Paul LaDuke Arrested for Masturbating Behind Podium

Shaumburg Christian School math teacher, Paul LaDuke, has been arrested for allegedly masturbating while sitting behind a podium in front of his class.  LaDuke was fired last Friday after the school performed an internal investigaton.  Police were notified. LaDuke was arrested.

LaDuke’s connection to the “notwork” is long.  LaDuke  previously worked 3 different Christian Schools all of which has a history of abuse and allegedly covered up abuse.

LaDuke is a 1968 Graduate of Bob Jones University.

Paul LaDuke 1968 Bob Jones University Graduate

After Graduating from Bob Jones University in 1968 LaDuke was the assistant principal for Silver State Christian School, Lakewood, Colorado.  Silver State is a ministry of South Sheridan Baptist Church.
In 1964, Silver State Christian School was founded by Pastor Ed Nelson.  On June 14, 2011 Dr. Nelson introduced Chuck Phelps at the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International (FBFI) with the following words.

”The only way you get publicity is to have somebody hate you, as brother Chuck Phelps has had, and they come up with evil reports [about you,] then you get in the papers. And by the way, thank God he [Chuck Phelps] stood right all the way through all of this and we ought to stand with him and encourage him, but I don’t suppose newspapers here in Indianapolis write a whole lot of articles about Crosspointe.

You may remember that Silver State Christian School, now under the leadership of Les Heinz had two rather recent major scandals.  One involving Daniel Brock, and another involving Jason Smoker.

From 1982-1985 LaDuke was the administrator at Cornerstone Baptist School, Colorado Springs Colorado. Colorado Baptist Church has quite a history of scandals and sex abuse of a minor that went back many years. 

From 1985-Last Friday LaDuke taught at Schaumberg Christian School a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church, Schaumberg, Illinois.  News reports claim that LaDuke allegedly has done the same thing for which he has just now been arrested for at least 10 years while working at Schaumberg Christian School.  Bethel Baptist Church, Shaumberg, Illinois has had others scandals that go back many years as well.

LaDukes defense attorney is trying to claim that LaDuke suffers from dementia.  I guess, demented is one way to put it.  However, if it is true that incidents go back 10 years or more, why would Shaumberg Christian School keep such a man in a role where he was teaching math for all this time?

LaDuke's Facebook

Police urge any current or former students or parents with information on the case to call Schaumburg Police Department at 847-882-3534.

Chuck Phelps Returns To Board Of Bob Jones University

While the attention of the media, abuse survivors and others were on the trial of Ernie Willis for the rape and resultant pregnancy of Tina Anderson when she was 15, there was a sleight of hand going on.  While others were focusing on what was increasingly becoming known of the actions of Tina’s pastor, Chuck Phelps who made her stand before her congregation and apologize for putting herself in a compromising situation and getting raped, the cooperating board at Bob Jones University had quietly pulled a dirty trick.  While others were riveted on the fact that a 15 year old, under the direction of her pastor, the girls mother, sent her daughter to Colorado to live with friends of Pastor Phelps where she was home-schooled while the rapist paid for the plane ticket to Colorado, another move was in progress.  Tina Anderson’s story continued to gain momentum in the media and on April 8, 2011 Elizabeth Vargus correspondent with ABC News 20/20 aired “Shattered Faith.”  Pastor Phelps told a 20/20 producer that Tina had an ongoing dating relationship with a married man that had turned sexual in nature.

The next day or so, her former Pastor Chuck Phelps went live with a website stating Tina was untruthful.  Fundamentalist Pastors and laymen on Sharper Iron and elsewhere portrayed her as a little Lolita whose wily ways hooked an innocent man into her grasp. Pastor Phelps spoke to many pastors and individuals all over the country telling them that Tina was not being truthful and that she was pressing on with criminal charges against Ernie Willis to get money.

