Ron Williams Returns to WMUU Broadcasters List

The radio station affiliated with Bob Jones University discontinued the every Saturday airing of “Ron Williams/Hephzibah House” program on WMUU sometime around August 5, 2011. We are sure that the discontinuation of “Ron Williams/Hephzibah House” had nothing whatsoever with CNN producers investigating Hephzibah House for Anderson Cooper’s UnGodly Discipline series.  Nothing whatsoever to do with those same producers contacting Bob Jones University and WMUU officials asking why it would carry a program where girls have told of abuse for nearly 40 years. Word is that after  Bob Jones and WMUU officials were called by CNN producers,  BJU/WMUU spokes-person who then called back the next day and told CNN producers that WMUU no longer carried the program.

For nearly 30 years, Ron Williams/Hephzibah House was aired on WMUU.  Suddenly, the program disappeared without an explaination.  None.  For years, Hephzibah House survivors, and supporters of Hephzibah House survivors had plead with Paul Wright, Bob Jones, III and others to remove this child abuser from WMUU.  The program was never removed and the survivors called liars, bitter and worse.

Hephzibah House has not been listed on WMUU list of Broadcasters for months.  

What is interesting that a few days ago, I found that Ron Williams of Hephzibah House is once again listed on WMUU’s list of Broadcasters.   

Ron Williams/Hephzibah House has not been listed until recently.  We’ve been checking.  We also have screenshots should this listing disappear without an explanation.

Here is a response from a survivor of Hephzibah House.  Her response is  very touching  well worded and was written 5 days after Chris Peterman’s expulsion.  In my opinion, it shows Bob Jones University’s pattern of deception.



Three years ago, while visiting family in Greenville, SC I walked into WMUU for an arranged meeting with its station manager, Paul Wright. It was the first time in seventeen years I’d approached someone within the Independent Fundamental Baptist religion. I was terrified, but I did it anyway, because my cause was greater than my fears. I was there on behalf of the survivors of Hephzibah House. Specifically, I was there to plead for the removal of Ron Williams from the airwaves of WMUU.


The meeting, for my part, went very well. He was kind and considerate to me. During this meeting he told me that WMUU had no affiliation with BJU. He also begged me for time to make a prayerful and informed decision.  I admired his honesty and sincerity, so I decided to give him that time. I went home to Baltimore believing in this man. To be clear, I liked Paul Wright. I trusted Paul Wright.


A few months prior to this, [A woman who has advocated for HH ladies and repeatedly asked that WMUU remove Ron Williams/HH off its airwaves] walked into the office and was surprised to find Paul Wright there as well. He was carrying a dossier on Hephzibah House survivors given to him by Ron Williams. What followed is something that to be honest hurt me very much. Mr. Wright, not knowing of my friendship with the woman in question, proceeded to trash me to both her and Dr. Bob the third. He twisted my words and on several occasions he outright lied about what I shared with him.


My personal hurt aside, I want to look at the dynamics of this event. Here was the manager of a radio station in an office that by his own words, he should never have been in. Yet there he was, secretly discussing an issue that both parties swore ignorance to. Dr. Bob has long claimed ignorance to the abuses that STILL take place within the confines of Hephzibah House. (Never mind that several summer staff actually interviewed for positions at Hephzibah House right on the BJU campus.)  I’m going to be honest; I actually get very angry when I consider this. The level of dishonesty surrounding this is absolutely shameful. Unfortunately this did not end here.


After tirelessly working for three years to get WMUU to do the right thing, CNN aired the story about Hephzibah House. Less then 24 hours later, Ron Williams was pulled from the airwaves of WMUU. I was elated and frustrated at the same time. I finally faced the truth.   This religion will NEVER protect their children on their own. They do not have the character or strength to take a stand for the sake of their children and demand better. I’ve been sitting on this information for some time now. So why talk about it now? Because recent events occurred that infuriated me to the point where I could no longer remain silent.



