Bob Jones University~ Sexual Abuse Conference?

By now most of you are aware that Bob Jones University has announced that its seminary will be sponsoring a conference on sexual abuse and the church. 

While our first response may have been, “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

Sadly, Our second response is more reasonable. This is exactly what is to be expected from Bob Jones University.  This  is BJU’s Modus Operandi.  A change, or a step in the right direction would be to have Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) come in and hold this conference on sexual abuse and the church.  A change, a step in the right direction would require all adminstrators, faculty/staff, and those teaching in the seminary to attend.  Most importantly requiring  that Jim Berg attend!

A step in the right direction would be an effort toward repentance instead of showing the same old pride and arrogance for which the University is well-known.

A step in the right direction would be for the University to invite those out here who the University has failed in this area to speak without interrupting.  Then apologize, and humbly seek ways to correct what happened in the past.  To avoid the same mistakes continuing into the future.

I will leave you with a thought that expands on this quote from Garrison Keeler

Bob Jones University,

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than sitting in the garage makes you a car.  Having a conference of sexual abuse where some of the people you invite to speak are the same people who have done much hurt and damage to survivors won’t convince us you have changed. Your beliefs don’t make you good people, your behaviors do.  Your words mean nothing because your actions are the direct opposite. Having true faith in whatever you believe must be shown through actions.



18 thoughts on “Bob Jones University~ Sexual Abuse Conference?

  1. I have a lot of thoughts and questions about this. How could this have happened? The school is now aware of many of the cases that various administrators took part in covering up. They are clearly aware that past counseling was damaging. They are aware that sex offenders were (and still are) protected, leaving new victims vulnerable. They are aware that they have faculty members who do not believe any victim can be considered “innocent” in sexual abuse. How can they not publicly state they were wrong, ask forgiveness, and do what they can to address past cases before they put on a conference telling others what to do? How can they tell others when they haven’t yet done it right themselves? They haven’t even shown that they have the slightest heart of kindness or concern to victims. Their historical pattern has been condemnation and blame, declarations of how worthless the victims are. If they have really changed, wouldn’t they do or say something to address those past teachings?
    I spoke with someone recently at the school who said to me that even if the school handled things wrongly in the past towards victims, it is the victim’s problem/sin/wrong attitude if they struggle with the events that happened. How is this helpful? How does it show Christ?
    When will the school address the many sex offenders they know of who are currently in ministry, free to be trusted and victimize others? When will they address those who they know have been hurt by their response to sexual abuse? When will they obtain professional training in the area of counseling? At this point, they are not equipped to counsel. Their counsel is harshly damaging.
    Right now, it seems hopeless to believe that BJU would ever care, that they would ever tell the truth, that they would ever do what is right. For months, I watched and hoped they were turning a corner. When it appeared they were not, still I hoped and prayed. I still hope, but the hope is not based on anything they are doing or demonstrating. It seems they believe their path is to firmly ensure that the past is covered up and their wrongs never exposed. Anyone who exposes it must be an enemy of God, living in sin, a “hater” of God’s people. Somehow, truth has become irrelevant and must, under no circumstances, be told.
    I do not know if they are simply deceived and so blinded that they are incapable of seeing truth or if they just don’t care. They seem incapable of considering any position other than their own.

  2. Perfect analysis of ALL fundamentalists
    groups MO! It’s like the KKK having a
    study group on lynching!
    Your apt comments @ BJU’s pride
    and arrogance is incredibly evident to
    anyone who ever had the misfortune of
    being a student there as I was…the only
    other attribute I would add is a pharasitical
    self righteousness that truly borders on
    the pathological narcissistically personality
    disorder (check the attributes on the
    Internet…it’ll amaze how perfectly that
    place of twisted theology fits it!).
    Thanks, Chuckles for showing the
    REAL motive behind the self serving

