Ohio Church Has Child Abuser Ron Williams For Anniversary Sunday

Courtesy of Dwayne Walker

Picture Courtesy of Dwayne Walker~California HEAL-Online Coordinator

Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio celebrated its 52nd Anniversary yesterday March 25, 2012.  It looks as if the church has removed its webpage, here is the Google cache version.

Since a church celebrating 52 years is a big deal, it goes without saying that the pastor would choose to have one of the pastors closest friends as a speaker.

That special speaker was none other than Ron Williams of Hephzibah House.

Ron Williams and Hephzibah House have had allegations of physical, emotional, spiritual abuse which go back 40 years.

According to the churches announcement Calvary Baptist Church of Lima Ohio has supported Hephzibah House, Ron Williams and his late wife, Patty for nearly that long.

The text below.

March 25 — Celebrating CBC’s Fifty-Second

We will Welcome Ron Williams of Hephzibah House on March 25th to help us celebrate 52 years of God’s great blessings.  We have supported Hephzibah House prayerfully and financially for most of the years of its existence.  Dr. Williams left secular social work to establish this ministry when he and his wife saw great need for a residential home for girls who were in great spiritual need.  This work has been hated by a very vocal minority who have used the internet for several years to harass and attempt to destroy.   God has preserved Dr. Williams in spite of these attacks, and we believe this ministry will continue to be a blessing.  Ron Williams is an eloquent speaker, and we know we will his messages in Sunday School and church.  We will have an anniversary dinner at 2:00 which will replace our normally scheduled evening times.  The afternoon session will also be a PTF meeting for all school parents.

The “very vocal minority” consists of over 200 former students and supporters.  A core group of former Hephzibah House residents discovered that Ron Williams would be speaking at this Anniversary Celebration on Monday, March 19, 2012.  On such short notice four ladies who were within a few hours driving distance showed up to protest.  Three were positioned on public property outside the church passed out these fliers.  Passing motorists honked their horns in support.  Read Ron Williams letter to supporters from after CNN interviews. Then Ron goes and admits to nearly every single one of the former students allegations. Ron Williams admits to abusing girls but his followers don't see it?

Yesterday when the protest was taking place Chuckles received the following update:

 Just got a little update… (names withheld)

#1) *Susie Q’s mom *Susie Q1 went in and sat through the morning service…then there was a pot luck, and she’s still there for the afternoon service, which started @ 1:30….so waiting to hear from her after the service…..

#2) Susie Q, Protester 2, and Protester 3 are the 3 fabulous ladies outside…the assistant pastor came out this morning all sweet and asked them what they were doing…he chit chatted with them being all nice…he listened to them talk, and then he asked for a flyer…he went back inside with it (p.s. the girls videotaped all of this apparently)…..

#3) assistant pastor comes out a bit later …he asked them to stop protesting b/c there are so many honking horns that it is distracting their church service. He also asked the 3 ladies for their names, and if he could take their pictures, they told him NOPE! He wanted to obviously take that info in to Ron, but they wouldn’t allow him!!!!


The assistant pastor came out one more time and was trying to get license plate numbers etc. and this time he’s not being such a nice guy…

After this the police were called.  Since the protesters were peaceful and on public property the police told the assistant pastor that the protesters would remain.  The protesters were informed that the church would be calling its attorney.

Good luck with that, boys.
A local news reporter came out and interviewed the protesters.  When he went to interview Ron Williams, he hid, or ran (left.)   


The pastor of Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio is David Keith Hamblen.  D. Keith Hamblen is a Bob Jones University graduate.  He also was a team leader at the Wilds at one point.
The Hamblen family is related to Bob Jones University royalty, the Stratton family.  Stratton Hall.  According to sources D. Keith Hamblen is a cousin of former Clearwater Christian College president, Dick Stratton.  Dick was at one time rumored to have been in the running to be the Vice President of Bob Jones University prior to accepting the position at Clearwater.  The Hamlin family are also related to Lonnie Polson.  To say his family is quite connected at BJU would be an understatement.  The radio station (WMUU) owned by Gospel Fellowship Association (BJU’s mission board) aired Ron Williams/Hephzibah House for many years.  WMUU was petitioned for years to remove Ron Williams from its program line-up but refused.  Within hours of having been contacted by CNN producers, WMUU finally removed the program from its program line-up but continues to air Lester Roloff’s Family Altar program five times per day Monday-Friday.

(David) Keith Hamblen Bob Jones University Vintage Picture. Graduated 1974

Update as of 5pm:  Looks like Calvary Bible Church website is back up.

