Gary Weir Cries, The Chancellor Rants…

I, Chuckles, didn’t want to write about  Joseph Bartosch.

No, I loathe even to think about a cabinet member and administrator from Bob Jones University having plead guilty to a sex-related crime.  Especially when Bartosch was just promoted to the position of Chief Branding Officer for Bob Jones University in December 2012.

It didn’t warm any of the hearts of the Editorial Board of Chucklestravels to find out the man who Bob Jones chose promote from within, whose job was to market the University had plead guilty to soliciting a prostitute for which he served three years probation.

Joseph Bartosh California Conviction


Since it appeared it had already been reported by the media in many different places.  We made the editorial decision to pass on by this one.

On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Bob Jones III went on a verbal rampage in Chapel about “bloggers who ruin lives,” referring to the University’s decision to suspend Joseph Bartosch.

The Ranting Chancellor, Bob Jones University.

Wait a minute….

Hold the phone, Bob.


First of all, the blogs hadn’t posted anything about Joseph John Bartosch .

It was Bob Jones University that  released the following press release late in the afternoon on Friday, March 22, 2012 by Bob Jones University’s Chief Communications Officer


From: Keirstead, Carol

Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 3:13 PM

Subject: Message from BJU executives


Friday afternoon, March 15, Bob Jones University learned of an allegation that a cabinet officer, Dr. Joseph Bartosch, had been charged with soliciting prostitution in another state over two decades ago prior to his current BJU employment. He quickly came to administrators, confirmed the allegation and put himself at their disposal. That afternoon the University suspended him indefinitely from his position as Chief Brand Officer while we gather facts to reach an appropriate decision about his continued employment. In making the decision, we will consider such things as the incident itself, his subsequent walk with the Lord and current testimony. Our objective is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, David Lovegrove will be the university contact on behalf of the marketing and enrollment planning team. Please pray for wisdom on the part of the administration and for Joseph and his family.


Bob Jones executives made the decision to suspend John Barotsch because of his prostitution conviction, but…now Bob III is somehow claiming Bartosch is a victim whose life is being ruined by bloggers?

Nice try, Bob.  But it ain’t gonna’ work.  Not this time.

Here are the facts that the blogs did not cover.

Joseph Bartosch birth date is in March 1960.  According to the filing date for his conviction for soliciting a prostitute was March 15. 1990.  If my math is correct,  that made Joseph Bartosch was thirty-years-old.  How does a 30 year old man a victim when he is the one who chose to go out, look for a prostitute, pay the prostitute, sleep with said prostitute, then plead guilty to the charge, serve his sentence.

A thirty-year-old man doesn’t just roll out of bed one morning, stumble out onto the sidewalk into the arms of a prostitute.   What Barotsh did was premeditated, Bob.


But then it’s not the first time, Dr. Bob III has taken the side of perpetrators.

Dr. Bob Jones, III endorsed a book written by a pastor while still incarcerated for beating a little boy until the boys kidney’s failed:

Caleb Thompson’s book on God’s grace has a ring of authenticity to it, more than any I’ve read on the subject. The circumstance under which he wrote it provided a seedbed which could have grown either bitterness or grace. It grew grace; and from prison, that beautiful bloom of God’s grace is unfolded and expounded. The richness of God’s grace is real to Caleb, and he makes it real to us. –Dr. Bob Jones III – Chancellor of Bob Jones University


Here is the link to the Caleb Thompson appeal decision brief to the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District.  There is enough information for an objective, third party to understand the gruesome details of the case and the need for the sentence which was handed down. If Bob Jones III was ever truly interested in the facts of the case, he has never retracted his endorsement despite Bob Jones III’s later claimed that he did indeed read the appeal decision posted above.


We all remember Bob III and Bob Jones University digging in his heels to defend Chuck Phelps.  Bob Jones University told us all to call Phelps to get Phelps’ side of the story.  Bob Jones III, nor anyone on the Board of Bob Jones University never reached out to Tina Anderson or her family.