Last week I read about Chris being expelled, months after BJU assured the public that no such action would be taken. This incident got me thinking and so I pulled up WMUU and did a general search for Ron Williams and you guessed it, I found him. He is still listed as one of the broadcasters of WMUU. We keep calling for transparency, but what you must understand is this. BJU is unable to be transparent or honest about a single thing. If our religious leaders cannot uphold common decency and honesty in their dealings with their OWN people, then why should a quote un-quote, lost and dying world listen to their teachings either?   

WMUU is under Gospel Fellowship Association (GFA) which is the mission agency associated with Bob Jones University.

You know, the mission board that Chuck Phelps is on?  The mission board whose Administrative Director lamented that Chuck Phelps resigned from Bob Jones University Co-operating Board.  Even after Phelp’s own testimony proved that a former member admitted to Phelps that he [the rapist] was the aggressor for the rape of a 15 year old girl who was also in Phelps’s congregation at the time.

Who is the president of GFA, you ask?  Bob Jones III.

Just want to get that out of the way for those who think they can run onto this blog and tell us that Bob Jones University has nothing at all to do with WMUU.

We may have been born at night, but not last night.

Ohio Church Has Child Abuser Ron Williams For Anniversary Sunday

Courtesy of Dwayne Walker

Picture Courtesy of Dwayne Walker~California HEAL-Online Coordinator

Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio celebrated its 52nd Anniversary yesterday March 25, 2012.  It looks as if the church has removed its webpage, here is the Google cache version.

Since a church celebrating 52 years is a big deal, it goes without saying that the pastor would choose to have one of the pastors closest friends as a speaker.

That special speaker was none other than Ron Williams of Hephzibah House.

Ron Williams and Hephzibah House have had allegations of physical, emotional, spiritual abuse which go back 40 years.

According to the churches announcement Calvary Baptist Church of Lima Ohio has supported Hephzibah House, Ron Williams and his late wife, Patty for nearly that long.

The text below.

March 25 — Celebrating CBC’s Fifty-Second

We will Welcome Ron Williams of Hephzibah House on March 25th to help us celebrate 52 years of God’s great blessings.  We have supported Hephzibah House prayerfully and financially for most of the years of its existence.  Dr. Williams left secular social work to establish this ministry when he and his wife saw great need for a residential home for girls who were in great spiritual need.  This work has been hated by a very vocal minority who have used the internet for several years to harass and attempt to destroy.   God has preserved Dr. Williams in spite of these attacks, and we believe this ministry will continue to be a blessing.  Ron Williams is an eloquent speaker, and we know we will his messages in Sunday School and church.  We will have an anniversary dinner at 2:00 which will replace our normally scheduled evening times.  The afternoon session will also be a PTF meeting for all school parents.

The “very vocal minority” consists of over 200 former students and supporters.  A core group of former Hephzibah House residents discovered that Ron Williams would be speaking at this Anniversary Celebration on Monday, March 19, 2012.  On such short notice four ladies who were within a few hours driving distance showed up to protest.  Three were positioned on public property outside the church passed out these fliers.  Passing motorists honked their horns in support.  Read Ron Williams letter to supporters from after CNN interviews. Then Ron goes and admits to nearly every single one of the former students allegations. Ron Williams admits to abusing girls but his followers don't see it?

Yesterday when the protest was taking place Chuckles received the following update:

 Just got a little update… (names withheld)

#1) *Susie Q’s mom *Susie Q1 went in and sat through the morning service…then there was a pot luck, and she’s still there for the afternoon service, which started @ 1:30….so waiting to hear from her after the service…..

#2) Susie Q, Protester 2, and Protester 3 are the 3 fabulous ladies outside…the assistant pastor came out this morning all sweet and asked them what they were doing…he chit chatted with them being all nice…he listened to them talk, and then he asked for a flyer…he went back inside with it (p.s. the girls videotaped all of this apparently)…..

