Jack Schaap Resigns, Church Give Reason As ‘Sin’

Jack Schaap preached “What Mom and Dad Don’t Know Will Hurt Him” on July 8, 2012.  Schaap made some very bazaar, shocking statements about teen age girls in this message .

Warning:  Graphic Speech by Schaap concerning teen girls

**Trigger Warning**

Here’s a few quotes from the video:

“Let me ask your daughter something. You date him? Have you kissed him? Ya’ sleeping with him? Multiple times?”

 “And I’ll look at the person and say, who ya sleeping with? Your kid’s problem(s) isn’t, the, did you see how short her skirt is, no, the problem is, she takes her skirt, and everything else off. Your kids are coming to me and telling me they have sexual experiences in the hundreds; hundreds; hundreds.”

 “Is she good in bed? How many times have you slept with her?”
“Are you uncomfortable?”

“You know, the most common question I ask our teenagers: are you safe in how you act? Mom and dad, you understand the language? That’s my most common question. In Baptist Church, in Hammond, Indiana, are
you practicing safe sex?”

 “I want to say to my fellow brethren cremate me over this. Absolutely destroy me on the blog pages. Massacre. We’ve lost lost scores of HAC students because pastors get furious when I talk about this. But who wrote the book on sexuality folks?”

 “Nobody wants to be more intimate with you than God does. The language that Jesus Christ used when he talked to his Father about what he wanted for his people. Read John 17 mom and daddy and tell me how intimate he wanted your kids to be with him. Read John 15 and ask me if Jesus Christ just wanted to shake hands. [whispering] If you abide in me, and my words abide in you. I in you. You in Me. We in the Father, the Father in us. Don’t try to reach some ambiguous theological nonsense in that. Jesus was saying, can I put it in language that everybody understands. He says “I want be the most intimate of intimates with you.”

But if we don’t get it figured out that we’re connected with God. And when your teenager goes through adolescence and they start changing, and daddy, you don’t want to touch her anymore, you know you don’t want to hug her anymore; trust me, she’s got a boyfriend lined up who’ll be happy to touch her.”

Mom, dad, listen to me. I don’t need more business, but when your children reach that age, and they start going through that 13, 14, 15 year stage, send them to me, I’ll talk to them. Please don’t look at me like I’m stupid, why are you talking this way? Because I don’t want to lose your kids, that’s why. Because you don’t want to find out about it do you mom and daddy. And I’ll tell you three reasons why. Number one, because you’re dirty yourself.”

I was one of those little kids that went to a public school. You’ve heard me say it, I watched sex take place in the Junior High hallway, but I was a virgin when I got married.”

You know what grieves my heart. I’m looking around and see some of you men sleeping and I want to walk up to you. I can tell you how many girls your son has slept with; I know. He lives at home with you right now. You’re sleeping. You’re sound asleep. I want to walk up to you and say wake up dad, your son is whoring around.”

Do you know how many times your daughter sneaks out in the wee hours of the morning to have sex with her boyfriend?”
“Well, not my daughter.”
“I’ll take pictures for ya’.”

The net has been buzzing with news that Jack Schaap has allegedly been in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl.

Only a few minutes ago, First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana issued the following press release.

Chuckles spoke with the Lake County Sheriff Department a few minutes ago.  Lake County Sheriff’s office verified that the Lake County Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation this past Tuesday after it was contacted by a “high-ranking member of the church who also filed a complaint.”

Although the Sheriff Deputy did not specify the actual target of investigation with Chuckles, the Deputy did say that investigation involved First Baptist Church, Hammond and included Hyles-Anderson College.

David Gibbs, III defense attorney for child abusers, rapists, child molesters and all-around flying monkey for the IFB leaps into action.  Gibbs is flying in, today, to “address” the First Baptist Church-Hammond congregation.


UPDATE:  If you or someone you know is a victim of Jack Schaap or you have information that would assist the Lake County Sheriff in their investigation,  PLEASE call and talk to the Sheriff’s department. They will take leads and more importantly assist other victims.  Please call  Lake County Sheriff Department at ‎(219) 755-3400.

51 thoughts on “Jack Schaap Resigns, Church Give Reason As ‘Sin’

  1. I am sickened but not surprised. The mighty man has fallen, in his arrogance he has imploded. May he be dust in prison.