In May 2011, Tina’s rapist, Ernie Willis, was convicted by a jury on three counts of forcible rape and one count of felonious sexual assault.  Yet, Bob Jones III was recorded making the following statement:
“Well, the truth is she [Tina Anderson] was raped but it was a consensual rape.” ~Bob Jones, III, November 2011.

So you see, in November 2011, the Chancellor of Bob Jones University was telling people a girl could be have been consensually forcibly raped in an attempt to explain away why Bob III would keep the pastor who made a 15-year-old girl stand before the congregation and apologize for putting herself in a compromising situation [getting raped].  Then the pastor who Bob III insisted on keeping on the Co-operating Board of Bob Jones University set it up with Tina’s mother and sent Tina, the young rape victim, halfway across the nation to live with strangers. The 15 year-old’s rapist remained in church–a free man.  A free man who could have potentially preyed on other teen girls.
Yet, Bob III saw Phelps as the victim.


Chucklestravels has been informed, yesterday Gary Weir had a meeting with those who report directly to Joseph Bartosch .  People who attended the meeting report, Gary Weir was crying over the decision whether to make Bartosch’s suspension permanent.

Gary Weir the [Crying] VP for Academic Affairs, Cheif Administrative Oversight Officer

Really Gary?  Bob Jones University has shown the sidewalk to numerous elderly faculty who are “let go” just a few years from retirement without Bob Jones University’s “Promise” to take care of them in their twilight years.

Bob Jones, III has the nerve to rant about “bloggers” who are ruining people’s lives?!


Bob Jones University, let us make things crystal clear.  If Bob Jones University chooses to retain Joseph Bartosch, Bob Jones University had better publish publicly one darn good reason!

If you’re not sick enough, listen to the audio of this sermon on the “Sanctity of Marriage” by Joseph Bartosch. Bartosch was at the time was a 50-year old single man. Make sure you get to about ~23 minutes in where he describes watching from “afar” the push-up bra he claims was worn by a young lady.



The various news accounts appear to be unaware just how long Joseph Bartosch has been employed by Bob Jones University.


Here’s the accurate timeline:

982 05 00 — Graduated BJU as Speech Ed


1991 03 15 — Court Filing Date of Prostitution conviction


1991 03 26 — Arraignment


1994 04 20 — Probation ended.


1994 06 07 — Filed to start Sacramento Preparatory Academy


2001 08 00 — Assumes Staff GA over Perf Hall while he pursues MA in Dramatic Production while “on sabbatical” from SPA.


2002 05 00 — Bartosch appears in the yearbook as a Graduate Assistant from Sacramento, CA.


2002 05 01 — Played Antigonus in Winter’s Tale


2005 08 00 — Returns to BJU for a MS in Counseling.


2006 05 00 — Listed as a GA from Greenville, SC. Masters in Biblical Counseling.


2006 11 15 — Vincentio in Taming of the Shrew


2007 05 00 — Not listed in the yearbook.


2007 05 02 — Lord Chief Justice in Henry IV


2007 00 00 — Successfully defended his EdD diss in Curriculum and Instruction with proficiencies in biblical counseling, communications, and theology


2007 08 00 — Manager of IT.


2008 04 30 — Duke of Exeter in Henry V


2008 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2009 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2009 11 18 — Jaggers in Great Expectations


2010 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2010 12 06 — PROMOTED: Dean of Distance Learning.

As reported in the Greenville News: 

BJU Names New Dean of Distance Learning

Bob Jones University announced today the appointment of Dr. Joseph Bartosch as Dean of Distance Learning. Reporting to Dr. David Fisher, Provost, Dr. Bartosch is responsible for the further development of BJU’s online education program.

Joseph Bartosch

Dr. Bartosch graduated from BJU in 1982 with a Bachelor of Education degree. He continued his education at BJU and received a Master of Counseling degree in 2006 and an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction in 2007. His service at BJU began in 2001 as a graduate assistant in the School of Fine Arts while on sabbatical from his position as Head Master at the Sacramento Preparatory Academy to earn his master’s degree. He returned to BJU in 2007 as the Manager of IT Administration.

“We are excited about this new position,” says Dr. Gary Weier, BJU’s vice president for administration, “as it is a major step in expanding our distance learning opportunities in ways compatible with our mission.”