#3) assistant pastor comes out a bit later …he asked them to stop protesting b/c there are so many honking horns that it is distracting their church service. He also asked the 3 ladies for their names, and if he could take their pictures, they told him NOPE! He wanted to obviously take that info in to Ron, but they wouldn’t allow him!!!!


The assistant pastor came out one more time and was trying to get license plate numbers etc. and this time he’s not being such a nice guy…

After this the police were called.  Since the protesters were peaceful and on public property the police told the assistant pastor that the protesters would remain.  The protesters were informed that the church would be calling its attorney.

Good luck with that, boys.
A local news reporter came out and interviewed the protesters.  When he went to interview Ron Williams, he hid, or ran (left.)   


The pastor of Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio is David Keith Hamblen.  D. Keith Hamblen is a Bob Jones University graduate.  He also was a team leader at the Wilds at one point.
The Hamblen family is related to Bob Jones University royalty, the Stratton family.  Stratton Hall.  According to sources D. Keith Hamblen is a cousin of former Clearwater Christian College president, Dick Stratton.  Dick was at one time rumored to have been in the running to be the Vice President of Bob Jones University prior to accepting the position at Clearwater.  The Hamlin family are also related to Lonnie Polson.  To say his family is quite connected at BJU would be an understatement.  The radio station (WMUU) owned by Gospel Fellowship Association (BJU’s mission board) aired Ron Williams/Hephzibah House for many years.  WMUU was petitioned for years to remove Ron Williams from its program line-up but refused.  Within hours of having been contacted by CNN producers, WMUU finally removed the program from its program line-up but continues to air Lester Roloff’s Family Altar program five times per day Monday-Friday.

(David) Keith Hamblen Bob Jones University Vintage Picture. Graduated 1974

Update as of 5pm:  Looks like Calvary Bible Church website is back up.

Defending the Indefensible With Lies and Nonsense

A blogger posted a poorly written, long, rambling, post full of outright untruths and conjecture called, In defense of Hephzibah House.

I will warn you, this was one of the hardest blog posts I have written as the post I am attempting to review is difficult to follow.

The blogger defends the indefensible—those who emotionally, psychologically abused girls as young as 12. A place where girls were either starved or force fed. A place where, at one time, girls were physically abused by staff, including Ron Williams.

The blogger writes about gossiping, defaming and otherwise harassing Hephzibah House from which he claims are “anonymous handlers.”  Former students are not anonymous.  Most of those who blog about Hephzibah House aren’t anonymous. He then posts written “testimonials” praising the facility that are taken from you guessed it; the Hephzibah House webpage.

He doesn’t stop there.  One of the defenders he cites is Michelle Dickey who was able to get herself banned from the Fundamental Fighting Forum (FFF).  Those of you who are unaware of the FFF, go and read this site a little.  Notice how venomous some of the posters are.  Take a gander and come back, after you will realize that one who is kicked off that site, may not be the best example of credibility.

I find it interesting that the blogger who describes “professing Christians” who are outraged at the accounts of abuse by 200 or so former students Hephzibah House as being naive and believing the allegations without evidence.

Yet, he conveniently leaves out the correspondence Ron Williams sent to his supporters soon after the broadcast, UnGodly discipline aired about Hephzibah House.

Ron Williams Answers to Allegations

Ron Williams Letter to Supporters Rebuttal

The other is a woman who life before Hephzibah House was too awful for words.  She was abused in ways words are unable to describe before being sent to Hephzibah House.  The fact Hephzibah House did not sexually abuse her, made her feel safe.

This woman was used by Ron Williams and his son Don Williams to appear on Anderson Cooper a few months ago.  It angers me, that they exploited this woman who has clearly suffered so much in her life. Who clearly wants badly the approval of Hephzibah House and the Williams.  Then this blogger exploits her once again.  Problem is, he neglects to tell the truth.  Although it wasn’t her intention she verified many of the allegations such as the beatings with a chair being put over the students torso to hold the student down.  Teen girls being forced to wear adult diapers.  Below is this portion of the CNN Transcript.