Never mind that criminal proceedings don’t pay a dime to the victim. Any civil judgement would be a separate issue.  At the time, Tina nor her husband had not filed any documents to do so.  It is not known now whether the Anderson’s have done so, although it is  certainly within their legal rights if they chose to.

Leaders in the IFB traveled and met every other month or so in different cities to “pray with Chuck Phelps.”

While this was going on, another magic trick was in progress in the Bob Jones University boardroom.

Then the trial rolled around.  David Gibbs, III who represented both Phelps and Tina’s mother Christine Leaf lost a last minute legal “hail Mary” ploy to keep Phelps’ copious notes out of being read into the record by trying to claim, “clergy-congregant privilege.”  The judge recognized that privilege belonged to the victim not the perpetrator. Furthermore any privilege that had applied died when Phelps spoke about it to all those third parties and anyone with access to the inter-web.

It was soon revealed that Tina had told the truth and Phelps had been more than dishonest from Phelps own sworn testimony in a court of law.  Willis was convicted and sentenced on five counts.  Because the statute of limitations is short for failure to report in New Hampshire, state prosecutors are unable to charge him.  It is a long-shot that federal charges could be brought against Phelps under the Mann Act.  It appears unlikely that federal authorities will be pursuing this route at this point.

Phelps left the Bob Jones University board in 2007 after he accepted the offer to become President of Maranatha Baptist Bible College. Phelps time at Maranatha was short, he was asked to leave May 2009.

Everyone’s attention was on the 20/20 report, the upcoming trial and then the trial testimony of Christine Leaf, Chuck Phelps, Ernie Willis and others.  After Willis was found guilty our attention turned to sentencing of Willis.  Tina was vindicated.  Phelps, however never apologized, he never removed his website, nor the lies he told.  Phelps even tried to take credit for Willis being convicted.

While all this was occurring elsewhere, Chuck Phelps was quietly put back on the 2011 Cooperating Board of Bob Jones Universityalong with others such as Ian Paisley,  Jerry Svinsky and John Vaughn. Chuck Phelps is on the board with the current Vice-President of Operations, Marshall Franklin.  Since the current president Dr. Stephen Jones is on medical leave it is widely known that Mr. Franklin oversee’s the day-to-day duties of President Stephen Jones. Mr. Franklin has been a long-term trusted friend of the Jones family, especially Stephen Jones. Chuck Phelps’ name is right there as plain as day between Evangelist Stephen Pettit of the Pettit Evangelistic Ministries and Fundamental Church Planter Robert Packer.

2011 Bob Jones University Cooperating Board Members listed in BJU Catalog Page 254

2011 Bob Jones University Cooperating Board Members listed in BJU Catalog Page 254

Chuck Phelps was on the board when 20/20 aired.  Chuck Phelps was on the board when Brian Fuller, who has openly stated that Phelps was his mentor, denied there was a network in the IFB.   Either Brian Fuller is a huge patsy, or he is as deceptive as the rest. 

Dr. Bob Jones, III was present when the American Council of Christian Churches passed its resolution on abuse at the ACCC Annual meeting October 19-21, 2011. Immediately upon finding this out this afternoon, Chuckles called a pastor who was present and claims he voted for the resolution to be passed and asked him if he knew about this.  The pastor said he did, but then remarked,

“We disagree on whether Chuck did anything wrong.”

Phelps spent months lying to many people’s faces, he  set up a website to commit libel against a victim of rape, verbally slandered the victim all over the country, lied to the media, both lied to and about the police. Apparently this kind of behavior is ok for a Cooperating Board member of Bob Jones University. It’s apparently fine for a board member to do so, but a student would be expelled for much less. 

This same man quickly added,

“Chuck didn’t do anything to hurt Ms. Anderson.”

No one has the right to say what she feels or not feel other than Tina. No one has the right to tell people how Tina should feel toward those who did hurt her. However doing so is typical fundamentalist trope. Leaders are adapt at telling others how they should feel about things, even how long a person should grieve, etc. Chuckles did remind this that man even Phelps has acknowledged his actions were hurtful during his testimony.