    • The “mighty man” has fallen? He was set up by Bro Hyles, and has been PROPPED up since…nothing “mighty” about him other than the “mighty loud” hollering he did behind the pulpit under the guise of preaching.

  2. I am not surprised either. Just the way he talks about sex you know something isn’t right. He infuriates me. Jack’s words: “Number one, because you are dirty yourself.” I think he was talking to himself. Most IFB arrogant “pastors” usually preach right at their own selves and claim it is everyone else. Denial reins in this cult!!!!! Hope the innocent victims get help and realize that this man is wicked and uses God to feel like a god himself.

    • Yes he was referring to himself. Its obvious, but not to the sheeple who have the IFB mindset. And hopefully they won’t blame the victim(s). Thats the usual IFB way of handling things.

  3. Well, Well, he is just following in his father in laws footsteps. I remember years ago when my husband was a church/school admin and we took 6 young ladies to Idaho for a big ACE convention. Low and behold Jack Hyles was the speaker for the week. I thought our girls were going to puke in the isles. Hyles was going about on about the way women dressed, and said any woman that wore a bathing suit was nothing more than a “whore”! Then the next night he was stil going on about sexual things and said if his daughter and husband (not married then) were to get a divorce, he would blame her for not holding her family together. He just went on and on until all of us could hardly stand it anymore. So, since my husband had rented a van, we took the girls and went out the last 2 nights…no one could take any more of this man’s ranting. Then Jack Hyles was accused some years back of having a relationship with his secretary. If you will remember, he was buying her a new car every 2 years…for years. Also, he would spend several nights at the church praying and not even coming home???? Wonder what that was really about? I wonder if his wife ever even questioned anything about his actions? This school is far worse than BJ ever is or was…and I am a former BJ grad.

    • Please quit with allegations and pray for all involved this is exactly what the devil wants. To have a victory in his last days. Jack Schaap is a man. We all are full of sin! He who is without sin cast the first stone. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. I thought anyways. If it is a man of God he gets raked over the coals first. Forgetting everything good he has ever done. Why are people being so judgemental without knowing the facts. Also Are you a hundred percent sure that Dr. Jack Hyles was involved in an affair? Unless you saw him in the act I do believe that you have no right to accuse a man who can no longer defend himself seeing that he is now passed on. I do not know either of these men personally but I think we are to quick to judge people without knowing the facts first. Please pray for the people affected by this situation instead of making things worse. I do believe that God is able to take care of any injustices done on this earth. Whether it be through the judicial system or legal action, we are not the ones to do so.

      • “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Are there any stones left? Jack Schaap has been hurling them for years.

      • Well, Mediah, considering that others approached JH saying that the behaviors they could see concerning his secretary were highly appropriate, that he refused to take their warnings seriously, and that he approached the secretary’s husband with what was basically a wife-swapping deal, the evidence is quite strong that there wasn’t just dictation going on in that office. Also, considering that an insanely high number of sex scandals and sexual abuse allegations came out of the HAC camp after that, that’s also some strong evidence that something really stunk there. AFA the “he’s just a man!” defense goes: I know a lot of men — and women. The vast majority of them would never even consider banging a teenager, much less a teenager who came to them for help because someone else had already sexually abused them. That’s not just sin, that’s a crime on multiple levels… statutory rape, therapist abuse, sexual abuse by an authority figure… you know, stuff most normal people would consider beyond the pale.

      • It is always curious to observe how quickly the story of the woman taken in adultery is invoked whenever a fudamentalist preacher is caught in what is at best an abuse of his position, and at worst criminal activity.

        Yet when gay Christians call attention to this principle of Scripture, we are met with hostility and judgment, not to mention verbal stoning and sometimes even physical assault.

        Here is a concept to ponder: how about you worry about your sin and I will worry about mine? (Motes and beams… and Romans 2:1).