 COOPER: Fascinating report. Gary, thanks. After Gary talked to Don Williams, Hephzibah House reached out and offered to put us in touch with another former student who was willing to talk about her time in the facility.

Her name is Lucinda Pennington. Her family sent her to the school when she was 15. She stayed for three years. She joins me now.

Thanks for being with us, Lucinda. You went to this house in 1988 when you were 15. You say you liked it there. Why?

LUCINDA PENNINGTON, FORMER HEPHZIBAH HOUSE STUDENT: I did. I felt safe and secure there. It was a place for me to be able to get back on track.

COOPER: You came from an abusive family situation, and they were very supportive at Hephzibah House?

PENNINGTON: Yes, very supportive. They helped me get out of the situation that I was in and helped me in taking care of what needed to be taken care of.

COOPER: Were you ever beaten at Hephzibah House?

PENNINGTON: No, I was never beaten. I did receive a spanking, but never beaten.

COOPER: What sort of a spanking did you receive?

PENNINGTON: I had cheated on a test, and even though it had been several days, they had to wait and get contact with my parents first before they could spank me.

They took me upstairs, explained to me how it was done. I had to lay down on the floor. They held my hands and my feet and put a chair across my back. I don’t remember anything sitting on it. Granted, this was 23 years ago. I got three swats, and I was let up.

COOPER: Swats with what?

PENNINGTON: I think it was just a regular paddle. Then I was let up and sat on the couch, and we prayed and talked about, you know, I shouldn’t be cheating. Cheating is lying and then I — within the three years I only received two spankings. So it wasn’t like, you know, I got them all the time or anything like that.

COOPER: We’ve heard from other girls who were there who obviously describe what they call — refer to as abusive situations. They refer to like having to drink a lot of water and the not being allowed to go to the bathroom, being made to wear diapers. Did you see that? Did that happen to you? Why would that happen? 

PENNINGTON: No. In the three years that I was there, there was only one girl that was made to wear a diaper. The situation was she had just gotten there. Hadn’t been there maybe a day, and these girls were not angels that arrived there. This girl was determined that nobody was going to tell her what to do, when to go to the bathroom. Because we did things on a timetable, on a schedule, especially during school hours, we would have breaks and recess.

She said, you’re not going to tell me when to go to the bathroom. She refused to use the bathroom. A few minutes later she asked to use the bathroom. They said no, you had the opportunity to use the bathroom.

When they told her that she needs to go when all the groups went, she said well I’m going to stand here and pee in my pants. They said that’s fine. If you do the consequence is because you won’t go to the bathroom when you’re supposed to, you’ll wear a diaper for a day.

She said I don’t care. She did it out of rebellion and spite. When they followed through with what they told her what would happen, it only took one day that she actually wore the diaper because the next day she did what she was supposed to.

COOPER: Why do you think so many girls are giving strikingly similar accounts of being abused, if that’s not what really happened? Do you think they’re lying?

PENNINGTON: I think for them some of the things were traumatic for them because they had never been in a situation where they had been told what to do. So for them to be told when to eat, when to sleep, you know, not have the freedom to do as they pleased.

Yes, they think they were abused, I guess you could say. Do I agree with that? No. I came from a situation where I knew the difference between a spanking and beating. If someone’s never been spanked, then, yes, somebody may say I was beat.

COOPER: Lucinda Pennington, I appreciate you being on and giving your perspective. Thank you so much.

PENNINGTON: All right.

In his last paragraph he clearly is untruthful.  He claims that Hephzibah House is regulated by the government.  In fact, all government officials and agencies have denied that they have any over-site over Hephzibah House.  As a matter of fact, according to state law it is too late to make a complaint about must come from a student who is still currently enrolled to any action to take place.  That is very unlikely to happen because the staff at Hephzibah House makes double dog sure the girls don’t have an opportunity to run away and report anything.