As the dean of distance learning, Dr. Bartosch will provide oversight of the distance learning program in the areas of business and financial planning and curriculum and course content development. He also will serve with the other academic deans on BJU’s academic leadership committee and will assist the director of enrollment planning in establishing recruiting strategies and enrollment targets for the distance learning program.

Dr. Bartosch stated, “BJU’s distance learning program will grow dramatically. Our biggest, strategic challenge then is to meet distance learning students where they are with the finest Christian distance learning options available while instilling in them the core competency of Christlike character.”

BJU’s distance learning program targets high schoolers who are eligible to take college courses prior to college enrollment and students who want to take some of their college courses during the summer. The online courses also are ideal for adults who wish to further their college education and work toward an undergraduate or master’s degree.

BJUOnline offers undergraduate classes in accounting, art, Bible, English, history, mathematics and psychology.Graduate level classes are offered in the subjects of Bible, business administration, education and philosophy. BJU also offers 3 online graduate degrees: Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Education and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

“I am thrilled about helping BJU extend its course offerings beyond Greenville. It’s time to assess the market needs, write the business plan, and implement the next generation of distance learning at BJU,” Dr. Bartosch said.

Learn more about BJUOnline and online courses


2011 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2011 11 16 — Solinus in Comedy of Errors


2011 12 17 — Marries Christina Davis


2012 05 02 — Brabantio in Othello


2012 05 00 — Appears in the Bob Jones University Vintage (BJU’s yearbook) as an Administrator, “Dr. Joseph Bartosch, Dean of Distance Learning.”

2012 12 00 — PROMOTED: Appointed Chief Branding Officer

11 thoughts on “Gary Weir Cries, The Chancellor Rants…

  1. So much of what passes for church now days is just a “good ol’ boys social club”. We have so much sexual sin in the church that people think nothing of pastors being on the down low, having affairs and molesting kids. It is all just par for the course in the church of America. According to Ephesians 5 we are supposed to deal with those who practice sin in the church and if necessary kick them out and don’t have anything to do with them. We aren’t even suppose to eat with them. But we don’t do that anymore. We just turn a blind eye to the pastor’s shenanigans and hope he doesn’t get caught. And in the case of child abuse, we really shirk our responsibility – we tell no one and don’t bother to call the police. Then we wonder why these kids grow up and want nothing to do with the church.

    What boggles my mind is why is there even a hint of question in the mind of BJU about whether or not they should fire this guy. Hello? Instead fundamentalists play this silly little game of “let’s see how much good the guy did because I am sure it outweighs this one bad thing.” Like I am supposed to believe he hired a hooker one time…uh huh! But you watch this will get dragged on forever and they will hope we all forget about it and then they can just quietly reinstate him. By then there will be another scandal to worry about and this case will seem like no big deal anymore – it’s old news.

    You would think in this day and age when sex scandals are plaguing the church that they would run not walk away from any hint of controversy. But the same guys making the decision on whether to keep him or not are the same guys who belong to the “good ol’ boys social club”. They are probably doing the same thing and are just glad they didn’t get caught.

    In the absence of the church acting like the body of Christ and handling things biblically, we all should be glad there are bloggers who keep tabs on these guys.

  2. Bob Jones III always dodges questions. He refuses to ever admit error by merely rephrasing his original argument. When that is ineffective, he shouts down others who dare to disagree, and NEVER apologizes. In short, he is not an adult — Bob Jones, III acts like a ill-mannered braying donkey, but in reality he is only an immature boy wearing old man pants.

  3. I would like to see what a graduate student application to BJU looks like. Also, when students return to the university each semester, don’t they sign some sort of affirmation as to their activities since their previous semester/enrollment? Obviously, Bartosch should have had several opportunities to come clean. I find it difficult to imagine being accepted to graduate work with that sort of conviction under the belt – students have been refused enrollment for much minor activities.

  4. Hey friends of the blog … look who is back!!! I’ll in-line edit his comment so we can make sure it is crystal clear. My stuff will be in BOLD just so you know.