        In the case of leadership in the church, we can and must hold pastors to a higher public standard of accountability. Bishops are to be “blameless… above reproach, sober…” (I Timothy 3:12)

        If the allegations prove to be true, the people of First Baptist Church must own up to their gullibility — on more than one occasion — in allowing a wolf in sheep’s clothing to lead their flock. Sadly, the very power structures of Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches encourage predatory narcissism by not safeguarding the people and holding leaders accountable to a human authority as well as the noblesse oblige notion of “divine authority” which is interpreted by the man himself. Sadly, it only seems to dawn on IFB churches that there are human authorities when the police need to be called because a crime has been committed.

        Yes, let the body of Christ show Jack Schaap compassion, but let us first please show compassion to all those people who are victims of predators in IFB churches and to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, the most reviled group of people within the IFB.

        Christ Himself showed us the way.

        Jeffrey Hoffman
        executive director

      • Mediah…I feel so sad for you. You have been brain washed by the fundy group. You think these preachers are untouchable and no one is supposed to say anything negative about them. How many times have you been preached to about “Touch not mine Annointed” This is usually preached when a preacher feels there is unreast in the church about something he has done. So to keep all fundies quet they are scared to death. As for the inappropriate actions of Hyles with his secretary…what would you want people to say when you bought her a new car every 2 years? I remember hearing him preach that if he heard of anything inappropriate with any members of his staff they would be fired. Sounds like this didn’t hold true for him….where is his…being above reproach that he expected from others?

        I guess what I am trying to say and probably not very good at it is….don’t put you head in the sand and put these men on a pedistial…they have alreasy put themselves on one. Any preacher that has to preach total obedience of his people …watch out…the worst is yet to come. Stop being brain washed and think for yourself!!

      • Jack Hyles “affair” is well documented.
        My dad was had just received a honorary doctorate from Jack Hyles shortly before Jack was accused of adultery. Our Christian school principal was a graduate of Hyles. The principal essentially told all the parents and teachers, “even if he’s guilty, I’d rather keep my follow Hyles because at other churches the women wear pants.”

        Google is your friend, use it.

        Jack’s son, Dave Hyles is famous for his perversions that his daddy attempted to help cover up.
        Dave Hyles used to scream until his face went purple when I was teenager. Dave used to travel around the country and hold youth rallies where he would scream: “BE PURE! BE PURE!!!” I was a teen then but I always knew there was something ungodly in his rage.

        Not too long after that, they found a suitcase in a dumpster in a church parking lot containing pictures of Dave Hyles and a woman (not his wife), both very much in the nude and in compromising positions. Of course Dave wasn’t removed from the ministry, just moved to a different church in a galaxy far far away. (Texas)

        Then David Hyles was kicked out of that church for running around with lots of women. 19 to be exact!!

        David Hyles ran off to Indiana with Brenda Stevens. (One of the women who was in those photographs with Dave Hyles found in that suitcase above.) Brenda Stevens had a young son, named Brent.

        In late 1985, 15-month-old Brent was found dead in his crib. David Hyles, who had been alone with the child, claimed he found him not breathing, and called police. In reality Dave called his father Jack Hyles first. Jack Hyles was on the scene long before the police were called.
        A coroner’s inquest into Brent’s death Dave Hyles exercised his Fifth Amendment rights. Brenda Stevens— the baby’s mother didn’t even attend the coroner’s inquest into the death of her own 15 month old son.

        At this inquest, it was revealed the investigation was thwarted because the little boy had been embalmed and buried the very next day— Jack officiated, The boy was buried before a proper autopsy could be performed.
        The little 15 month old had nine different broken bones in different stages of healing.
        The case remains open to this day.

        Was Dave Hyles banned from the ministry even after all the above? Oh no. In the 1990’s Dave moved by daddy where Dave taught Sunday school at a Pinellas Park Baptist Church in Florida. He was kicked out of that church because of adultery.
        Dave Hyles was then thrown out of the next church he attended (Berean Baptist Church in Orange Park, Florida), for “sexual misconduct” with three different women. One of those 3 women was the church secretary Joyce Phaneuf, who was arrested for prostitution in 2003. Joyce Phaneuf, her mug shot and arrest report — which notes the tattoo on her right-upper thigh, reading “David’s Girl.”
        After all this, Dave Hyles finally married Brenda Stevens and the two had their own son who they named Jack David. In March 1999, Brenda Stevens said little 5 year old Jack David must have fallen out of her car, she didn’t know it, and she ran over her own son with her own car–killing him.