33 thoughts on “Ohio Church Has Child Abuser Ron Williams For Anniversary Sunday

  1. In the real world, outside of the fundy walls, a mother or father may NOT force a girl to submit to a vaginal exam. Neither a physicians office, nor an emergency room will give a girl a vaginal exam without her consent. To do this to a young woman without her consent is rape. IF she thinks she HAS to do this or be punished, then what else do you call it?

    • I call it the worst form of assault
      and sexual abuse on a minor!
      WHY didn’t the parents press
      charges??? Talk about feelings
      of total abandoment!! The poor
      traumatized child, my heart goes
      out to all of the victims!

  2. Yes Kittybrat is correct. Teens are protected by the law against forced medical treatments. You would need a court order…no judge is going to say this procedure is OK or can be done in a group home facility or a private school. Look at the statutes in the state the exam was done in to see how the statute is writtten… .

  3. Some inaccuracies here…and although I can’t speak to what happened at the church I can at least correct some things: Keith Hamblen is married to Linda Stratton, daughter of Mel Stratton. David Stratton, son of Mel Stratton and brother to Linda, is the assistant pastor at Calvary Bible Church. Keith is not the cousin of Richard Stratton; Richard is his brother-in-law. Keith’s son, Ethan, married Lonnie Polson’s daughter Lauren. And its Hamblen…not Hamblin. And yes, maybe these are minor points, but I have to wonder….if you are inaccurate with verifiable information…how can we trust that you are accurate with other stuff.

    • You know what Kathy, I know that Keith and Dick are cousins. Dick’s wife Holly and I are friends. Try again. Oh and go back and read the blog. I never said he wasn’t married into the Polson family. Read again and worry about the abuses that happen at Hephzibah House. Of course you like so many fundies swallow the camels and strain at the gnats.

      Btw: Please go tell Pastor (David) Keith Hamblen, its a sin to lie like he did to the protesters and claim to be the assistant pastor when he was the pastor.

      Meanwhile no more of your comments will be approved.

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  5. Read Ron Williams answers to allegations. The things he admits are horrifying.

    He admits to spanking other people’s daughters with a board.

    He admits that a man (doctor it doesn’t matter) preforming pelvic exams on girls as young as 12 to detect “communicable diseases?” My wife and one of my daughters are nurses, they both inform me that there is no reason to do a internal exam on such a young girl unless there are problems. Even then both of my nurses tell me that to do it when a young lady—or any lady says no–is sexual assault by the nurse practice act. I take my nurses word for that over this man’s word any day.

    The BM charts—he admits to the girls having to post their BM’s for everyone to see? How embarrassing for these girls. There isn’t a reason for him to do this but to humiliate the girls.

    Menstrual cycles stopping while the girls were at HH, and a Doctor told him that was “normal.” How is that normal? Why would it just “resume” when the girls returned home. I’m calling BS.

    • Those are all great points Ed. I have 3 grown daughters and none of them were taken to a gynecologist for a vaginal exam and especially for no reason. What parent does that? And what parent would even allow that? Crap, even if some of them were found to not be virgins by such an exam (if that is possible) would it ever occure to them that maybe that little girl was raped? Or would they accuse her of being a slut?

    • it is said that the exams were given not just for diseases but to check and see if the girl was a virgin!! i find that appauling and taking away a girls most privacy. they did not need to do that!!! they had no trust or faith in ANY female that walked through those prison doors!!

      • That’s truly horrifying! It speaks volumes
        @ about the total disregard these
        sexual abusers hold females in. And to
        be violated by a supposed “Christians”
        It truly is devilish! I hope they all end
        up in prison! Child abusers are dispised
        and meet out their own justice on them!

  6. Isn’t it interesting how BJU’s former
    preacher boy students head up IF churches
    and spout the same line of abuse and/or
    far worse actions!
    I feel a campaign to expose that
    institution would be even more effective
    in stopping the veneer of Christian
    righteousness that these Pharisees
    hide behind! I’d compare it to snipping
    off the dadelion flower to digging up
    the roots of the weed and ridding
    the lawn of all the weeds!

    • Furthermore, Did you see in the HEAL Video where the pastor DENIED being a Fundamental Church.
      Guess he thought we would just buy that because his church doesn’t have “Baptist” in the Churches name.
      There are plenty of “Bible” churches that are fundamentalist. P.L.E.N.T.Y! This church is just about as Fundy as they come.

      Isn’t this the pastor agrees with Williams so much that he allowed Williams to keep the girls in his church for a night or two on at least 2 occasions when HH was being investigated for complaints? 1/2 the girls were placed inside this church and the other 1/2 up at Fairhaven. Ever heard of the saying, “Birds of a feather…?”

