Shuts Down Survivors With One Sermon Illustration

At the Beginning of every school year, Bob Jones University has opening exercises. Opening exercises consist of two evenings of evangelistic services that  faculty and students are told will set “the spiritual tone” for the school year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 was the second evening.  The speaker was Evangelist Will Galkin.  This would be the last message the students hear to “set the spiritual tone” for the school year.  The offending example stars about 24:50. 

Evangelist Galkin chose James 4 as the text on which he would preach.  Chuckles will not go into the theological misrepresentations in this post.  Perhaps CP Traveler will take that up in another entry.

Will Galkin’s example is wrong on so many levels.  It is hard to determine where to start!

Let’s start with a few statistics.

  1. 1 in 5 boys, 1 in 4 girls by the age of 18 report being sexually abused.   Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy groups have known for years that most of these crimes go unreported for a number reasons.
  2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Crimes Against Children’s Unit estimates every child has almost a 25% chance of being molested, with a sex offender living “in every square mile of the United States.”  It is known that many children are molested by someone who is known to the child and their family.  The FBI Crimes Against Children’s Unit further estimates that one in ten men have molested children.  Of those men who molest, they only have a 3% chance of getting caught for this crime.


Now that Chuckles has caused you all to be afraid to allow your children or grandchildren out of your sight ever again, let’s for the sake of making this simple focus on the cases in which molestation was reported.   Please bear with Chuckles since he is not a mathematician.  If 1 in 5 boys, 1 in 4 girls by the age of 18 report being sexually abused. Think about how many people who it would be if you walk past 20 or 30 people on the sidewalks everyday at Bob Jones University.   Chuckles finds it deplorable that Evangelist Galkin would use the one example of one girl making up this story because her life was “boring.”  Frankly, Chuckles saw so many discrepancies in Galkin’s illustration, he is left to wonder if Galkin is the one with the active imagination.

First off, “paternal father,” really Galkin?  What other kind of father would the girls biological father be?

To juice up the illustration, Galkin tells how the girl was estranged and “bitter” with (presumably) her paternal father, abused by her step-father.  Her “paternal father” (presumably), is killed in a car accident returning from visiting the girl at camp.  According to Galkin’s illustration, the girl then turns tail and claims she said all this because she was bored and wanted a more exciting life!


What will all the young ladies and young men do what were present in the amphitorium who have suffered through being sexually abused do?  The abuse story Galkin just told was so outlandish, yet some think to themselves, “my story is worse than that, but it’s true!   Maybe, these abused young people who were praying and begging God for years the abuse would stop, and it never did.  Finally!  Finally!  The student get’s to go to Bob Jones University!  Finally!  The student thinks, “I can tell someone about this, get some help.  I don’t know, maybe get some counseling!”  Most of these abuse survivors will never talk for a long time, maybe never!  Galkin just told such a survivor, no one will believe them!   Furthermore, Galkin planted the seed deeply in the mind of dorm counselors, other counselors, and Faculty/Staff at Bob Jones University, to question any abuse statements they hear because the victim might only have attention-seeking problems. There’s probably just “mental idolatry” going on.

Frankly, false reports of sexual abuse/rape are rare.  They do occur.  However, Galkin using such a dreadful illustration to speak about sex abuse, is like comparing the Susan Smith case to nearly everyone who has suffered the death of a child.  Most parents who suffer the death of their child, are not responsible for murdering their child(ren).

Of all the confirmed liars Galkin could have picked…

Why didn’t he pick this guy?  Or maybe, this one? 

[Stepping down off soap box!]

Can Anyone See that I’m Hurting?

This video addresses the issue of “Sexual Abuse“ performed by Missterious Janette…ikz. She powerfully addressing the sensitive issue of sexual assault.

No other explanation necessary.

Twelve Things to Never Tell a Sexual Assault Survivor

A few days ago, I posted thirteen positive suggestions to those who find themselves needing to help a sexual assault survivor.  Neither of these lists are all-inclusive.

1) Don’t tell Sexual assault a sexual assault survivor that  God is punishing the survivor  for some misdeed by allowing the assault to occur.

