WARNING ALL POTENTIAL SCHAAP VICTIMS: David Gibbs Is the Defense Attorney for Jack Schaap

David Gibbs, III

David Gibbs, Jr and David Gibbs III calling themselves, “One of the Nations Top Law Firms” are from Seminole. Florida.

Gibbs Law Firm and the Christian Legal Association share the same office space.

According to their website, their areas of practice include:

David Gibbs, stood up and addressed those present at First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana Wednesday evening  service.

David Gibbs, said he was going to be performing a thorough investigation about everything going on at Hammond.

David Gibbs said that anyone who was abused come forward to the church, Gibbs didn’t tell those who were abused to go to the police. 

First of all, no matter how much hype you hear about David Gibbs, fighting for Christian Liberty, most of Gibbs practice has been as a defense attorney for pastors and others who physically, or sexually abused children in churches, Christian Schools and Independent Fundamental Boarding Homes.  Gibbs defended a former pastor who was convicted for tax fraud.

Not only does David Gibbs, defend the person accused, Gibbs works for the specific church to minimize damages, both civil and otherwise.  The word “church” I refer to here, isn’t the Universal church (all Christians) but the specific church entity involved or associated with where the offenses took place.

As a defense attorney, Gibbs job is to get information to have Gibbs client, (in this case, Jack Schaap) charges dismissed, reduced, or if those options aren’t successful, to try to ensure that his client to receive the lightest sentence possible.

I, Chuckles, spoke to a prosecutor friend this morning.  He was kind enough to point out the following:

First of all, in this case, both local and federal law enforcement agencies are the agencies the victims and anyone who has information pertinent to this case need to be the ones contacted.

Lake County Sheriff Department

2293 North Main Street,

Crown Point, Indiana 46307

Phone:  (219) 775-3300

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Chicago

2111 W. Roosevelt Road

Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: (312) 421-6700

Once law investigations are complete, David Gibbs will be given copies of law enforcement reports,  and any other findings, reports and evidence by the prosecutor’s office.

The Defense Attorney, (Gibbs) will want to conduct his own investigation.  Gibbs, or an individual called a defense investigator.  A defense investigator works for the defense attorney on the behalf of the accused. 

My prosecutor friend warned, “The defense, like the police, may electronically record conversations without the victims knowledge or consent. Defense attorney’s or defense investigators, like police investigators, may legally use deception to obtain information. A victim of a sexual offense who wants no contact with a defense investigator may simply notify the defense investigator orally or in writing. If you are a victim of a sexual  offense, after this notification the defense attorney or the defense investigator may not attempt further contact with [the victim]  unless the victim initiates the contact.

My prosecutor friend went on to say that law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office should be notified of what Gibbs said that night.  He said that if Gibbs has already been in contact with any alleged victims, those victims need to end all conversation with Gibbs, NOW, and inform law enforcement that they as a victim are being contacted by Schaap’s defense attorney.

Victims, don’t fall for the line “He [Gibb’s] is a Christian.”  Do NOT trust David Gibbs, Jr, or David Gibbs, III.  You will live to regret it.  As the victim, you’re  not Gibbs client, Jack Schaap and First Baptist Church of Hammond are his clients.

Victims of Schaap who trust Gibbs will live to regret it.

Ask Bob Gray victims. Ask New Bethany Survivors.

Ask Tina Anderson.

The list of other examples is too long to post in this post.

Gibbs legal duties as a defense attorney are with his clients. Victims are not Gibbs clients.

David Gibbs, Jr.
Founder of Gibbs Law Firm and Christian Legal Association.


This is the advice the Christian Law Association—the Lawyers to the IFB—is giving pastors about child sexual abuse cases that occur IFB churches and schools