        “How can one train a child to exercise … self-control? This is done by developing something on the inside that becomes more attractive than that which is on the outside. Then more pleasure is gotten inwardly by resistance than outwardly by yielding. For example, my son, David, is an athlete. During basketball season he does not drink carbonated drinks nor eat pastry. This is not to say that chocolate pie is not attractive. Quite to the contrary, it is most attractive, but there is something on the inside that is more attractive — the satisfaction of making the team, of being in good condition, and of pleasing the coach! Hence, the inward pleasure has overcome the competitive attractiveness of external pleasure. He has developed self-control. His will decides whether or not he eats chocolate pie. Hence, in this matter he is in control of himself. He is not a beast; he is a man. He derives more pleasure inwardly by not eating the chocolate pie than he would derive outwardly by eating it.

        I have spent thousands of hours trying to make a man out of my son.

        What the American male needs is honor, just plain, old, downright honor.”
        — Jack Hyles

        How To Rear Children (1972)

        It’s a sick, twisted world out there in Hammond-Land and its been that way for a very long time.

      • Manny…Thank you for setting the record straight, and coming from some one who knows what happened. This is all so sorry. These people give arrogant a new meaning.I have had friends kids that when to HAC and the stories they told…at that time was unbelievable. Now we know it is true.

        To all the people that don’t want anything said about the sin these men and other “men of God” have comitted, get your head out of the sand. You are the kind of people that let their pastor’s sin slide, and you can never get him out of the church. Look at some of the churches that these things have happened in, and people sit thre like dummies and let it continue. Wake up people. First Baptist people had to have known about Jack, but they chose to do NOTHING about it, they all knew about David, but they chose to DO NOTHING! How long do you think you would last in one of these churches if you were accused of plain ole gossip? It would be like don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

        Now Manny, let’s see who wil come after you for “touching the annointed”

      • The portion I so TOTALLY disagree with you is this…

        You say, “…Unless you saw him in the act I do believe that you have no right to accuse…”

        THAT my friend has gotten all too many in trouble, and KEPT many IN trouble!
        I went to the school/college for 4 1/2 yrs. It’s the “blind loyalty” issue and then too, read Bro Hyles book on JUSTICE and see where some of that corrupt philosophy stems from.

        That approach is nothing more than like Klink (sp?) of Hogans Heros as he so famously would say, “I know noting”.

        Get a grip.

  4. God judges all sin the same. His sin is no worse than the sin that you committed today. No one is perfect. Stop judging him. You may hate to hear this, but God loves him just as much as He loves you. Instead of criticizing we should all be praying.

    • Hey, “love”, are you as concerned and saddened over the violation of the young girl who went to Jack Schaap for help only to be re-victimized? What has been alleged is not just a sin, but also a crime. Worse, it’s the type of crime which almost always has multiple victims before someone finally comes forward. Sure, god loves Jack Schaap. That said, He also loves the abuse victims which the IFB most certainly does NOT.

      • You’re right, it is a terrible thing that happened to that girl…I’m not going to argue with anything that you or anyone else says. We all have our opinions, and most of us aren’t going to change them right now. At this point I’m just tired of reading everything (whether it be true or not). The only thing I ask of you is to not “bundle” all of the IFB together. I am an IFB and I do not agree with everything that is said or done in the whole “group.” I guess that’s the beauty of free will.

    • Learn to read Scripture, please. 1. We are to judge those who claim to be in the family of faith, 1 Corinthians 5; Matthew 18. and 2-you’re assuming that Jack Schaap is a Christian.

    • I don’t have much time to respond right now, but maybe later this evening.

      However let me just say a few things.

      Schaap is not just “every other Christian.” He is a leader, and has demanded obedience and respect on the basis of a position which requires him to be above reproach.

      We are not sitting around, waiting for leaders to fall; we are calling on all Christian leaders to be the men the Bible demands. The Bible has some pretty high standards: “blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre; but a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate” (Titus 1:7-8)

      The Bible does not say that God judges all sins the same. In particular the way God will judge sins of Leaders.

      “My brethren, be not many masters [teachers of the Word], knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation” (James 3:1)

      In another passage, the Bible also says to publicly rebuke pastors who sin so that all may fear.
      Drop the company line and study the Bible for yourself. While you’re at it, take a good look at Jeremiah 23. Read it twice. In a modern language so that you actually understand it.