2)  Don’t ever ask a sexual assault survivor if the survivor liked any part of the assault.

3) Don’t tell a sexual assault survivor why such a thing would never happen “to you,” or someone you know, and why.  That is very demeaning.  Sexual assault occurs across all socioeconomic, racial, gender, “beauty” and religious backgrounds.

4) Don’t tell a sexual assault survivor that it was God’s will the assault occurred.  Imagine if you were the one being told that God was the one sent, allowed, or influenced someone to hurt another person in the most heinous way short of murder. This is not useful and further skews the survivors view of God.  May I suggest, that the focus be on how God helps the survivor heal.  Examples such as how He acquainted with our sufferings.  The Focus should to be  on His love and care for the survivor at this time.   

 5)  Don’t tell a sexual assault survivor not to talk about it.

 6)  Don’t ever say anything to a sexual assault survivor about how she responds after the assault is sin.  Often people berate the survivor.  Instructing the survivor to not be angry, not be depressed, etc. Then label such things as sin.  Whatever sin’s there may or may not be, leave that to the Holy Spirit to deal with.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t need your help.

 7)  Don’t tell a sexual assault survivor to go to the attacker and ask the criminal (whether convicted or not) for forgiveness for anger and bitterness that the survivor may have against the person who committed this crime against them.

8 )  Don’t tell a sexual assault survivor about how others have it worse than they do.

9)  Don’t blame a sexual assault survivor for what happened.  

10) Don’t tell a sexual assault survivor what happened to them was “no big deal.”

11) Don’t say to a sexual assault survivor such things as,  “Well, it’s been six months (a year, 5 years, 15 years, etc.) and ask why the survivor isn’t “over it” yet. 

12) Don’t ask or insinuate that a sexual assault survivor  could have done anything different before or during the assault to avoid it from occurring.

Thirteen Positive Ways to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor

Often friends wonder what are some positive ways to help a sexual assault survivor heal. Here are a few suggestions. This note is not meant to address a emergent rape.  If such is the case, it should go without saying that the best way to help a sexual assault victim is to get her law enforcement and medical care right away.  In the case of a minor, mandatory reporting laws kick in.

1)  Do Use Active Listening 

2) Encourage Survivor to Obtain Medical Care

Remember that an adult woman has the right to refuse to report the assault to the police, even so, the survivor should have a medical check-up, and may need pregnancy, HIV or STD tests, etc.

3.  Reassure the Survivor that you know the sexual assault isn’t the survivors fault, and if you do feel anger, make it very clear that it is directed towards those who committed the assault and not the survivor.  Reassure the survivors that a crime was committed against them.

4. Encourage them to say what is comfortable and safe and how they want to spend their time with you. If you find that there is an emotional distance between you following the assault, try not to blame them or put pressure on them to forget it quickly. Seek support for yourself from someone who may help you understand your feelings as well.

5. Help Them to Feel Safe  as the survivor takes part in things again, but only at their own pace and in ways they feel are best. Knowing they can talk to you about feeling unsafe and can ask for your companionship when they need it, will be reassuring as they tackle difficult things.

6. Help the Survivor Distinguish Between “If Only’s” and “False Guilt”

Gently help them distinguish between wishing it had never happened, in terms of wishing they hadn’t been there at that time, or said what they said, and so on, and it being not their fault it happened.  Stress that everyone has a basic right to be free from threat, and criminal attack.

7.  Recognize that Post Traumatic Stess Syndrome (PTSD) symptoms may occur and that those symptoms are real.  The survivor may re-live all or part of the assault.  The survivor may become depressed, agitated, tearful, angry or all of the above emotions (and more).  Sometimes all these emotions happen at the same time.  PTSD is as hard for the survivor as the assault and is painful for others to watch someone go through.  Many times, expecially Christians deny the existence of PTSD.  If necessary, educate yourself about PTSD.

8. Gently guide the survivor to a qualified licensed therapist.  Preferably one who has experience treating those with histories of sexual trauma.  Be careful not to force the survivor to talk to anyone the survivor does not want to talk to.  Encourage the survivor to contact RAINN and The National Center for Victims of Crime.