This is a perfect example of why many of us feel free to challenge your “genuineness.” Every time you are given a chance to prove yourselves, you once again prove that you are less than sincere.  You have once again proven you are deceptive.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”  John 8:44

Hat Tip Dr. Camille K. Lewis, PHD.

11-27-2012 CLARIFICATION …

The blog first found out Phelps was reinstated around November 1, 2011.  His reinstatement dates back to 2010 and was reportedly kept “quiet” intentionally, presumably based on the upcoming trial that convited Tina’s rapist.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused regarding the timeline.

Editorial Board of the Blog

Evangelist Shuts Down Survivors With One Sermon Illustration

At the Beginning of every school year, Bob Jones University has opening exercises. Opening exercises consist of two evenings of evangelistic services that  faculty and students are told will set “the spiritual tone” for the school year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 was the second evening.  The speaker was Evangelist Will Galkin.  This would be the last message the students hear to “set the spiritual tone” for the school year.  The offending example stars about 24:50. 

Evangelist Galkin chose James 4 as the text on which he would preach.  Chuckles will not go into the theological misrepresentations in this post.  Perhaps CP Traveler will take that up in another entry.

Will Galkin’s example is wrong on so many levels.  It is hard to determine where to start!

Let’s start with a few statistics.

  1. 1 in 5 boys, 1 in 4 girls by the age of 18 report being sexually abused.   Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy groups have known for years that most of these crimes go unreported for a number reasons.
  2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Crimes Against Children’s Unit estimates every child has almost a 25% chance of being molested, with a sex offender living “in every square mile of the United States.”  It is known that many children are molested by someone who is known to the child and their family.  The FBI Crimes Against Children’s Unit further estimates that one in ten men have molested children.  Of those men who molest, they only have a 3% chance of getting caught for this crime.


Now that Chuckles has caused you all to be afraid to allow your children or grandchildren out of your sight ever again, let’s for the sake of making this simple focus on the cases in which molestation was reported.   Please bear with Chuckles since he is not a mathematician.  If 1 in 5 boys, 1 in 4 girls by the age of 18 report being sexually abused. Think about how many people who it would be if you walk past 20 or 30 people on the sidewalks everyday at Bob Jones University.   Chuckles finds it deplorable that Evangelist Galkin would use the one example of one girl making up this story because her life was “boring.”  Frankly, Chuckles saw so many discrepancies in Galkin’s illustration, he is left to wonder if Galkin is the one with the active imagination.

First off, “paternal father,” really Galkin?  What other kind of father would the girls biological father be?

To juice up the illustration, Galkin tells how the girl was estranged and “bitter” with (presumably) her paternal father, abused by her step-father.  Her “paternal father” (presumably), is killed in a car accident returning from visiting the girl at camp.  According to Galkin’s illustration, the girl then turns tail and claims she said all this because she was bored and wanted a more exciting life!


What will all the young ladies and young men do what were present in the amphitorium who have suffered through being sexually abused do?  The abuse story Galkin just told was so outlandish, yet some think to themselves, “my story is worse than that, but it’s true!   Maybe, these abused young people who were praying and begging God for years the abuse would stop, and it never did.  Finally!  Finally!  The student get’s to go to Bob Jones University!  Finally!  The student thinks, “I can tell someone about this, get some help.  I don’t know, maybe get some counseling!”  Most of these abuse survivors will never talk for a long time, maybe never!  Galkin just told such a survivor, no one will believe them!   Furthermore, Galkin planted the seed deeply in the mind of dorm counselors, other counselors, and Faculty/Staff at Bob Jones University, to question any abuse statements they hear because the victim might only have attention-seeking problems. There’s probably just “mental idolatry” going on.