  5. The above two statements are completely INCORRECT. Yes, all sin is sin and an affront to God. But, some sin, because of the far reaching nature, often involving damage to others and the name of Christ, do carry more severe consequences – morally and legally. It does not mean the person cannot be forgiven by God if they truly repent and turn to Christ, but the New Testament makes it abundantly clear that that does not release a person from the consequences of their sin. If you murder someone, for example, you’re still going to prison and possibly going to lose your own life. And, sorry, but according to God’s Word, Schaap has made a “shipwreck of his faith” and has shown the filth that was in his own heart, revealing a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And, the Bible does not tell us not to judge but to judge with discernment and making sure we are not guilty of the same. This rotten behavior reveals the rotten “fruit” of Jack Schaap’s soul….

  6. The “above two statements” I mentioned are referring to those by Mediah and love, which were the last 2 I saw before posting. Just to be VERY clear. :)

  7. Quit talking about it? Smite a scorner and the simple will beware. How is talking about it going to damage the church? I’d say that ship sailed when Schaap started his dallying.

    And I’d have to say, the Sandusky fiasco has at least put fire under the feet of the deacon board lest they end up with a jail sentence for failing to report.

  8. C.P. Traveler here, posting at Chuckles request in response to those who are trying to defend Schaap (and even Hyles).

    First, even aside from the well documented accounts of sexual misconduct by so many of these clowns, their command-and-control authoritarian rule is in direct violation of how the New Testament Church is to be run. The pick and choose from the Bible in order to build their houses of cards … and then get mad when somebody points out that they have no footing on which to stand. They intimidate, fear-monger, and berate people with a threatening, vengeful God who just can’t wait to slam down the puny people he made.

    If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, you know that’s not the right picture by a long shot.

    To push things over the edge for me (I hadn’t heard Schaap’s crap before this), Jackie’s “Christmas message” one year noting that Mary was an old crone nobody wanted and Joseph was the village idiot confirmed all I had been told. Schaap, just like his father-in-law, is a self-centered, arrogant idiot who makes it up as he goes along. Perhaps that’s exactly what he did when he broke a commandment and his marriage vows.

    So please, don’t try to defend him or pull out the “don’t judge” card … those to whom much is given will have much required in return. Jack Schaap was given an “empire” … and he continued to rule via fear, intimidation, and his “urges” just like Hyles.

    Yes, his discipline should begin with his church, but if there is ANY illegal activity (underage stuff), it doesn’t need an internal investigation – it needs the Hammond PD.

    One final note, just to make the point of how deeply this crap runs. Our good friend Cathy had Jack Hyles come on to her when she was underage. Seems the “Right Reverend” was visiting the Harris home (her adoptive family) and stayed in the prophets chamber in their house. If that was attempted there, you have to believe it was not an isolated incident. Cathy, of course, was accused of lying – nobody would believe that the great “man-o-gawd” would ever do such a thing. Besides, you wouldn’t want any accusation about the TRUTH to ruin a ministry, right?

    • Like I said, whether guilty or innocent. Pray for them. What good does it do to judge them when in fact you do not know for sure. In reference to Dr. Jack Hyles. Please just pray for justice, God’s will and wisdom to withstand the devil. None of us are perfect. Just Pray. The tongue is a very dangerous weapon. We can destroy someone because we thought what was on our mind when in fact many times we are unsure. Very seldom do we regret a word unspoken in these types of cases. The devil is having a hayday right now. Many people are being shaken. We need to follow God and not man. That is the worlds biggest problem they follow man and not God. People will let you down everytime. But God will never let us down!!!!

      • Medina,

        1) You’re right, we are to follow God not man. That’s the one thing we agree with.

        2) As far as Jack Hyles, the accounts are well documented.

        Please see Manny’s comment.

        3) As far as the devil is having a heyday right now? The devil has been having a heyday for a long time out at Hammond because the devil was having a heyday in Schaap’s (and Jack Hyles before Schaap) lives. God hasn’t reined at First Baptist Hammond in a very long time. ONE case in point the heresy Schaap wrote in “Marriage: Divine Intimacy.” In that book he said that Psalm 119: 30-31 the words “laid” and “stuck” are sexual terms.