      Fairhaven is a great friend of Williams and his methods of Hephzibah House too. Has been for years. Fairhaven and Voeghtlin have been abusive for years. Roger Voeghtlin gave a paddle to CNN Reporter Gary Tuchman. Pastor Voegtlin has the practice of “un-adopting” children. According to accounts this “un-adopting” children practice has happened numerous times at Fairhaven. I’m so glad God doesn’t un-adopt us.

      • The Calvary Bible Church doesn’t use the Baptist name and pastor Hamblen denied being Independent Fundamental Baptist when I asked even stated that they were non-denominational, but we know better. In our first contact with him during the protest, he asked us “what version of the Bible do you use, do you use the King James version?”.

      • Great point @ BJU being non-denominational,
        trust me, they are so extreme that
        Baptist want it made clear BJU is in
        no way connected to them, Having
        been at BJU and a fundy too, they
        are both cultic!

      • I unfortunately had to attend a
        “Calvary Bible Church” during my
        high school and 4 equally miserable
        years at BJU. It has taken me years
        to over the spiritual, emotional abuse.
        The CB church was a radical fundy hot
        bed of ultra legalism, John Birch cells,
        etc. The baptists were party animals
        compared to those fanatical groups!
        The whole experiences has made it
        impossible for me to darken any church
        door…worst of all those people don’t
        give a rip what destruction and havoc
        they wield on their congregations/

  7. Your IFB KIngdom is coming down. All of these IFBer’s Pastor Wolves have sold their soul to Bob Jones himself so that Lucifer can grant them victims and maintain a tiny cultish and very stupid members but even they will leave soon.

    Good luck to you IFBERS because your system is fool of Chuck Phelps Types that have wicked helpers that say things to victums like Tina, Howd ya like it, when you were raped? Yes this was said by Chucks lovely Bride in demonic Churchianity.

    It is all coming out and it will all un ravel this corrupt fake Christian system soon. PRAISE GOD And Glory Be To God Only. These thugs don’t work for GOD.
    Chuck Phelps, This is just like Chuck Phelps lying to his own church members or his stupid sheep which are those who still remain there. From Bob Jones to Maranatha to Pensicola to all of the rest of these IFB CREEPS and Child Molesting Freaks, like Chuck Phelps.

    I mean if Chuck Phelps would hide a Convicted Rapist and say the girl is at fault for not being four times as big so she could have kicked the Rapist rear end. I wouln’t Doubt it a bit if Chuck Phelps is a Rapist And Child Molesting Scum as well if he could neglect justice for money and his crazy BS are a fool to believe his lies also garbage then you should and may become his next victum.

    If you do, he will only call the cops once and hide you 2,000 miles away so make sure you don’t get sent to that other freaky Rapsit loving child molestic protectors house in Colorado and Matt Olson is the Thug that will help Hide you.

    This is done because it is God’s will for IFB Pastors so they can do the Devils work and make sure they stay teh pastor of the gospel of churchianity and keep the carpet vacumed and smile and sing and tell you how lucky you are to have them as pastors because you could of had hybrids in Noah’s day but these Pastor creeps like Chuck Phelps are only possessed by deamons and are not fathered directly by them even though there evil can match that of Noah’s day, so it could be worse.

    May God Show Soon in his Mercy and for his Glory and for the innocent children who are the victims of suck freaks shine the light of truth on the Wickedness Of All Molestors and Rapist and any other CRimes of everykind that God knows of on all IFB Pastors from Bob Jones Down.

    • I certainly understand your anger. The
      cultic IF church “leaders” have been
      told by BJU and the rest of the elites
      that they are “special” and don’t have
      to answer to any man and surely not
      any woman! As the saying goes, “Power
      corrupts and absolute power corrupts
      When I was at BJU for four numbing
      years I saw that every day! If the
      Third hadn’t been born into that
      ensconced position, he could never
      have made in on the outside! He’s
      as phony as his Ph.D that was never
      earned! He and the other twisted
      charlatans enable abusers and
      share heavily in their guilt!
      What makes you think that BJU
      will be publicly exposed? I would
      sure join in that worthy effort!