9.  Realize the surivor may have trust issues.  Don’t berate the survivor for this.

10. Admit you don’t have all the answers.

11) Avoid being too protective.  Sexual abuse makes people feel invaded, changed and out of control; try to imagine how this feels. It is crucial that the survivor be able to make their own decisions and regain influence over what happens in their lives in order to rebuild trust and strength.

12) Take care of yourself.  Draw boundaries as needed.  Recognize you cannot and should not do everything for the survivor.

13)  Tell the survivor of God’s love and grace.   Don’t tolerate others using God as a club over a rape survivor.  Speak up to such people for your friend and for your God.

Ernie Willis Sentenced~Chuck Phelps Lies Again.

Ernie on his way to prison

On September 6, 2011, Ernie Willis was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison for of three counts of forcible rape and one count of felonious sexual assault of Tina Anderson.  Tina Dooley Anderson was at the time of these rapes, … Continue reading

The Horrors of Hephzibah House

The goal of this post is to educate fellow Christians and the public about Hephzibah House of Winona Lake, Indiana.  Hephzibah House has been in operation since the 1970′s and is operated as a “boarding school” for troubled teen girls from fundamentalist Christian homes by Ron and his wife, the late Patty Williams.  A few years ago, Ron Williams, son, Don Williams took over the ministry from his parents.

Hephzibah House is one of the longest continuously running such schools that was patterned after Lester Roloff’s “ministry” of Lighthouse Home for boys, and Rebekah Home for girls in Corpus Cristi, TX.

Most of these teen girls are not what most people would think of as juvenile delinquents.  None of them are placed at Hephzibah House by a judge for sentence. ALL of them come from physically and emotionally abusive homes, and most from sexually abusive homes as well.  Conservative estimates are that over 70% of the girls who found themselves at Hephzibah House were sexually abused before being sent to there.  Other estimates postulate that the number is actually closer to the 90% range.

Hephzibah House takes girls as young as 12-17 1/2.  The usual length of stay is 15 month, however some girls have stayed as long as 3 years.  Over the last few years it appears that Hephzibah House does not beat the girls anymore, but Hephzibah House does use psychological “white torture” methods that were used by the Chinese in POW camps during the Korean War are said to be more effective than beatings.  White Torture has seen a resurgence in recent years in Iran.

Hephzibah House and homes like it are not regulated by the state other than  fire inspections because it hides its abuse under a church and meets out abuse in God’s name.

Here are links to two Hephzibah House survivor blogs.

I am quoting, in entirety, a pamphlet written by Ron Williams in which he instructs parents how to beat their children, even babies under 1 year of age.  He instructs parents how to beat their children and not get caught by authorities for abuse.  Ron Williams used to have this up on the net but has since removed it.

In Ron Williams own words

The Correction and Salvation of Children
By Ronald E. Williams

Believers Baptist Church, 508 School St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 (219) 269-2376


“Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.” Proverbs 23:13,14

THE FIRST DIRECTIVE: The perception of my duty and the promise involved if I carry out my duty

A. The perception of my duty

“Withhold not correction from the child.”

Through a negative admonition, “withhold not,” Solomon is encouraging us to perceive what our duty is with regard to our child. One might ask, Why is it necessary to be told what our duty is? Because we would naturally “withhold” instead of obeying. The Scripture indicates in Proverbs 13:24, “He that spareth his rod, hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” Many parents today are in a position where they Biblically hate their children because they are not acting against their natural feelings and disciplining themselves towards the Godly habit-pattern of consistent correction. In other words, it takes work, wisdom, self discipline, and

Godliness to correct children the way the Lord wants.

Fight your feelings

The concept of having to be told what to do in order that we can combat our natural feelings is illustrated in other areas of our lives. The Lord Jesus, for example, taught in Matthew 5:28 that it is wrong for a man to look lustfully upon a woman, implicitly telling us to not do that. One could ask, Why does He teach such a thing? Because men naturally look upon women in a lustful way. In fact, any man who claims that he has never had a problem in this area is either a liar or he is dead! Just as the Scripture indicates “the eyes of man are never satisfied” (Proverbs 27:20). Therefore, the Lord, recognizing our weakness, has admonished men not to look lustfully at women. Men must not operate on the basis of their natural inclinations, but on the basis of what is right, controlling their feelings and the flesh in the process.