        4) Jack Schaap admitted that he had sex with this girl when she was 16 last night at Hammond.

        “Ye of little faith,” Read Matthew 16:18. Since Jesus promised the gates of hell won’t prevail against His church, why is it that some think that some man who committed a crime is going to make it fall? God’s church wasn’t built on Jack Schaap and it won’t fall because of Jack Schaap.

    • I can’t confirm whether or not Jack Hyles ever came on to Cathy as you stated or not, but I do know he came on to my cousin when she was about 20.

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  10. I am a 1982 graduate of Hyles-Anderson College. I was licensed and then ordained by Jack Hyles in October of the same year. I have a B.S. in Pastoral Theology. The last thirty years has been spent in the ministry to foster children all over the USA. We have adopted 17 foster children of our own. Before I attnded H/A, I also attended Liberty Univ. at Lunchburg, VA. Whom I was also ordained by Jerry Falwell. Double unction!!

    I worked part of my way through school by being a bus mechanic, working on Sunday School buses, along with other students at H/A. Night shift. One Wed. nite, after attending the evening services at Hammond First Bapt. we were discussing the sermon when a question about theology came up. The other guys were very guarded and said that Hyles preached that they weren’t supposed to ask questions about theology, just believe what he told them to. I asked how they were going to explain, teach and disciple their congregations if they idin’t understand why they believed what they did. They didn’t have an answer. This was my first clue that this may be a cult instead of a Bible College.

  11. “Mom, dad, listen to me. I don’t need more business, but when your children reach that age, and they start going through that 13, 14, 15 year stage, send them to me, I’ll talk to them.” I wonder how many other girls there are since he said he doesn’t need more “business”. I have to think the reason Jack asked the girls if they were practicing safe sex is that if they were on birth control they would be an easy target. Not as likely to get pregnant.
    And yet, people still defend him .

  12. My ex-pastor & asst. pastor were graduates of Hyles-Anderson. They even worked with David Hyles at Miller Rd. Baptist. He would preach all the time about the evils of the fundamentalist movement, yet he carried much of that garbage into the non-denominational church he now leads. Two years ago this pastor pursued me romantically for over 6 months and nearly brought me to suicide & tried to destroy my marriage. Thank God nothing physical happened, although he wanted it to. It was brought before the church leadership and they supported him. When it was brought before the congregation, the story was so diluted that the people thought he had done virtually nothing. I was left to bear the shame and isolation. He denied everything & blamed it all on me. Maybe you know him? Brad Strand, and his asst. pastor is Jerry Scott. I believe they were at FBC Hammond in the 80’s & early 90’s. Brad taught at Hyles-Anderson. Something tells me that I’m not the first woman he’s gone after.

    • Anna, I am so sorry that you went through this. I believe you are a strong woman. To hell with those people who maligned you. And as for Brad Strand, I hope he suffers somehow for this. Not likely though. They’re teflon.

  13. So glad i left fbc when i did! Way to go schaap way to ruin many peoples lives! I would never send my kids to you. You sick perverted pig!!! I almost puked when i read your sermon! That is wrong on a hundred different levels! Shame on you! And as you always said to the teens be sure your sin will find you out!

  14. I speak from great experience, being under the leadership of the late Jack Hyles, Dave Hyles, Hyles-Anderson College, First Baptist Church, Jack Schaap and other pastors who called themselves “Fundamentalists”, however, I broke away from these people years ago.

    ~~~While I do understand the grace of forgiveness, I will not stand mute as many of you who have read this and remained silent and even more, those of you who are in fear of saying anything and just “praying”. It is apparent that you have been controlled by these preachers’ manipulative ways. He, Jack Schaap arrogantly put himself above his people and proclaimed that he was chosen by God and indeed was following God’s will for his life. Well, now he must face the reality of his sin!

    ~~~ Though Jack Schaap, may find forgiveness, he IS ACCOUNTABLE for his sins, just the same as he required accountability of his previous followers whom he found no mercy with their own weaknesses! Shame on you for not seeing the blackness of his sin. What if the child that he abused was yours? Think about it and stop pitying the fool! Stand firm in those convictions that you so willingly let Jack Schaap berate you with and let him realize that as Jack Hyles preached to those sinners in his congregation who were no longer considered pure or without blemish… “He is now a broken ship…,” afloat, but not the worthy vessel, nor ever will be.