Please see the October 25, 2011 post on this blog, “Ron Williams (Hephzibah House) Praises the Lord for IN State Representative Dave Wolkins.”

Below is a list of more blogs about concerning the abusive history of Hephzibah House.

  • Heal-Online (Advocacy Site that exposes both secular and religious suspected and confirmed to be abusive facilities.)

The Horrors of Hephzibah House

The goal of this post is to educate fellow Christians and the public about Hephzibah House of Winona Lake, Indiana.  Hephzibah House has been in operation since the 1970′s and is operated as a “boarding school” for troubled teen girls from fundamentalist Christian homes by Ron and his wife, the late Patty Williams.  A few years ago, Ron Williams, son, Don Williams took over the ministry from his parents.

Hephzibah House is one of the longest continuously running such schools that was patterned after Lester Roloff’s “ministry” of Lighthouse Home for boys, and Rebekah Home for girls in Corpus Cristi, TX.

Most of these teen girls are not what most people would think of as juvenile delinquents.  None of them are placed at Hephzibah House by a judge for sentence. ALL of them come from physically and emotionally abusive homes, and most from sexually abusive homes as well.  Conservative estimates are that over 70% of the girls who found themselves at Hephzibah House were sexually abused before being sent to there.  Other estimates postulate that the number is actually closer to the 90% range.

Hephzibah House takes girls as young as 12-17 1/2.  The usual length of stay is 15 month, however some girls have stayed as long as 3 years.  Over the last few years it appears that Hephzibah House does not beat the girls anymore, but Hephzibah House does use psychological “white torture” methods that were used by the Chinese in POW camps during the Korean War are said to be more effective than beatings.  White Torture has seen a resurgence in recent years in Iran.

Hephzibah House and homes like it are not regulated by the state other than  fire inspections because it hides its abuse under a church and meets out abuse in God’s name.

Here are links to two Hephzibah House survivor blogs.

I am quoting, in entirety, a pamphlet written by Ron Williams in which he instructs parents how to beat their children, even babies under 1 year of age.  He instructs parents how to beat their children and not get caught by authorities for abuse.  Ron Williams used to have this up on the net but has since removed it.

In Ron Williams own words

The Correction and Salvation of Children
By Ronald E. Williams

Believers Baptist Church, 508 School St., Winona Lake, IN 46590 (219) 269-2376


“Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.” Proverbs 23:13,14

THE FIRST DIRECTIVE: The perception of my duty and the promise involved if I carry out my duty

A. The perception of my duty

“Withhold not correction from the child.”

Through a negative admonition, “withhold not,” Solomon is encouraging us to perceive what our duty is with regard to our child. One might ask, Why is it necessary to be told what our duty is? Because we would naturally “withhold” instead of obeying. The Scripture indicates in Proverbs 13:24, “He that spareth his rod, hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” Many parents today are in a position where they Biblically hate their children because they are not acting against their natural feelings and disciplining themselves towards the Godly habit-pattern of consistent correction. In other words, it takes work, wisdom, self discipline, and

Godliness to correct children the way the Lord wants.

Fight your feelings

The concept of having to be told what to do in order that we can combat our natural feelings is illustrated in other areas of our lives. The Lord Jesus, for example, taught in Matthew 5:28 that it is wrong for a man to look lustfully upon a woman, implicitly telling us to not do that. One could ask, Why does He teach such a thing? Because men naturally look upon women in a lustful way. In fact, any man who claims that he has never had a problem in this area is either a liar or he is dead! Just as the Scripture indicates “the eyes of man are never satisfied” (Proverbs 27:20). Therefore, the Lord, recognizing our weakness, has admonished men not to look lustfully at women. Men must not operate on the basis of their natural inclinations, but on the basis of what is right, controlling their feelings and the flesh in the process.