Frankly, false reports of sexual abuse/rape are rare.  They do occur.  However, Galkin using such a dreadful illustration to speak about sex abuse, is like comparing the Susan Smith case to nearly everyone who has suffered the death of a child.  Most parents who suffer the death of their child, are not responsible for murdering their child(ren).

Of all the confirmed liars Galkin could have picked…

Why didn’t he pick this guy?  Or maybe, this one? 

[Stepping down off soap box!]

Ernie Willis Sentenced~Chuck Phelps Lies Again.

Ernie on his way to prison

On September 6, 2011, Ernie Willis was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison for of three counts of forcible rape and one count of felonious sexual assault of Tina Anderson.  Tina Dooley Anderson was at the time of these rapes, … Continue reading

Survivors of Institutional Abuse Conference~February 24-26

Received the following from a volunteer for the Survivors of Institutional Abuse Conference that is going to take place in  in Long Beach, CA aboard the Queen Mary on February 24-26, 2012.  The volunteer who asked me to pass this along did such a great job writing about this, the editorial committee here are Chuckles Travels decided that it was best to post as recieved.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! SIA (Survivors of Institutional Abuse) a non-profit org for which I have (and will continue to) volunteer(ed) my time and resources to, has officially announced the “United With One Voice” convention on February 24-26, 2012 in Long Beach, CA aboard the Queen Mary. For those who would like to attend, all information is provided on the following website:

You will also notice the “donate” button in the mid-left area of the home page. All contributions to this convention and the SIA org are tax deductible. Everyone who knows me can confirm that I am not one to post solicitations for money. This exception is being made because I have a personal and vested interest in this organization because *I* myself am a survivor of a confirmedly abusive “Christian Boarding School” called New Bethany in Arcadia, LA. I (and several other survivors) agreed to be interviewed for an article that developed into a 6 pg. expose’ written by the author of the book “Quiverfull” (Kathryn Joyce) that was featured in the July/August 2011 issue of Mother Jones magazine.


Just a few months prior to the release of the Mother Jones expose’, the ABC news website posted an article about other confirmedly abusive “Christian Boarding Schools” in the mid-west, New Beginnings and Circle of Hope:

On August 31, 2011 SIA partnered with CFI-West and held a panel discussion about the rampant abuse still occurring in these “schools”:

For the most recent exposure, on September 1, 2011 Anderson Cooper 360 featured another confirmedly abusive “Christian Boarding School” in Indiana, Hephzibah House:

Also, several survivors from New Bethany published a book about their personal experiences of being physically, emotionally and sexually abuse as residents there:

In closing, I want to mention another organization that I volunteer for called HEAL-online, founded by another survivor of a confirmedly abusive “boarding school”, (Provo Canyon), Angela Smith. Angela and HEAL have made huge contributions toward the exposure of these fraudulent and abusive facilities:

I know times are hard financially. but whether hard or easy, parents, pastors, guardians and church members are being defrauded on a daily basis by the directors and supporters of these unlicensed institutions. If you have $10 in change in a bowl on your nightstand or dresser, or are looking for a worthy cause to donate ANY amount to, please consider making that donation to SIA and to HEAL-online! SIA is also inviting corporate sponsors who wish to advertise their business at the February 2012 convention to contact them:

Open Letter to Chuck Phelps From Robert Sheffield

“I am Cheryl’s uncle. It is I that took her in to my home in California and protected her from this abuse. I, along with my caring wife, Lauri, and my loving mother have waited fifteen years to see this man brought to justice. We tried to get Cheryl to press charges fifteen years ago but she was so afraid of her parents and the members of this church she could not do it. We have watched for fifteen years while my sister protected her perverted husband and allowed him to destroy her image among the other members of the Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire. Pastor Chuck Phelps is just as guilty as he knew the truth but allowed my sister and her husband to lie to the congregation and place blame on Cheryl. 