    Eddie Lapina and Duff state that “he has suffered a great deal from this…” I hope that he is realizing how he, Jack Schaap, hurt those who were suffering in his harsh judging and how with all these actions is causing so much pain and hurt for so many people every minute of everyday that we are living this through and continue to face the reality of this despicable situation.

    We need to be praying for the victim and any other innocent children that he may have touched. Expend your energies and prayers for those innocent children and leave Jack Schaap to our justice system and the wrath of God!


  15. I don’t expect reprobates to understand Scripture, so I will teach you one right now, free of charge. Pay attention: All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.
    Even Moses and David have sinned. So you all have no reason to mock a Godly man like Pastor Schaap. He has repented and his sins are washed clean, a crimson stain made white as snow. On the other hand, has this young woman forgiven him? As far as I know, she has not. To hold a grudge and refuse to forgive a fellow believer is itself sinful. So here we have a continuing sin on her part, and you all should be mocking her and not the one who as confessed and repented!
    It doesn’t surprise me that this man was prosecuted by female lawyers. They were probably very eager to destroy the reputation of a man of God and to undermine the Gospel and the church. This is what feminism is all about.

    • Well Mr Davis, thank you for giving us your insight. No one but Schaap ruined his own reputation by doing what he did with this young girl, and he would probably still be doing it if he hadn’t gotten caught. Why would you say that people should be mocking this girl? Hasn’t she been through enough with this pervert that took advantage of her? Where is your compassion for her. Where was his professional ethics in the first place, did he take calsses from Mr Phelps! You sick minded IFB always want to blame the girl or woman and never take any of it on yourselves. Even if that girl came to him and took all her clothes off,,,you are saying he had no self control…men should be upset by this one. For one, if Schaap didn’t have sex on his mind with this girl, why did he not leave his door open or have his wife or another lady in the counseling session with him. IMO he was a pervert to take advantage of a young girl that already been taken advantage of..this is why she came to him in the first place. Does having a female prosecute this man upset you? I think you have a problem with women being anything but bare-foot and preg. My son in law is from Egypt and he is so sick of fundies he could puke. He told me one day, that you all behave just like the muslims in his country….you have to control everyone and women are nothing. Sounds like a fundy to me!!!! Maybe you need to get your stinkin thinkin turned around and quit making such belittling statements about women.

      For another thing, I am old enough to remember when women in the US hardly had any rights. If a woman was raped…she was asking for it, and the man got off. Women went to college so if one of you fundies left her, she would have a way to support herself and her little family because you didn’t want to support the ex-family. Women have had to fight for about everything they have gotten. I love men, I am married to one …47 years, but the men I know would eat you alive for making such remarks about women lawyers and feminism. Really, you have the sick mentality of so many fundy men I know, and you know the ones like you are the ones that are abusing their families in secret!!!!

    • Davis,

      No one is saying humans are perfect. However, you are shoveling the same load of “forgive and forget” that is the core of Fundyism. And it is beyond flawed from any Biblical standpoint. Then again, I’m a reprobate and an apostate to you, so …

      Forgiveness – the true forgiveness found in Christ alone is a completely different thing than what you are offering. You would have everyone put away their caution and judicious mind and blindly accept that Schaap has “changed”. Rather, let’s take a lesson from Joseph. He didn’t continue judging his brothers for their evil – but he never trusted them again as far as he could drop-kick a camel. He was willing to surrender his own personal pain to the beauty of God – the same God that stood by him through all the evil done against him (and no, God didn’t put Joseph down the well or in jail – Evil did that).

      Can Jack be redeemed? Most assuredly. Will his much displayed pride be an issue for him? I’d bet on it. He is going to prison for breaking man’s law. How God chooses to deal with him is a separate matter. As for the rest of us reprobates, we are out to save as many of his former sheeple as possible. They trusted in a man and are finding out he was not only fallible, but a downright liar.

