Unto The Least of These….Part II

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

In part one we told you that Mack Ford shot three times when allegations of sexual abuse were mentioned.  Video link

Here are excerpts from Mack Fords 1997 sworn deposition

(*Note:  Q=Question by deposing attorney.  A=Answer by Mack Ford)

 (Mack Ford): I told Mama, we got more problems, or something to that effect.  

Q (Bernstien): And what happened next?

A: I can’t remember at all. We were — I just simply said, you can’t see them. I have always said before if they are going to have any kind of investigation, what they ought to do is sit down with the parents, call the parents, have the parents be there and everybody sit down together to discuss it. But they said we don’t want the parents here. She didn’t say that, but we have been told that in times before.

Q: Okay. What did Ms. Fair (social worker) say to you? Did you walk in the office with her and you turned to your wife and said, Mama, we have got trouble, or Mama, we have got problems?

A: Something like that.

Q: Okay. And then who says something next?

A; I think as far as I can remember — my mind was going so fast, I said, they want to investigate 84, examine, investigate 84 names.

Q: Okay. And what happened next?

A: My wife said “huh- uh” and I said “huh-uh”.

Q: Your wife said “huh-uh” and you said “huh-uh”.

A: We both said “huh-uh”.

Q: What happened next?

A: She left, went outside, got with the Deputy Sheriff, and she said to me she was going to have to investigate, and I said to her, Ms. Denise, I said, God has already buried someone out of that department, and it looks like he is going bury some others.

Q; And what did you mean by that?

A: I meant that God had already buried Mr. Armstrong who had come out and raided it and knocked the gates down, threatened to kill my dogs and held my family in prison.

Q: In other words, it was your belief that Mr. Armstrong died because of the actions he took against–

A: I really believe that.

Q: Okay. And by making that statement, you were intending to communicate that you believed that because she was investigating New Bethany that she would die as well?

A: It wasn’t a threat. I said, it looks like the Lord will have to get some more of you.

Q: In other words, it was you indicating your belief that the Lord would take–

A: Could do it, right.

Q: –that he was going to take some action becuase they were investigating New Bethany?

A: Yes, he could do that, yes.


A: It has just been a series of investigations through the years, and it seems like every time they did that, that they always came with an ex parte order, one child right after another, and they have never, ever believed the truth.They have always believed the lies. We have lived under that burden for 22 years knowing that when they come they will never believe the truth, and those children have went through, all the way up until where they were lying their way through or manipulating their way through.

Q: And on some of the occasions that they would come out, they wouldn’t get to talk to the children, would they?

A: I guess they have been — every instance they have managed to talk to the children except in rare cases when they wanted to talk to everybody, and then they removed the kids without permission from the court or the permission of the family.

Q: And have they ever sought to interview staff members?

A: Yes.

Q: Were they able to interview staff members?

A: No.

Q: So they were not able to obtain the other side of the story, so to speak?

A: No, sir.

Q: Okay. So the only information that they had either received as a report, which precipitated their visit, or what they obtained in talking to the children?

A: Understand, Mr. Bernstein, they had an affidavit, and I believe I know where that affidavit came from, would be the only source, of a borderline retarded child, took the names to a school teacher, that I feel that wrote that affidavit.


Q: Reverend Ford, you made the statement that they believed the lies and not the truth.

A: Right.

Q: And when you say “they” you are referring to the child protection workers?

A; Right.

Q: And when you say “the lies” you are referring to what?

A: What the children tell them.

Q: Okay. And when you say “the truth”, you are referring to what?

A: What we tell them.

Q: Okay. And I think you just have — on any occasion have staff members at the New Bethany Homes refused to be interviewed by the child protection workers?

A; Yes, sir.

Q: Okay. Has that happened on more than one occasion?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay. And if a staff member is not interviewed by a child protection worker, how is it the child protection worker would learn the truth as seen by the staff member?

A: Take us to court.

Q: Okay. So in other words, with regard to the investigations, it is your preference that they take you to court rather than obtaining both sides of the information in the investigation?

A: Before the judge, who might get the truth.

Q: So in other words, it is your preference that they take you into the courtroom to obtain the information rather than doing it by interview on the premesis?

A: Before the judge. May I add–

Q: And that has been your position all along?

A: All the while.


Q: —–Do you have any reason to believe, anything that you have seen, heard or been told, that leads you to believe that when the DSS employees went to Judge Butler in 1988 and obtained the ex parte orders concerning children at the New Bethany Homes that they were not in good faith?

A: The way they handled it, the questions that were asked. 

Q: Stop. The way they handled it; what do you mean by that?

A; Coming out and questioning all the children instead of the names of who was on the court order.

Q: Okay. Did they interview a child whose name was not on the court order?

A: Oh, yes. All of them.

Q: Okay. You said the questions they asked. What questions are you referring to?

A: The embarassing questions; have you been molested by Reverend Ford.

If you listen to Maxine Ford from the video linked above, Maxine said, repeatedly, “take it to the court system.”

Well, it took many years for the ‘court system’ to catch up with Jerry Sandusky, hasn’t it Mack?

Mack, you have been accused of abusing generations of New Bethany survivors.

We here on Chucklestravels are going to keep calling out Bienville Parish and Federal officials until someone hears.

Mack Ford is far more prolific than Jerry Sandusky.

  • Bienville Parish Sheriff Department what’s the deal?
  • Bienville Parish District Attorney WHY didn’t you prosecute?
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation why didn’t you follow-up when it was reported that Mack Ford raped girls across state lines?

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