Cheryl’s molestation by her stepfather was hidden from the congregation and her reputation was destroyed by them. Cheryl was not sent away by them because she turned from God….Cheryl stayed with us against her parents desire because she was molested by her stepfather and then Pastor Phelps and my sister helped him cover it up. In this article Pastor Phelps states that he was told by

Chuck Phelps On the Stand at the Rape Trial for Tina Anderson Playing the Victim

 Cheryl’s family that state Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) was involved and that the allegations were reported to the Werner police. Really? Does he not realize that telling a lie is a sin? If this were true then there would have been no reason for him to tell me on the phone, after we took Cheryl in, that he was not required to report this to authorities because of Pastor/Church member confidentiality. He was informed of the abuse approximately a year before we took in Cheryl. 

Pastor Phelps, you lie and I look forward to facing you in court also. You allowed my sister and her husband to completely destroy my niece. You protected the abuser, you preserved his reputation within your congregation and you threw the victim to the wolves. Her stepfather molested her and you, with my sister’s help, finished her off. I wonder, does your God forgive those who do not show remorse? That will have to be between you and God as I do not even begin to believe that I can judge anyone’s salvation. 

I do, however, realize that I am very good at judging remorse. You, Pastor Phelps, do not show any and Cheryl’s stepfather has never shown any either. On the contrary, for fifteen years the only thing that we have seen from my sister’s husband is arrogance. They have lied about Cheryl, he has refused to apologize, and they have continued to tear her apart with their hatred. 

My sister did not protect her daughter, No, Betty protected herself. She protected her financial future, her husband, their image among the church congregation, and she threw her daughter in the trash. Betty, you might have succeeded in fooling your fellow church members, friends, and family in New Hampshire, but I wonder, do you really believe that you have fooled the only true one who counts? Do you really believe that you have fooled God? Go ahead and continue living in your little dream world, go ahead and continue protecting the abuser and destroying the abused. 

I will go to my maker with the knowledge that I did all I could to protect Cheryl, you can go to your maker with the knowledge that you defended the abuser and turned your back on the abused, your daughter. Shame on you all for the wrong you have inflicted on Cheryl. May God have mercy on your soul’s, I will not.”

Robert Lauri Sheffield
6/10/2011 9:30pm Update:  We have been notified that Chuck Phelps is once again dissing the victim and also the veracity of her uncle.  As we here at Chuckles Travels see it, Mr. Sheffield had nothing to gain by coming forward, and but instead they have a lot to lose if they are lying.  Those of us who remember the lies Phelps posted on his website about Tina Anderson that have been disproved by his under testimony under oath in a court of law.  Now Phelps is doing the same thing to Mr. Sheffield on the same site.  Chuckles Travels will not be linking to the site.  Anyone who desires to read it, please go to Chuck Phelps website and view it there. It is Chuckles opinion that Mr. Chuck Phelps is making himself look like he has no empathy for anyone but himself with that website.

Support Proposed Special FBFI Resolution On Abuse

The Tina Anderson case has once again shed sunlight on the problem of the seeming lack of willingness for Independent Baptist Fundamentalists to recognize that sexual abuse and rape is not only a problem for the Catholic Church, but a horrendous problem within the Independent Baptist Fundamentalists too.  Tina Anderson’s case made international news, however there are several less widely known  cases that were exposed recently as well. Here   here and here are just three cases, there are many  more. cases.

Pastor Jon Henry wrote The Special Resolution On Abuse Among Fundamentalists. Please join us with supporting this resolution. While we realize that no resolution will stop abuse, it should be apparent by now that the Vice-Chairmen of the FBFI has made some serious errors in judgement in Tina Anderson’s case, and now is alleged to have made the same errors in another case. Recognizing there’s a problem is the first step to fixing the problem.