      C.P. Traveler

      • Chucklestravels…….Amen and AMEN! You have such a good way with words. This man has a debt to pay to society and it needs to be done. Yes, I believe Jack can be redeemed. But I hope he never steps foot in a pulpit again…he has lost that honor!!!!

      • You all will be judged for downing the man of God. Bro. Schaap fell. So did David and Paul. Job’s friends were like you folks. God blessed Job in the end, Job’s friends not so much.
        FBC is a great church and will rise from this better than before because they love the Lord and he loves us.
        We win souls and will continue to do so while you all do nothing with your lives but mock and make fun of and tear down, you all are like that blasphemous blog that lies about our wonderful church and college. The Independent Fundamental Churches as a whole will be proven one day to be right while you’re all burning in hell. You’ll remember the days of scoffing, but at that point it will be too late.
        Gal 6:7 – “Be not deceived; God is not mocked” I feel sorry for all you, God will be judging you for your ways.

      • Davis,

        I feel sorry for you that you are still living under the Law. Judgement is done – for about 2,000 years now. Grace has set us free and God has promised never to judge us based on our own merits again.

        As for the product of your church in Hammond, it is largely the result of intimidation and fear. That isn’t what I’d want to base any conversion on – in fact it’s quite the opposite.

        Schaap fell, true. He did so of his own choice all the while railing at others. If you really read this blog, you’ll know we take to task the men who berate others about their holiness but then publicly fail and utter ridiculous statements such as “I didn’t know it was illegal”. What a bunch of horse-puckey!

        If you are so greatly offended, do feel free to stop reading this blog. We will continue to expose this exact thing over and over again, seeking justice for the victims rather than the court jesters that are men like Schaap.


      • Spoken like a true IFB from Hammond.!!!! I don’t see where you come off on thinking people are putting this pervert down. I guess you are the kind that wants this all swept under the rug. You know, we were in school and church work for several years, and one of our pastors was running with 3 different women in the church, and one had a baby by him. The pastor blames my husband for turning in him, and broke into his office and left a book on his desk call “The Tradior” Every thing was done to destroy my husband, who had done nothing wrong…and he wasn’t the one that told, but he should have. These pastors have their people so brain washed, that you are to say NOTHING about them or what they have done. In our last church, if the candiates board had given our board the low down on the pastor we were about to call, he would never had the chance to destroy our church. Preacher’s all over are destroying the church by their sin and we are not to say anything about it, but yet if a member of staff member falls into sin, it is ok for the pastor to yell it to all other preachers in “their” preacher conferences. I am sorry, but they are no better than any one else to have their “sin” exposed. Oh,and when was the last time you knew of a pastor being brought before the church for church discpline?

        Sorry to ramble, but this thinking just gets my goat!!!!!!

  16. I left FBC a few months before the scandal came out. Bro. Schaap just wasn’t the same. I knew something was wrong because he would make statements that would literally grieve my spirit. Many things that he said completely contradicted the things he taught just five years ago. I would go home almost in tears begging God to restore him. I had no idea that he had fallen so deeply.

    I regret not praying for him more. I can’t help but wonder if I had spent more time asking God to keep him from sin, that he wouldn’t have fallen prey to his own pride.

    Those who say that Bro. Schaap was always that way don’t know him that well. He used to preach against people making him the ultimate authority. Towards the end, it was almost the opposite.

    Watching what happened to him strikes fear in my soul. If he can fall so rapidly, anyone can. I know that we all have our flesh, and that it is the enemy of God, but this whole experience has made that truth so much more vivid to me. I pray almost every day that God would humble me and those I love so that our hearts may always be His throne.

    I hope that we all continue to pray for Bro. Schaap and all the victims that have been hurt. Only God can make anything good come from this.

  17. Our Messiah, Yahushuah, made a very telling statement that covers this whole issue…for those of you that are advocating the “forgive, forget and pray” approach:

    Matthew 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Mark 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

    Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

    I find it VERY interesting that three of the four authors of the Gospels chronicle this statement.

    Please remember: this is the Creator of the universe that is making this pronouncement. “Little ones” refers to both chronological age, as well as to spiritual age…thus the references can (and should) be applied to both children AND adults.

    So much for what our Creator thought about “rehabilitation” of molesters of children (both physical and spiritual).

    Judge not…indeed!


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