Another example would be in the area of a man loving his wife. The Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:25 says, “Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it.” Why did the Spirit of God believe it necessary to instruct a man through the Apostle Paul to love his wife as Christ loved the church? Because a man would not naturally do this. A man is naturally in love with himself even as that same chapter indicates in 5:29: “For no man ever yet hateth his own flesh but nourisheth and cherisheth it even as the Lord the church.” A man left to his own inclinations and desires will love himself supremely above all others. A Christian, however, who is obedient to the Spirit of God and to the Word of God, will love his wife and not submit to the natural inclination to love himself first; even as the Lord Jesus demonstrated through His supreme example in His love for the church. Therefore, when the Lord gives a negative admonition to parents to “withhold not,” it is in keeping with this Biblical principle of instructing parents to obey where they will have to overcome their natural inclinations, control their emotions and do what is right even when they do not feel like.

Whose job?

Who is to perceive this duty that Solomon outlines? The Hebrew language indicates in this passage through a second person masculine singular suffix that Solomon is probably addressing a man. The context of course, would indicate that the father of the household is the subject of Solomon’s admonition. Solomon, in doing this, is underscoring and agreeing with the rest of Scripture when it teaches that child-training and education is the primary responsibility of the father of that child. The primary responsibility for this vital task is not delegated by God to the mother, Sunday School teacher, pastor, day school teacher, grandparents, or any other person, but is the primary responsibility of the father. Obviously, these other individuals are an invaluable help to the father, especially his wife, but they are helpers only. A father will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for the spiritual, emotional, and physical welfare and training of his wife and children. It therefore behooves a father to be extremely judicious and cautious in whom he selects to be his helpers in the vital task of training and educating his child. Why?

Dinah’s father was Jacob who was desired to marry Rachel.  Jacob was promised by Rachel’s father, Laban, that if he worked seven years he would be given Rachel in marriage. After working seven years, Jacob reminds Rachel’s father of their deal.  Laban however fooled Jacob and instead gave his eldest daughter, Leah to Jacob in marriage instead of Rachel whom Jacob loved.  Jacob was then forced to work an additional seven years for Laban in order to marry Rachel.  In this sermon, Ron Williams states incorrectly  that,  Rachel is Dinah’s mother.  In fact, Dinah’s mother was Leah. In his message on Dinah from the Old Testament, which Ron Williams teaches that the Bible says, Dinah was responsible for her own rape! The Bible does not teach this. As matter of fact, the meaning of the Hebrew name, Dinah means “justified”. In his sermon “How to Raise a Strange Woman” by Ron Williams, he states that Dinah (who he imagines is a young teen between 14 and 15) is a “strange woman.”  Not only that Williams preaches that Rachel was a strange woman as well who taught Dinah to be one.  Nowhere is this taught in the Bible. The term “strange woman,” that Ron Williams used is taken completely out of context here.  “Strange Woman as referred to in the King James Version in the book Proverbs as immoral women, seductress, adulteress, etc.

As I see it, Williams spewed an entire 120 minutes of  heresy.  Williams preaches things never intended or implied by this passage.

Now imagine being a young impressionable teenage girl who was sexually abused by your father, stepfather, grandfather, teacher, youth pastor, or other trusted male authority figure before being sent to Hephzibah House. Imagine being forced to listen to this and other similar sermons day and day out.  Imagine being a young girl who is told she would never be able to wear a white wedding dress because she had responsibility for being molested by a family member in a “counseling session” with Ron Williams while a student at Hephzibah House.  Imagine arriving at Hephzibah House and being strip searched and showered.  After this, imagine being taken into a closet where you are held down by staff members as a “nurse” preforms a forced pelvic exam without explaining what was happening to this scared, traumatized young girl whose parents had just left her in this place.  All of this has been reported to have happened to many of the teen girls who were “students” at Hephzibah House decades apart from each other.