More Chuck Phelps Lies

Chuck Phelps After Trial Statement


Chuck Phelps has posted the above statement of his website.  More self-serving outright lies.  According to his website, interview with 20/20, and numerous other individuals, Phelps he repeatedly said Tina was in a covert dating relationship with a married man.” According to sworn testimony the Concord Police have no record of him making any report to them.  According to his own testimony he did not return the calls made to him by the police.   According to Phelps own sworn, under oath testimony, Phelps told the police Tina did not want to make a police report, and did not make her whereabouts known to the police.  Phelps conveniently left out of this statement that Tina was sent out of the Concord Police Jurisdiction to Colorado.  According to Tina, she was told not to tell the hospital staff when she gave birth who about the father of her baby.  Wonder if the “medical professional”  Phelps so readily through under the bus in his statement had all that information as well.  As a matter of fact, the Nurse Practitioner testified she did not know that Tina had been raped, let alone  by a 39 year old man.

Facts left out, that under oath, Phelps told the court that Willis admitted to him that Willis was the aggressor.

Fact left out,  Phelps KNEW that Willis payed for the airfare for Tina to be sent to Colorado.

There is much more, just read this blog.

Fact, Phelps may well think this is all over,  his arrogance is astounding.  If I were him, I wouldn’t be acting like the hero here and blaming the police.  The Feds may be on his doorstep anytime.

Hope they find this, and throw the book at him.

Will Senn Letter March 30,2010

Will Senn is the current Senior pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church, Westminster, Colorado.  Tri-City was the church were Tina Anderson was sent as suggested to Tina’s mother by Chuck Phelps in 1997.  Matt Olson was the pastor of Tri-City at the time.  According to Tina, Matt Olson made her write a letter to Ernie Willis’ wife apologizing for breaking her [Ernie Wills’ wife] trust.  (Read news article here.) Olson later left Tri-City to be the president of Northland Baptist Bible College. Will Senn also was educated at the same non-regionally accredited University as his two friends Phelps and Olson.

Seems interesting that the men involved were not saying much at this time, but other FBFI leaders were making statements on their behalf.  Why would the men who were involved not speak for themselves, or just say, “no comment?”  Could it be, these men in the network do heavy lifting for each other?

Oops!  Did I say network?


This is the letter written to Tri-City church members concerning Tina Anderson’s situation.


May 30, 2010

Dear Church Family, Folks and Friends:

This past Wednesday Channel 4 contacted our church to ask about a girl who once attended our church about thirteen years ago whose name is Tina. Prior to Tina’s coming to Colorado she lived in Concord, New Hampshire and attended Trinity Baptist Church. Allegedly, at that time and in New Hampshire, Mr. Earnest Willis, a married man and a deacon in the church, impregnated her. Tina was only fifteen at the time. Tina’s family (single mother, father in prison) was apparently limited in how they could help her and it was suggested that the Landrys, who were in our church at the time, would be the best to minister to her. Dr. Chuck Phelps knew the Landry family when he was the youth pastor at Tri-City and also had all three of the Landry boys in his church at one time or another for a church internship. Tina agreed to come to Colorado where Dr. Clovis Landry and his wife Diane took her in and cared for her. She was homeschooled and loved. To Tina’s credit she did not seek an abortion, but instead carried the baby and at birth gave the child up for adoption to a loving, Christian family. Tina’s own testimony regarding her time at Colorado, the Landrys and Tri-City had been favorable.

Recently, Tina was encouraged to press charges against Mr. Earnest Willis in Concord, New Hampshire. The man was arrested and charged and then released on bail. Brian Maass, a Channel 4 News reporter, was made aware of this story and on May 27, he reported on Tina’s alleged rape in New Hampshire. There were additional statements made regarding Dr. Chuck Phelps, Dr. Matt Olson and our church. I would like to comment on those issues and make these clarifications:

1. Dr. Chuck Phelps, former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and Dr. Matt Olson did not work together to hide Tina from the authorities or from her mother. Tina’s mother brought her to Colorado and later visited her on several occasions.

2. Dr. Chuck Phelps and Dr. Matt Olson did not collaborate to protect Mr. Earnest Willis, the man alleged to be involved sexually with Tina. Dr. Chuck Phelps does not believe that Tina was responsible for being allegedly raped and has said, “She’s not responsible for being raped. Of course not. She was an underage minor. That’s why I called” (the police).