  3. Yes., if Bob Jones or the other IFB colleges wanted to teach other how to deal with sexual abuse they would need to learn how to deal with sexual abuse from the experts who have studied in their master and Doctorates how to deal with sexual abuse. They would also have to make it right with all the IFB sexual abuse survivors that they mis- treated and used secondary abuse and covering up of the abuse to dishearten the victims from seeking help.
    I went to head of the Counseling Program at Maranatha Baptist Bible College concerning my sons abuse and I never received a call back.. The IFB can not move forward in dealing with this issue without going back to the survivors they have harmed by sexual abuse and by not helping those survivors. The IFBs will have to give up the control to organizations like GRACE or even SNAP. Why are these not on the list to speak at Bob Jones Conference along with secular experts?. This is a smoke screen by the IFB to mislead people into thinking they are “Fixing the sexual abuse problem” in their institutions.” This is what abuser do to put up a smoke screen to hide behind so no one looks behind the curtain to see the truth. MBBC has had similar times dedicated to teaching IFB pastor concerning “Dealing with Sexual Abuse.” Gee…. I live in this town and have a master and 20 years experience in the field of counseling dealing with abuse and hey never asked me to speak or even called me back when I told them of the abuse of my sons. I see the SMOKE rising over the IFB colleges now as they sign up to let the BLIND LEAD THE BLIND in Bob Jone’s Conference on Sexual Abuse and the kindling is all the IFB Christian counselors, Deans and IFB Leaders notes on praying away the perps sins and asking the victim to forgive. HUGE kindling fire burning around our USA at the IFB colleges who have covered up the sexual abuse for years and years. Keep burning those records..except for the ones in God’s book…those records don’t burn..

    • Touché! Knowing the mindset of
      BJU as well as IFB groups, I wonder
      if this conference will be studying
      they can: blame the victims more
      deviuosly, and cover their sexual
      sins better legally and publicly?
      Their popish attitudes that ministers
      and “leaders” are far better than
      their sheep is prime ground for
      ALL kinds of abuse! Wolves in
      SHEEP’S clothing!

  4. I would agree that this conference is exactly what I would expect from BJU. It is *NOT* a step in the right direction at all. It *IS* a slap in the face to all those who have been victimized–sexually, physically, mentally, or spiritually at the preaching and counsel of these so-called men of god. It is a personal insult to every victim which makes a mockery of every victim. They are falling apart from the corruption within and things like these conferences are little more than last ditch efforts to maintain some sort of control before the crash.

    If it were a credible step in the right direction, they would have requested outside, credible abuse advocates to come in and instruct them first. . . . if not actually take charge of the conference. Far be it from such high and lofty spiritual leaders leaders as they to be required to submit themselves to an outsider, though!

    It would also seem prudent to at least invite some actual victims to present their perspectives. A public apology to victims for how they have continued to treat them and re-victimize them is an absolute requirement to demonstrate true repentance. Until they cast off their own arrogance and stomp it beneath their own feet and ask the forgiveness of all those who have been victimized, this conference is nothing but a sham to salvage their image to make it appear that they are doing something when the truth is they are doing nothing at all.

    Nothing credible at all . . . . except making an affront to all victims everywhere.

  5. I got their BJ Review a couple weeks ago, and my thought also, ws who is going to teach this seminar…..Berg or Phelps! It will also be interesting to see who this will be open to. I bet women are not going to be permited to attend. I hope some one goes and gives a good account on what is said.

  6. Apparently, it is legal in that state to record a conversation as long as one person is aware of it. If so, send one person to the conference to record the whole lot, and then stick it on the net. I’m sure people who have actual knowledge in this area would be able to give us all a very interesting commentary on it.

  7. To them it is still an issue of *control* . . . not an issue of repentance or rectifying of any past wrongs. Personal arrogance will not permit anything else and that is what this conference is more than anything else . . . a display of their spiritual arrogance and a re-victimization of all who have been hurt and will be hurt in the future by them.

    • It is all about control with BJU. Jim Berg and his wife counsel Rape survivors that the survivors are the ones who need to give up control. It makes me sick. Men and woman who have been raped need to be encouraged to regain control of their lives, their emotions and their bodies.

