Did Pastor D. Keith Hamblen Tell Bold Faced Lies?

Earlier today, I posted about Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio choosing to have Ron Williams of Hephzibah House speak at the churches 52nd Anniversary.

The three protestors who were positioned outside say that a man, who told them he was the assistant pastor of Calvary Bible Church to talk to them.  

They claim that he later came back asking their names, asking to take their pictures, and trying to write down their license plates.  

Then he told them the churches lawyer was going to be called.  The protestors were quaking in the boots, (dripping sarcasm) because they were on public property, and peaceful demonstrations are legal according to the United States Constitution.

Well, well, well…. this afternoon the local news posted a video on its website, in which the pastor was interviewed.  Turns out, the man who said he was the assistant pastor, was instead the Senior Pastor Keith Hamblen.  

According to two protestors:

Protester One wrote:“The pastor told us protesters he was the assistant pastor. He asked what we know about Hephzibah House and the survivor of the place, Trina, spoke up. The pastor did deny as false what she experienced and what other women who are coming out of late say they also experienced. The man was intent in finding our car to write down the license number and was angry that we were there. His church funds the abuse that goes on in Ron Williams’s Hephzibah House. Of course we are going to stand up against the abuse, and for the children who are vulnerable. The problem is that people think we are talking about semantics. It is NOT semantics. This is not just little swats on a behind. This is serious abuse. Mental, physical, and emotional. With scars that last a lifetime. It is WRONG. The official HH website can say one thing, but the girls coming out of that place tell a very different story.”

Protester Two wrote:

 “Yep, that’s the assistant pastor at least that is how he identified himself but would not offer his name when asked for it.”

 Pastor Hamblen told the reporter who wanted to interview Ron Williams had left an hour before, but did he leave or was that one more lie?  

Ron Williams talks a lot to his supporters about how he speaks to these woman about their allegations, yet he doesn’t.  He runs like a roach when the lights come on.

What a testimony.  Telling bold faced lies, even when doing so isn’t necessary.  As we on the editorial board of this blog see it, that shows a lot about Pastor Hamblen’s lack of character.  Wonder how quickly students who attend the Lima Christian Academy would be punished for telling such a bold faced lie?

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do….and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44

Below is the video taken at the protest.

Ohio Church Has Child Abuser Ron Williams For Anniversary Sunday

Courtesy of Dwayne Walker

Picture Courtesy of Dwayne Walker~California HEAL-Online Coordinator

Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio celebrated its 52nd Anniversary yesterday March 25, 2012.  It looks as if the church has removed its webpage, here is the Google cache version.

Since a church celebrating 52 years is a big deal, it goes without saying that the pastor would choose to have one of the pastors closest friends as a speaker.

That special speaker was none other than Ron Williams of Hephzibah House.

Ron Williams and Hephzibah House have had allegations of physical, emotional, spiritual abuse which go back 40 years.

According to the churches announcement Calvary Baptist Church of Lima Ohio has supported Hephzibah House, Ron Williams and his late wife, Patty for nearly that long.

The text below.

March 25 — Celebrating CBC’s Fifty-Second

We will Welcome Ron Williams of Hephzibah House on March 25th to help us celebrate 52 years of God’s great blessings.  We have supported Hephzibah House prayerfully and financially for most of the years of its existence.  Dr. Williams left secular social work to establish this ministry when he and his wife saw great need for a residential home for girls who were in great spiritual need.  This work has been hated by a very vocal minority who have used the internet for several years to harass and attempt to destroy.   God has preserved Dr. Williams in spite of these attacks, and we believe this ministry will continue to be a blessing.  Ron Williams is an eloquent speaker, and we know we will his messages in Sunday School and church.  We will have an anniversary dinner at 2:00 which will replace our normally scheduled evening times.  The afternoon session will also be a PTF meeting for all school parents.

The “very vocal minority” consists of over 200 former students and supporters.  A core group of former Hephzibah House residents discovered that Ron Williams would be speaking at this Anniversary Celebration on Monday, March 19, 2012.  On such short notice four ladies who were within a few hours driving distance showed up to protest.  Three were positioned on public property outside the church passed out these fliers.  Passing motorists honked their horns in support.  Read Ron Williams letter to supporters from after CNN interviews. Then Ron goes and admits to nearly every single one of the former students allegations. Ron Williams admits to abusing girls but his followers don't see it?

Yesterday when the protest was taking place Chuckles received the following update:

 Just got a little update… (names withheld)

#1) *Susie Q’s mom *Susie Q1 went in and sat through the morning service…then there was a pot luck, and she’s still there for the afternoon service, which started @ 1:30….so waiting to hear from her after the service…..

#2) Susie Q, Protester 2, and Protester 3 are the 3 fabulous ladies outside…the assistant pastor came out this morning all sweet and asked them what they were doing…he chit chatted with them being all nice…he listened to them talk, and then he asked for a flyer…he went back inside with it (p.s. the girls videotaped all of this apparently)…..

#3) assistant pastor comes out a bit later …he asked them to stop protesting b/c there are so many honking horns that it is distracting their church service. He also asked the 3 ladies for their names, and if he could take their pictures, they told him NOPE! He wanted to obviously take that info in to Ron, but they wouldn’t allow him!!!!


The assistant pastor came out one more time and was trying to get license plate numbers etc. and this time he’s not being such a nice guy…

After this the police were called.  Since the protesters were peaceful and on public property the police told the assistant pastor that the protesters would remain.  The protesters were informed that the church would be calling its attorney.

Good luck with that, boys.
A local news reporter came out and interviewed the protesters.  When he went to interview Ron Williams, he hid, or ran (left.)   


The pastor of Calvary Bible Church of Lima Ohio is David Keith Hamblen.  D. Keith Hamblen is a Bob Jones University graduate.  He also was a team leader at the Wilds at one point.
The Hamblen family is related to Bob Jones University royalty, the Stratton family.  Stratton Hall.  According to sources D. Keith Hamblen is a cousin of former Clearwater Christian College president, Dick Stratton.  Dick was at one time rumored to have been in the running to be the Vice President of Bob Jones University prior to accepting the position at Clearwater.  The Hamlin family are also related to Lonnie Polson.  To say his family is quite connected at BJU would be an understatement.  The radio station (WMUU) owned by Gospel Fellowship Association (BJU’s mission board) aired Ron Williams/Hephzibah House for many years.  WMUU was petitioned for years to remove Ron Williams from its program line-up but refused.  Within hours of having been contacted by CNN producers, WMUU finally removed the program from its program line-up but continues to air Lester Roloff’s Family Altar program five times per day Monday-Friday.

(David) Keith Hamblen Bob Jones University Vintage Picture. Graduated 1974

Update as of 5pm:  Looks like Calvary Bible Church website is back up.