Did Pastor D. Keith Hamblen Tell Bold Faced Lies?

Earlier today, I posted about Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio choosing to have Ron Williams of Hephzibah House speak at the churches 52nd Anniversary.

The three protestors who were positioned outside say that a man, who told them he was the assistant pastor of Calvary Bible Church to talk to them.  

They claim that he later came back asking their names, asking to take their pictures, and trying to write down their license plates.  

Then he told them the churches lawyer was going to be called.  The protestors were quaking in the boots, (dripping sarcasm) because they were on public property, and peaceful demonstrations are legal according to the United States Constitution.

Well, well, well…. this afternoon the local news posted a video on its website, in which the pastor was interviewed.  Turns out, the man who said he was the assistant pastor, was instead the Senior Pastor Keith Hamblen.  

According to two protestors:

Protester One wrote:“The pastor told us protesters he was the assistant pastor. He asked what we know about Hephzibah House and the survivor of the place, Trina, spoke up. The pastor did deny as false what she experienced and what other women who are coming out of late say they also experienced. The man was intent in finding our car to write down the license number and was angry that we were there. His church funds the abuse that goes on in Ron Williams’s Hephzibah House. Of course we are going to stand up against the abuse, and for the children who are vulnerable. The problem is that people think we are talking about semantics. It is NOT semantics. This is not just little swats on a behind. This is serious abuse. Mental, physical, and emotional. With scars that last a lifetime. It is WRONG. The official HH website can say one thing, but the girls coming out of that place tell a very different story.”

Protester Two wrote:

 “Yep, that’s the assistant pastor at least that is how he identified himself but would not offer his name when asked for it.”

 Pastor Hamblen told the reporter who wanted to interview Ron Williams had left an hour before, but did he leave or was that one more lie?  

Ron Williams talks a lot to his supporters about how he speaks to these woman about their allegations, yet he doesn’t.  He runs like a roach when the lights come on.

What a testimony.  Telling bold faced lies, even when doing so isn’t necessary.  As we on the editorial board of this blog see it, that shows a lot about Pastor Hamblen’s lack of character.  Wonder how quickly students who attend the Lima Christian Academy would be punished for telling such a bold faced lie?

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do….and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44

Below is the video taken at the protest.

20 thoughts on “Did Pastor D. Keith Hamblen Tell Bold Faced Lies?

  1. Who said we were quaking in our boots? I wasn’t, I doubt the others were or we would have discussed leaving, that never entered our conversations as we boldly continued our protest. Now I would alos like to point out this little fact, the second time the so called assistand pastor came out to address us, not only did he tell us to leave, but accused us of false allegations of abuse and hearsay, however as we all have seen, Mr. Hamblen was standing in front of a former HH survivor. He then goes on camera speaking hearsay by mentioning saying he knew of girls in the Lima community that were sent to HH “that young ladies would say they were helped there” That is hearsay Pastor Hamblen.

    • No it was meant to be a sarcastic remark. You weren’t quaking in your boots. I know you wouldn’t leave. No one thinks you guys were scared…now Williams it appears so…he wouldn’t stick around or the pastor claimed he left anyway…

  2. How do these guys preach Bible morals to their congregations, then go out and by their actions contradict everything they preach? Do they believe the Bible is really God’s Word or not? I KNOW what they preach and what their doctrinal statements say. Yet when they choose to lie or commit any other form of sin . . . it becomes a whole new ball game then doesn’t it? Must be they really don’t believe the Bible is what they say it is….

  3. I know you wouldn’t suggest we were quaking in our boots, I was wondering if Mr. Hamblen told this to others, if so, I just wanted to clarify any misunderstandings. Carry on, you’re doing a great job reporting this information.

  4. Hamblen kept insisting that it was heresay about HH!!! I stood in front of him and showed him my t-shirt. It says HEPHZIBAH HOUSE SURVIVOR. I said “do you see my shirt?! do you see my shirt?!” He giggled and said, “yes, I do see your shirt”. I told him that it wasn’t heresay because I was there!!!

    • I wish I could have been there Trina, but I was with you in spirit! And I still love that sign you made and it’s absolutely true. Ron and Patty did NOT delight in their students NOR their staff. They only delight in the money they rake in every year from gullible parents and churches which amounts to almost 250K a year!

