Sick Puppy: Ron Burning

A reader passed along information that Pastor Ronald D. Burning from Canada was convicted on 13 of 14 counts of various sex crimes on both male and female victims.

According to The Brantford

A 59-year-old Six Nations pastor sat with his head in his hands after guilty verdicts were read out on 13 of 14 charges Friday afternoon in Brantford Superior Court.

Ronald D. Burning was taken into custody after the verdicts were read, bringing to a conclusion a two-week trial where the six-man, six-woman jury heard from two men and five women in relation to an original 19 charges. The witnesses cannot be identified due to a court-ordered publication ban.

Jurors had deliberated over 14 of the original 19 charges starting Thursday at 10 a.m. At 8 p.m. Thursday they were sequestered for the night and resumed deliberations at 10 a.m. Friday. They rendered their verdicts shortly before 3:30 p.m. Friday.

Burning, pastor of Johnsfield Baptist Church, was found guilty on three counts of sexual assault, four charges of indecent assault, sexual intercourse with someone under the age of 14, forcible confinement, indecent assault, voyeurism, criminal harassment, indecent assault and gross indecency. These charges, some committed on men and some on women, related to incidents that took place between 1971 and 2009.

He was found not guilty on a single charge – sexual assault on a male.

Three of the original charges were stayed by Justice Kim Carpenter-Gunn, who directed acquittal on two other charges because no evidence was presented.

During their deliberations, jurors returned to the court mid-morning Friday to ask a question of clarification. Jurors wanted to know if they could find guilt on a charge where there was only the testimony of one witness and no other corroborating evidence from exhibits presented during the trial or other witness testimony.

The judge said that jurors could use any evidence or testimony to help them assess the context of the witness testimony in question and use that to determine how much weight to give to what that person told the court.

The judge revoked Burning’s bail following his conviction, requiring that he stay in custody until his sentencing hearing.

Defence lawyer Howard Staats had asked his client remain on bail, given he has lived under those conditions for almost two years and had caused no problems.

Assistant Crown attorney Patricia Vadacchino argued for custody.

She also reviewed for the judge how two of the guilty verdicts carry minimum life sentences, three carry minimum five-year sentences and one carries a minimum 10-year sentence.

“Now that we’ve had the jury come back … finding the accused guilty on 13 of 14 charges and the defendant is looking at significant jail time, I don’t see the wisdom of releasing the accused,” Carpenter-Gunn said.

To allow time for various pre-sentencing reports to be completed and accommodate for the schedules of the judge and Crown, the sentencing hearing has been scheduled for 11 a.m. on Sept. 28.

Burning was arrested in December 2009  while trying to cross into the United States at the Sarnia border crossing.

The reader tells Chuckles that Old Time Baptist Church, Hamburg, NY supported Burning up until the day of his conviction.  

Did the leadership of Old Time Baptist Church, Hamburg, NY make any announcements  two years ago when Ron Burning was arrested or or even now after Ron Burning’s conviction this information was known, to the congregation as a whole and to the groups of girls that were taken up there for a several weeks each year to sing at meetings?  Did the church members know that their financial support was going to pay for defense of a serial child sexual predator?

Even more importantly!

Were these people even TOLD that Ron Burning had any allegations against him? Are members and former members of Old Time  Baptist Church, Hamburg, NY members told to ask their daughters if they were ever touched, approached in an uncomfortable manner, or any other actions that would point to whether there are any other victims from this church?  DO ADULTS AND CHILDREN NOW KNOW WHAT TO DO?

3 thoughts on “Sick Puppy: Ron Burning

  1. hello……. i jst thought i would add in the information that is missing here the leadership of old time baptist stood by a person who “seemed” to be a Man of God…… anyone can be fooled into believing that everything is on the up and up when they dont c each other on a regular basis….. most laws state a person is innocent until proven guilty….. for example have you met the reader personally that has brought this to your attention……. i think i know who this reader is and if it is who i think it is…. do you know? and i have 1st hand experience of how their sole reason for living is to destroy a church they left……. this has been a 3yr ongoing battle that has been one-sided…… it is time for these ppl to shut up, get a life, and let God handle it…… as far as burning I say let him rot….. but leave the ppl or church alone that was jst trying to b a blessing to a man they felt they knew…. they wer fooled plain and simple

    • 1) Yes, I know who the reader is.

      2) Right, Nicholas, your response is sadly very typical. The man, Pastor, was found guilty 13 charges of rape! We didn’t post anything until he was found guilty.

      Now, go ask the girls who were taken up to this church for WEEKS to sing and find out if they may be victims too. He has more victims, I guarantee it!

      One sided…yeah, whatever. Fooled by the leadership that never informed the congregation that he was charged and collected money? Fooled? Blinded is more like it!


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