      Jim Berg talking to someone else about wanting to have control, holds about as much credibility with me as Chuck Phelps preaching on Forgiveness. Phelps sat on that witness stand and claimed he never told Tina Anderson to forgive and forget. I will blog on it later, but you can have a taste by checking out Chuck Phelps’ outline “Forgiveness: Forgetting and Feelings.”

  8. I have reached a point where I cannot “take” their preaching any more. The guilt triggers, the shame, the judgment, the condemnation, the spiritual pride and arrogance–I just can’t listen to it for long any more without feeling that I am imbibing some sort of spiritual toxic waste. They take the precious, lovely Word of God . . . the message of His love to a sinful human race . . . and they so twist it and corrupt it with their own man-made doctrines . . . . they don’t even worship the same God anymore. They worship themselves and their own personal doctrines and works of personal “holiness.” (GAG)

    This conference is akin to having pigs speak about healthy eating or wolves speak on how to protect the chickens in the hen house. Wolves in sheep’s clothing as they yet again fleece the sheep of God’s pasture.

    They have to create an appearance of doing something. What they feel they need to accomplish is how to better control their followers to prevent this kind of thing from continuing to come out about them. Bad publicity. To them the answer is tighter control.

    The dam is already crumbling though; the water is already pouring (not just leaking) through to the outside. Let it crumble and wash away the false facade of the modern day Pharisees. Their public reputation and testimony to the outside world is already a stench driving people away from Christ. Such is the rotting fruit of their hypocrisy.

    • BRAVO!! Succinctly and accurately put (I especially love your “toxic waste” comment)!
      I agree with EVERY syllable! Wish we could reprint this and hand it outside these “cells”
      of spiritual abuse and control!

  9. Friends,

    In times of difficulty, the hyper-religious always circle their own wagons to form a protective barrier against what they view as evil intrusion. What we are witnessing here is nothing less than the same. It saddens me, but it does not surprise me any longer. I kind of expect it.

    The God I now know (as opposed to the one presented when I attended BJU) is grieved at the evil in the world He created to be good. He weeps with us, knowing that where choice is allowed, evil can also be chosen and often is. The Jesus He sent as part of His planned rescue didn’t play by the rules of the religious of His own day – yet that is exactly what men like Jones, Berg, Miller, Minnick, etc. would have you believe. They fear the “radical Jesus” that I have come to know and love. And my Jesus just plain weeps at this kind of garbage.

    Know that the strong emotions this post and the related activity bring up in you do not go unnoticed. Chuckles and I see it – and God sees it as well. And we all grieve for the reminder of the loss, pain, and abuse.

    C.P. Traveler

  10. Sometimes, and I admittedly feel guilty about this, but I actually feel for them. Many of them have inherited the perspectives from preceding generations and know nothing else besides what they believe and preach. Even the Dr. Bobs when going outside to preach and travel, always had the “Bubble” of the BJU Campus world to return to–and that campus there on Wade Hampton Boulevard IS indeed an entire world, an entire culture unto itself. So many, by their own choice remain inside that little world and never ever leave it except to affiliate with other satellite worlds and cultures where they have planted their own spiritual colonies. All are more or less isolated from the surrounding world and culture of the “unchurched.” For so many of those folks, they know NOTHING else. For them to leave that world would leave them with no frame of reference in which to cope.

    I don’t know what to do or say to help them, because they–in a way–are victims also. Unknowing victims perhaps, but still victims. Many ARE knowing victims because to walk away from their spiritual “bondage” is the same as turning their backs upon God Himself, not realizing He is the One who sets them free of all that. For them, the spiritual abuse continues unabated in guilt, fear, judgment, and intimidation.

    I long to share with them the freedom we have in Christ . . . but they consider me to be the corrupt, worldly, backslidden apostate who has turned his back upon the true God . . .. ??

    • OH PLEASE…you feel sorry for them, poor dears have no ability to KNOW evil, such as sexual abuse and/or covering it up?? Guess you feel likewise “sorry” for the Catholic priests who sexually abused and hid such behaviors??? Giving the BJU, IFB’ers a pass from responsibility they have is to let their destruction and twisting of Christ’s message a pass. Don’t think God thinks they are not culpable for the knowing damage they have inflicted on THOUSANDS of people/kids they adored controlling! WHAT A SHAM!
      Trust me, those pharisees (whom Christ didn’t give a pass to) loved their abusive ways, and supposedly they are such experts on scripture…of course their Bible has little grace and tons of legalism! Why not feel sorry for these radicals victims and to blazes with the perpetrators!