      • It would be great to know how much money and assets they have accumulated. My wife and I were members- for a short time- of a church where the people sacrificially gave year after year. These were people who lived in very small homes and drove ten year old cars. The pastor was able live lavishly, very lavishly, and his children went to $50,000 a year colleges. One of the teachers earned $14,000 a year, lived in a trailer, and drove a 1984 van with bald tires and bad brakes. She had a flat tire and-I wouldn’t have believed it if I did not se it- one guy put duct tape on the sidewall and 15 lbs of air in it and they sent her on her way. Soon after the pastor was given $10,000 to take his poor wife to Hawaii. These folks who fleece the flock make me sick, make God sick, and would make the Apostle Paul sick, were he alive today. Their living as kings, while the peasants ate dog food, is what makes my blood boil the most. What a far cry from Jesus Christ and his teachings. Oh, I forgot. Silly me. We have the theology. When you have theology you don’t need compassion. Forgive me.

  5. The other thing that disturbs me about this pastor at Lima is that he had the audacity to tell us that we were not a blessing (which is fine) there on their 52nd anniversary day!!!!! And he then asked us to leave…..again!! what nerve!!

    • Why didn’t they invite you in and minister unto you? Isn’t that what Jesus would have done? It looks like Calvary Baptist Church doesn’t delight in HH survivors either, am I right?

      • He did invite us to the church lunch they were having the first time he came out. I guess our persitant stance caused him to come back out the second time to tell us to leave. So much for the lunch invitation.

  6. The third time this pastor came out to see us with pen, paper and some kind of iphone with a camera in hand, asking for our names and wanting to take pictures of us. I told him “No, you wouldn’t give us your name when we asked for it.” He looked confused and claimed to not remember that one of us asked him his name and even at that point he still did not tell us his name. Another lie? Let the readers decide.

    • Do we know how much this church gives to Ron every year? It should be listed on HH’s 2011 tax returns…I think.

  7. I am very encouraged by the ladies who were there and are making a difference. These people need to be exposed and stopped. It is against the law and it is time they stop using a good God for their reason to abuse. Good job ladies!!!!!!

  8. Chuck Phelps, This is just like Chuck Phelps lying to his own church members or his stupid sheep which are those who still remain there. From Bob Jones to Maranatha to Pensicola to all of the rest of these IFB CREEPS and Child Molesting Freaks, like Chuck Phelps.

    I mean if Chuck Phelps would hide a Convicted Rapist and say the girl is at fault for not being four times as big so she could have kicked the Rapist rear end. I wouln’t Doubt it a bit if Chuck Phelps is a Rapist And Child Molesting Scum as well if he could neglect justice for money and his crazy BS are a fool to believe his lies also garbage then you should and may become his next victum.

    If you do, he will only call the cops once and hide you 2,000 miles away so make sure you don’t get sent to that other freaky Rapsit loving child molestic protectors house in Colorado and Matt Olson is the Thug that will help Hide you.

    This is done because it is God’s will for IFB Pastors so they can do the Devils work and make sure they stay teh pastor of the gospel of churchianity and keep the carpet vacumed and smile and sing and tell you how lucky you are to have them as pastors because you could of had hybrids in Noah’s day but these Pastor creeps like Chuck Phelps are only possessed by deamons and are not fathered directly by them even though there evil can match that of Noah’s day, so it could be worse.

    Good luck to you IFBERS because your system is fool of Chuck Phelps Types that have wicked helpers that say things to victums like Tina, Howd ya like it, when you were raped? Yes this was said by Chucks lovely Bride in demonic Churchianity.

    Your IFB KIngdom is coming down. All of these IFBer’s Pastor Wolves have sold their soul to Bob Jones himself so that Lucifer can grant them victims and maintain a tiny cultish and very stupid members but even they will leave soon.

    It is all coming out and it will all un ravel this corrupt fake Christian system soon. PRAISE GOD And Glory Be To God Only. These thugs don’t work for GOD.

    • I am an IFB, don’t like what you are saying or agree with the spirit with which you are saying it, but…..Sadly, it is too often true. (Once being more than enough, twice being too often) The sin is bad enough, but the cover up is worse. Sometimes churches will toss out a member over some slight in a heartbeat, but cast themselves on a sword to defend their man. It is not much different than the Catholic Churches shuffling around pedophile priests. Now, I’d still rather be in the ark with a few scoundrels, than outside the door drowning. And the vast majority of IFB pastors are good, honorable fellows. But there certainly needs to be more accountability. Unfortunately, as they rise in prominence, influence, and affluence they seem to lose their humility& their prayer life. It is hard to stay an IFB, admittedly. And I thank God he keeps me humble, through trials, tribulations, and my own failings.

  9. Just when information of abuse scandals and cover-ups were starting to come out on the news stations thread, the entire comment thread was pulled off the site. Once again putting the victims on silence. I wonder how much pressure from church leaders or monitary amount it took to make this possible? They seem to have the ability to cover-up abuse all the way to the media.


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