    Why do people whine so much about BJU? This story about Joseph Bartosch is just one more way for you people to complain about BJU and take down one of Bob Jones University’s administrators. And administrator who lied about a conviction and still got a highly-ranked job. Funny that the rules aren’t the same as they used to be, isn’t it?

    You really need to bet over it. He said “bet” I didn’t. I’ll wager $1000 they continue to make dumb moves until they close their doors (in less than 5 years).

    Once again, your bitterness is showing. This has nothing to do with Joe’s 22 year old conviction, it has to do with a bunch of petty people such as yourselves, who have to find something over which to nit-pick
    BJU is a private institution not run by the government. But if he did this to me in my church, I’d nail his ass to the wall … or maybe just give him a raise. I’ve done about as bad in my past though my wife will never say a word about it.

    BJU receives no federal money And theres where you are wrong. They take Federally backed student loans and grants. That Federal honey pot is the sole reason they went to TRACS and now are trying to wrangle into SACS because TRACS is under fire from the DOE (that’s a Federal agency, you know).

    , If you choose to go to BJU, you chose to follow the rules. It is that simple. Why would one complain about an institution you have a choice not to go to? If you get there and don’t like it, you just leave on out of the front gate. And we agree here … only those rules only apply when your old bud BJ3 and his doofus stooge Stevie want them to apply. In the case of Phelps, you, Bartosch and a long list of others they look the other way. Just ask all those old guard faculty who are now penniless on their asses what “rules” they didn’t follow”.

    C.P. for our Concerned AssHat

  5. BJU is almost collapsed. They do take federal money. The private banking system is back by the federal goverment, ultimately, the tax payers if someone defaults. Grants are given to those who attend Bob Jones and qualify for so called free federal and or state monies.

    Concerned but not so bright pastor. You sound like you are in the dark and dumber than a box of rocks when you say BJU doesn’t take federal money. BJU would have 50% plus declines each year going forward alone once they quit or their students quit getting government backed loads for school and BJU is happy to take their money and would already be broke if they didn’t.

    Concerned Pastor, you need to admit the corruption and sexual cover ups and all of the lying and deceiving going on about their high level Masonic And Demonic worship withing the jOnes and the upper executives and board members of BJU.

    I was about to say, concern pastor, don’t be so stupid but that was stupid of me to think you could stop being stupid but maybe if you changed your concerns to the righteous ones and quit protection the dmeon cult leaders you could think much better.

    • Just thought of a money making concept for fundy church urinals. Put pictures of those you despise the most as urinal targets. VFW’s do this with Jane Fonda. How about Chuck Phelps (PHELT BETTER) or better yet Mark Chappell (caption HIT YOUR MARK) urinal targets. ROFL Seriously piss on these wicked men.

  6. I am so glad that I do not go to a church that would have Chuck Phelps “types” as my pastor. I am so glad that all of Chuck Phelps Lies have been brought to light. Bob Jones is trying to hide from their Sexual Preverted & Raping Preditory History. From today on back, they are still trying to cover up rapes and molestattions as far back as the eyes can see including one of Morris Gleiser’s son’s, Chad Gleiser.

    Chad Gleiser’s victim was paid off along with her parent’s and BJU made the victim to feel guilty and shamed herself for her role in being a fouteen year old girl that was seduced and taken advantage of by a sic rapist and then raped by Chad Gleiser.

    This never made it to police but is well know and undisputed by Chad or the faculty of BJU and Morris Gleiser, the father of the Rapist. So he is now considered by his peers and those who know Chad Phelps, as no differrent than Chuck Phelps or Bob Jones III for wanting to hire Chuck Back onto the board or this new rapist / molester and overall creep, that Chuck Phelps married to a woman in his church back in new Hampshire. I am sure there is more to come about Chuck Phelps and Rapist or Child Molestors in his past. Stay tuned, there must be a lot in this man’s closet.

    I hope you can see the cover up concept is alive and well and the in bred’s that back them in the IFB church family which obviousley have spiritual retardation. They all should kick out these syco’s that preach this cover up concept because it is not of God.

  7. Pingback: The BJU Sex Abuse Coverup, Day 7 | The BJU Sex Abuse Coverup


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