  11. Sweet Pea– You misunderstood what I said; maybe I should have specified further. I was referring to the people who are NOT perpetrators of the abuse or corruption but who are still members of such churches and organizations because they know nothing else. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE PERPETRATORS!!! I am talking about the other victims who blindly accept whatever they are told and do whatever they are told without question, but they are otherwise sincere, good people. Perhaps you think everyone who is still a part of such a church/organization are all perpetrators and that they should all be thrown into hell. If that is your perspective, you are certainly entitled to it. Don’t castigate me for speaking in compassion toward those victims still on the inside of that cult who don’t know how to get out or are unwilling to pay the horrible price they will pay to leave. Your hateful judgments of me call your own motives for victim advocacy and compassion into question. Your message is so full of IFB cognitive dissonance, I cannot stand to participate in this thread any longer. You have really mustered a sterling example of love and compassion, that’s for sure!

  12. Reading about the conference fills me with such confusion. I read through the various sessions and I just can’t grasp that this is really happening. Can they REALLY be putting on a conference like this? It seems like a cruel joke. I just imagine any perspective that would make them think that this is okay. Is this to try to further hide the things they covered up? Is it to try to humiliate or intimidate those who they wounded in the past so we would be shamed into silence? Is it some twisted attempt at an apology? Does anyone there care?

  13. BJU, Dr. Morris Gleiser, Chad Gleiser & Chuck Phelps are EVIL men. Some people are sincere in the ifb network – denomination but are very stupid in their ability to reason and so they just shake their head at BJU and make excuses for them.

    BJU will control this so called “Sexual Abuse Conference” with an Iron fist and people like Dr. Chuck Phelps and Dr. Morris Gleiser are fakes and many of these types will be at this conference.

    You see if these men are involved with covering up criminal activity, Rapes of two different 14 year old girls. Tina Anderson was spiritually Molested By Chuck Phelps and his wife, Linda by asking Tina how did she like it, being raped as if Tina asked for it or wanted it.

    Even a crack whore is less brutal and loveless that Linda Phelps is when she said such a wicked and heartless thing. Chuck said in the old testament she would have been stoned.

    Chuck Phelps is a Liar. He lied to Tina, he lied to the press, he lied to the court and said in the beginning it was a mutual relationship and then in the trial said clearly that the rapist told him that he was the aggressor in both cases. Check it out on you tube. See for yourself what kind of Liar this fake is.

    Morris Gleiser, BJU and many other minions hid the fact that Chad Gleiser, raped a 14 year old girl and thousands not only heard about it at the time it happened around 6 or 7 years ago but are still talking about this cover up to this day.

    Dr. BobIII, Morris Gleiser & Chuck Phelps, if you are so sincere about hosting a sexual abuse conference then start with Chuck Phelps admitting to his criminal activity, concerning Tina, Lying and deceiving his NH & Indy Church and covering up his shame while blasting Tina Anderson, the victim and the person that deserves to speak at this conference and not Chuck Phelps or Morris Gleiser.

    These men are Masons and of the devil himself and they act as if they care as they cover up crimes, rapes, sexual abuse, while claiming to be of God and showing us how to live for Christ and what a mess of a life the freaks have had.

    These and most of the top real or fake doctors of divinity as if Jesus wanted scholars instead of men that are lowly for Jesus and do his real work. The real believers do not need a conference on sexual abuse because real believers would turn in their own blood that rapes little kids.

  14. Great idea! Sure hope someone
    will do that! Pen state’s open shame
    ought to make ALL the sex abusers
    and their willing enablers think twice.
    The BJU sexual abuses and their administrative
    partners in crime should learn from
    the Pen state cohorts that exposure is
    always a possibility…let us pray It is
    do again!


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