Another example would be in the area of a man loving his wife. The Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:25 says, “Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it.” Why did the Spirit of God believe it necessary to instruct a man through the Apostle Paul to love his wife as Christ loved the church? Because a man would not naturally do this. A man is naturally in love with himself even as that same chapter indicates in 5:29: “For no man ever yet hateth his own flesh but nourisheth and cherisheth it even as the Lord the church.” A man left to his own inclinations and desires will love himself supremely above all others. A Christian, however, who is obedient to the Spirit of God and to the Word of God, will love his wife and not submit to the natural inclination to love himself first; even as the Lord Jesus demonstrated through His supreme example in His love for the church. Therefore, when the Lord gives a negative admonition to parents to “withhold not,” it is in keeping with this Biblical principle of instructing parents to obey where they will have to overcome their natural inclinations, control their emotions and do what is right even when they do not feel like.

Whose job?

Who is to perceive this duty that Solomon outlines? The Hebrew language indicates in this passage through a second person masculine singular suffix that Solomon is probably addressing a man. The context of course, would indicate that the father of the household is the subject of Solomon’s admonition. Solomon, in doing this, is underscoring and agreeing with the rest of Scripture when it teaches that child-training and education is the primary responsibility of the father of that child. The primary responsibility for this vital task is not delegated by God to the mother, Sunday School teacher, pastor, day school teacher, grandparents, or any other person, but is the primary responsibility of the father. Obviously, these other individuals are an invaluable help to the father, especially his wife, but they are helpers only. A father will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for the spiritual, emotional, and physical welfare and training of his wife and children. It therefore behooves a father to be extremely judicious and cautious in whom he selects to be his helpers in the vital task of training and educating his child. Why?

Dinah’s father was Jacob who was desired to marry Rachel.  Jacob was promised by Rachel’s father, Laban, that if he worked seven years he would be given Rachel in marriage. After working seven years, Jacob reminds Rachel’s father of their deal.  Laban however fooled Jacob and instead gave his eldest daughter, Leah to Jacob in marriage instead of Rachel whom Jacob loved.  Jacob was then forced to work an additional seven years for Laban in order to marry Rachel.  In this sermon, Ron Williams states incorrectly  that,  Rachel is Dinah’s mother.  In fact, Dinah’s mother was Leah. In his message on Dinah from the Old Testament, which Ron Williams teaches that the Bible says, Dinah was responsible for her own rape! The Bible does not teach this. As matter of fact, the meaning of the Hebrew name, Dinah means “justified”. In his sermon “How to Raise a Strange Woman” by Ron Williams, he states that Dinah (who he imagines is a young teen between 14 and 15) is a “strange woman.”  Not only that Williams preaches that Rachel was a strange woman as well who taught Dinah to be one.  Nowhere is this taught in the Bible. The term “strange woman,” that Ron Williams used is taken completely out of context here.  “Strange Woman as referred to in the King James Version in the book Proverbs as immoral women, seductress, adulteress, etc.

As I see it, Williams spewed an entire 120 minutes of  heresy.  Williams preaches things never intended or implied by this passage.

Now imagine being a young impressionable teenage girl who was sexually abused by your father, stepfather, grandfather, teacher, youth pastor, or other trusted male authority figure before being sent to Hephzibah House. Imagine being forced to listen to this and other similar sermons day and day out.  Imagine being a young girl who is told she would never be able to wear a white wedding dress because she had responsibility for being molested by a family member in a “counseling session” with Ron Williams while a student at Hephzibah House.  Imagine arriving at Hephzibah House and being strip searched and showered.  After this, imagine being taken into a closet where you are held down by staff members as a “nurse” preforms a forced pelvic exam without explaining what was happening to this scared, traumatized young girl whose parents had just left her in this place.  All of this has been reported to have happened to many of the teen girls who were “students” at Hephzibah House decades apart from each other.