  8. I just can’t fathom how child abuse is so easily tolerated in IFB circles. I remember clearly growing up in that world where child abuse is just part of life. Children are supposed to accept it meekly. Any child who doesn’t whole heartedly accept abuse is considered rebellious and will incur all the creative wrath and discipline that these IFB minds can concoct. It really is time for this type of abuse to end.
    To those who defend this – church members, parents, BJU administration, etc: I offer you a challenge. Each of you spend a week living how these girls have to live. Go, allow yourself to be stripped and have a forced vaginal exam where in every way you feel you are being raped. Then, allow yourself to be held down flat on the floor and beaten with a paddle. When you aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom, feel the pain from having to hold it for hours, then feel the humiliation when you can’t hold out any longer and you soil yourself. Next, suffer the additional humiliation of being mocked in front of your peers and forced into a diaper. Think about how each day you will wonder if you are going to be fed at all or if you will be forcefully fed till you throw up. Then, will you be forced to eat what you just threw up? These girls are being treated worse than animals. What is your intention? Why would you treat anyone this way? Sure, it may gain outward compliance. Torture tends to do that! From many of the stories I read, it appears that often girls were sent to this home as a result of being raped. Really??? Seriously? A girl gets raped, then sent away and tortured for it? This is pure insanity. No one can say that this is “christian”. Your actions teach these girls that God despises them, heaps shame on them, humiliates them, has no compassion for their suffering but instead turns his back on them.

  9. Marge Rowe, are you still going to remain in that church now? How loyal are you to the pastor and leaders at Calvary Bible Church? Are you willing to help expose abuse that has long gone on and validate some of the victims or are you going to turn a blind eye like every one else? You are the church secretary at CBC, one would seem to think you would know some things. I understand that Mrs. Hamblen, Keiths wife taught seminars, saying, “if you are not bruising your children, you’re not beating them enough”. What do you know about all the letters various girls from Calvary Bible school received from a young married School Supervisor, Mr. Hamblen? And why was this so impotant to keep it quiet for years? Do you know anything about accountability? Is the pastor or other adults immune from accountability? How much of the abuse are you willing to stand for? I am curious, who are you calling stupid?

    • Chuckles a message last night that said the person posting as Marge Rowe on this blog isn’t the real Marge Rowe. The REAL Marge Rowe is a little perturbed that someone would use her name to post here. The REAL Marge Rowe says she thinks it is “Lucy” from the news comments that was defending the church and Williams.

      If this all is true, guess the lies keep flowing out of that place.

      • Sorry to say but this falsification doesn’t
        surprise me one bit! Painting themselves
        as the martyred Christian saints regardless
        of their exposed dark side doings is a
        theme near and dear to the IFB and BJU
        financial enterprise. I’d love to hear one
        one their, or BJ’s “counseling sessions”
        for the victims…it would be picking the
        abused person’s brain to find some
        devious reason to BLAME THE VICTIM
        causing further damage to that unfortunate
        soul. I sure know there is a huge difference
        between these groups in what they say
        and what they publish for the public!
        Interesting too is this champion of this
        church’s “last time I’ll write here” final
        shot being more concerned about the
        church’s reputation than any genuine
        sorrow or concern for their victims.
        Reminds me of the sorrow of a
        jailed robber who isn’t really regretting
        his crime, but is VERY sad he got

  10. I attended Lima “Christian” Academy from 3rd grad through graduation. I was paddled with a board with holes in it when I was 17 years old for getting 15 demerits. The blueness of the wound was supposed to cleanse away evil.
    I feel truly, truly sorry for Keith Hamblen. I think he needs psychiatric help for a narcissistic disorder. He must be in control of everyone who surrounds him, and how better to do that than through religion–after all, who is going to argue with God?

    • Former LCA student,

      I believe you are correct in your assessment of Keith Hamblen. There is a serious disorder of the brain that would allow for a person to be aware of and in favor of such atrocities.

      As far as your black and blue bottom, that is the way these folks justify their control. Roloff used to say, “better a pink bottom than a black soul”. But the bottoms weren’t pink. They were black and blue with welts.

      I wonder how your education was compared to public school. Did you learn scientific origins of life?

    • I am sorry to hear that you had to
      go through that. Blue marks?
      That is child abuse AND assault!
      He does sound like he has a personality
      disorder (probably more than one…)
      But that is no excuse. I’m sure these
      goons got pleasure out of the torture
      they put you and others through.
      And I’d bet these same creeps
      could wax very pious about their
      version of “sin”…like going to movies,
      etc. Man made rules while they
      commit sins that the Bible harshly
      and justly condems!

  11. Former LCA student, I am sorry to learn of your abuse experience at this christian school. Thank you for sharing and being a voice to many others who suffered at LCA and bringing awareness to this church and it’s leaders. Unfortunantly your experience is all too common in religious compounds like LCA. Feel free to join our fastest growing facebook group of individuals against institutional abuse where you will be heard and validated. With over 1000 members and growing rapidly since this group was started since the protest at CBC. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/405717569456686/

  12. I would LOVE to join this Facebook
    group! When I log into my fb account
    what is the name of your group and
    how do I access it?
    Can’t wait to chat!
    Mary Pishney


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