3. There was no delay, nor negligence in reporting the alleged crime to the proper authorities. In fact, Dr. Chuck Phelps immediately called in the report to the police and to the division for Children, Youth and Families on the same day when he was made aware of the alleged relationship between Mr. Earnest Willis and Tina. In addition, Dr. Chuck Phelps urged Tina and her mother to talk with the police, but they would not. Dr. Chuck Phelps then called the police a second time to let them know about the situation. Unfortunately, it appears the authorities on both occasions did not respond to his reports, and apparently no investigation was made. Three weeks after these reports were submitted to the police, Tina and her mother left for Colorado.

4. Neither Dr. Matt Olson nor Tri-City Baptist Church harbored Tina or sought to hinder any legal process past or present. The arrangement for Tina to come to Colorado was between Dr. Chuck Phelps and the Landrys, not between the two churches or the two pastors. Tina’s mother was very pleased with the arrangement for her daughter.

5. Trinity Baptist Church and Dr. Chuck Phelps, now the pastor at Colonial Hills Baptist Church, continue to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies. This was true from day one and remains true today. If Tri-City Baptist Church is asked to assist in anyway in the investigation, we will cooperate fully to see justice delivered.

6. Dr. Clovis and Diane Landry were an incredible blessing to Tina and an exemplary example to our church family. The Landrys gave to her from their hearts, they homeschooled her, provided her a home and family and did their best to assure her a healthy pregnancy and the safe birth of her child. It is my understanding that Tina has spoken very highly of her care received from the Landrys.

7. Neither Dr. Chuck Phelps nor Dr. Matt Olson did anything illegal. Pastor Olson did not, in any way, publically draw attention to Tina in a negative fashion, nor did he require her to do anything privately such as writing a letter of apology for something she did not do.

8. I was not here at the time, but those who were, remember the church reaching out to Tina and accepting her. She was not isolated from the teens as reported. She was encouraged to mix with the young folks of the church and with the teens of other churches. Tina sang in the church choir and played her flute in the services. This is not a life of isolation.

9. Tina willingly gave her daughter up for adoption to a very godly family who could not have children of their own. This is the bright spot of the story – this little child was the answer to that couple’s prayers! Pray that this child will not be hurt by this story!

For several reasons I have asked Pastor Robbins to represent Tri-City Baptist Church in these matters. In this case, he was here at the time of the incidents in question. Pastor Larry has an impeccable testimony in our community which he has built these twenty-eight years while on staff at Tri-City Baptist Church. He is loyal and incredibly trustworthy. He also understands the media and is very level-headed in his responses under pressure. Hence, Pastor Robbins is my go to guy on these matters with the public and will do a great job with these sticky issues. I do not believe this will be the last media attack on Dr. Chuck Phelps, Dr. Matt Olson or Tri-City Baptist Church. This story is already receiving national attention.

I believe the right course of action for us to take is to commit these matters to the Lord who “judges righteously.” As Christians and as citizens of this great country, we truly want justice to be served in the case that relates to Tina. Do pray for Tina, she is undoubtedly going through a difficult and an emotional time. Let us pray that the media will get their facts straight and will report them in fullness and in fairness. Let us pray that Christ’s name will not be tarnished. Let us pray that this potential ordeal does not hinder our ministry or distract us from the work of the great commission. The words from the song, A Passion for Thee, are appropriate at this time for our meditation.
“Set my heart, O dear Father on Thee, and Thee only. Give me a thirst for Thy presence divine. Lord keep my focus on loving Thee wholly.”

Let’s keep our focus on God and “be an example of the believers.” Let us love God, our neighbor and even our enemy with all of our heart! May the Lord use these trials to fuel revival in our hearts, our churches, and our country!

Heartily in Christ,
Pastor William J. Senn, III