Refuting Chuck Phelps Claim~”Tina Anderson was Passive”

Chuck Phelps repeatedly mentions that Tina Anderson was passive. Over the last several days this word has been thrown around again by those who defend Chuck Phelps reappointment to the Cooperating Board of Bob Jones University with those of us who believe he should be removed because of how he handled Tina Dooley Anderson.

Phelps defenders are unanimous that Tina was passive, because Phelps said so.  Furthermore, their reasoning flows, if Tina was passive it was consensual and not rape.  I find it interesting the same people who have no problem understanding what Phelps meant when he used the word “passive” to describe Tina,  but argue over what the word “aggressor” meant after Phelps testified that Willis admitted he was the aggressor to Phelps. But I digress.

If Tina had been mugged and instinctively physically frozen at the time. If she had simply given her purse to the mugger in a desperate, terrified hope that the assault would have ended without further injury.  No one would have questioned her cooperation.  Chuck Phelps would have supported Tina and assured her that she did the right thing. Nobody would have blamed her for carrying money by saying, “well, didn’t you realize that would only lead a robber on?” Nobody would blamed Tina for all the times you willingly spent money by implying that this means you “have a history of giving it away, so aren’t you just ‘crying robbery’ now?” Nobody would claim that the incident was probably just a cash transaction that “got out of hand” and “she regretted later.”
Yet when the assault on Tina was sexual, Phelps and many others implausibly lose all their insights about the importance of cooperation to reduce harm. Suddenly, the questions about what part of guilt Tina must have had in the course of the attack:

“Why didn’t you fight back?”

“Why are you so passive?”

“Why did you stay quiet?”

“Why did you freeze?”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“Why did you let him in your apartment?”

My first response to those who repeat what Phelps says, is so what? Tina Anderson was passive. What’s your point?  However the more I thought about it, I decided to share what research says about how most people respond during a sexual assault.

 Tonic immobility,” is the “freeze instinct,” in which the body becomes very still, rigid, and silent. It is a simple survival behavior. During rape, tonic immobility is very common. According to studies, tonic immobility occurs in up to 88% of rape victims during the assault.  Tonic immobility is far more common than the fight or flight response we see depicted on TV or in self-defense brochures.

Phelps supporters, ask yourself, why does Phelps have so many inconsistencies in his stories?  Why are you continuing to blindly follow him, but no one has bothered to contact Tina?  Who is spreading gossip?  Phelps, perhaps?

Chuck  the CHUCK …

Chuckles made an error in writing that Willis as her landlord.  According to Tina this is incorrect.  Thank you Tina for clearing that up.

10 thoughts on “Refuting Chuck Phelps Claim~”Tina Anderson was Passive”

  1. Regardless of if Tina was passive or not, SHE WAS UNDERAGE and her rapist was well past the age of majority.

    That alone makes the rapist guilty. It’s not a stretch for any normal human to realize this.

    • I totally agree, he was the adult she was a child. He knew better. She shouldn’t have ever ever been made to feel it was her fault or being passive meant she lead him on. That is a horrible horrible way of justifying what was wrongly done to Tina.

  2. I fail to understand how anyone thinks an underage girl can ‘be accountable’ ie passive, not fight, even agree with sex when the agressor is the GUILTY person as SHE in underage! I don’t care whether she stood there in the door stark naked with diamond earrings on and perfume, saying “Come in and take me honey!” -SHE WAS A CHILD.

    And as a victim of rape I can answer the questions [for myself at least]

    “Why didn’t you fight back?” – because he was bigger and stronger than me and I feared he might kill me or do something ‘even worse’

    “Why were you so passive?” – see the above …

    “Why were you so quiet?” – see the above … I wanted it over and to be safe again

    “Why did you freeze?” – erm … see the above … I was terrified

    “Why didn’t you tell anyone?” – because I was ashamed, felt stupid, felt unclean, because [in my case] it was unsafe to do so …

    “Why did you let him in ??” – because I knew him, and he had threatened my family …

    See the answers are pretty simple – why don’t other people see that ??

  3. I have read all about the Chuck Phelps Pastor In Indy and I have seen the 20/20 report where he lies again at the end and said to the reporter I told you 20/20 that Ernest Willis and Tina Anderson where consentual Lovers (At 15) At 15? But he went onto say to the reporter that he told the police that it was not contual. This man was obviousley protecting what even he knew to be a rapist based on statitory alone and kept it silent from the church he had pastored at the time. This is such an evil act and all of this evil that happened, the lying, the protection of an admitted and confessing rapist, trying to itimidate and confuse the victum. Helping gladly for abvious reasons now to Shipping Tina way out Colorado and while he stands behind he called the police and child services once each of which neither have records of this call in any accurate detail of any kind that actually happened. Would you want this guy, Chuck Phelps and his partner in crime in your Church?, as a neighbor?, as a Pastor? really? Really its true and now Bob Jones University is doing its best to say, like they did when they clearly hated black people and eventually took them in relunctantly, that this was clearly a satanic attack on Chuck phelps.

    Believe, the un believable because these so called self righteous do right until the stars fall as my mom use to quote, she is in heaven now watching and thorwing up about how could Bob Jones be a part of such obvious evil and then bless the evil doer with more responsability to do the right thing for our kids under this kind of leadership I know my mom would side with the truth and jump ship and she would never look to Bob Jones University again for any Godly counsel when it is clear they prefer to sit in the counsel of the un godly.

    Wow, hating and continuos lying about Chuck Phelps shameful acts of really to tell you the truth, I would say as most if not all woulod say acts of criminal cover up type of misleading behavior and careless and loveless behavior to the little 15 year old girl at the time of these rapes.

    This is not what Christ wants at the head of any Church that professes to be a follower of Christ and his word but what we would easily and for sure have to look in the worlds gutter to find something as Gut reachingly wrong and immoral as this sad and sorrowful situation has become. Is there any real men that love God enough left to stand up against such lack of concern for rewarding wicked people doing wicked things. I will stay strong and I will call out the truth even if the people that made the saying up that even if the stars fall do right can’t do right anymore.

    Thanks for hearing my thougths and may God convict against such amazing, brazin and rebellion against the real truth about this Chuck Phelps BJU board membership and may he also be helped by Godly men tyo step down as a pastor.

    I would like everyone to ask Bob Jones III to do the right thing and reject this type of person that would do these types of things from being on the board so that the smaller people and future children can no that sometimes very bad decisions can be made right. It would be best if it was just done because it is right than with out the pressure from others. I myself will turn my back on Bob Jones University forever if this (Chuck Phelps Board Membership at BJU) is not immediatley reversed. Lets all do the same.

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