Say It Ain’t So Dr. Stephen Jones

This picture was taken during the 2010 school year at Bob Jones University. The man being held by a group of young, buff college students looks, kinda like Stephen Jones, President of Bob Jones University.

It really does resemble Dr. Stephen Jones, the 39-year-old President of Bob Jones University.

But, it can’t be.

Wouldn’t it be a little irresponsible, a tad adolescent like, and even perhaps a incy wincy bit creepy, for the 39-year-old President of Bob Jones University to be acting in such a manner with a group of his dorm students?


Don’t be silly, the current President of Bob Jones University, Dr. Stephen Jones is currently on extended paid medical leave suffering from vertigo.  He barely made it through the 2010 school year.

Dr. Stephen Jones was feeling so poorly he was unable to watch the 20/20 broadcast, “Shattered Faith,” since he was absolutely disabled in due to vertigo.

A 39-year-old college president suffering from vertigo would never be able to tolerate being hoisted up, and then turned on his side quickly. Poor Dr. Jones would have felt his universe spinning out of control.  He would have lost his lunch all over those unfortunate young men.

What’s THIS?

I suwannee! (Because bless our hearts we don’t tolerate any swearin’ at Bob Jones University!) That looks like the same group of young men who are pictured above!  The  second man pictured in the back row on your left looks significantly older than the other men.

He IS Dr. Stephen Jones the current president of Bob Jones University!

With all that excitement, it is no wonder that Dr. Stephen Jones has vertigo.  I hope he recovers quickly.  At least Stephen is able to recover in his mountain home which is far away from the ranting Chancellor of Bob Jones University, Dr. Bob Jones, III.

23 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So Dr. Stephen Jones

  1. You know–one thing I can’t stomach because it is so reprehensible is joking about/rejoicing over another persons medical or physical malady. This blog post is a really sad commentary on the owner of this blog and all the “Truthers” who have made their own mockery of Stephen Jones. It just really is quite dispassionate. BJIII is mocked for preaching sermons which lack “forgiveness,” but where is the “forgiveness” in such hypocritical, maliciousness as is demonstrated here and on the “Truthers” board? Probably better not post this comment–it will make you look bad and image is everything you know.

    • If you read the post and comments, there isn’t “mockery” of a physical malady … there is calling out of actions that seem to contradict the specific condition Stephen publicly said he had – VERTIGO! His condition was so severe that he was/is unable to function as President of the U. Yet, a dark room with high-definition entertainment in front of him (the movie Captain America) tells us something else. The lifting of a man in the way pictured does as well.

      In the end, if Stephen is truly sick, we are sorry to hear that. But rather than claim “vertigo” and then have actions documented that provide evidence to the contrary, he should just stay mum about it.

      Oh, and “horizontal” picture is bad on at least two fronts: 1) That’s 25 demerits for MAJOR HORSEPLAY for everybody in the room and 2) It actually is dangerous given the number of people in that tiny room (I know exactly the size) and what we see. The fact that he is the Prez trying to look cool is just dumb in my book.

      So, your comment is posted with this reply. We generally reserve our compassion for those who really need it as they escape from places like the U.

      C.P. Traveler

  2. Be sure to share this with Jocelyn Zichterman, you can find her on facebook, group site is Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Cult survivors (and their supporters). She would like to know about this if she doesn’t already.

  3. Maybe I missed something with your timing. But it seemed that the photos being used to paint a “certain picture” of things were taken before his problems with vertigo necessitated his leave of absence; perhaps even before he was sufficiently bothered by the symptoms to seek out medical attention. I don’t think you or anyone else has enough facts about his medical condition (which happens to be protected information by HIPPA laws anyway) to be here on this blog making judgments about the man or fabricating circumstantial evidence with the intent of simply making him look bad. You are playing fast and loose without enough **facts** which are never going to be placed at your disposal anyway. What you are doing is speculative fabrication at best. I won’t buy into your interpretation of the photos or the genuine authenticity of them either. I am going to assume you have the ability or have access to someone who has the technical expertise to alter these photos in virtually any way you choose. I do hope so very much that you have a damn good team of lawyers on retainer, just in case the University and the IFB as a “non-network” decide to pursue legal again against these blogs and Face book groups for all the egregious libel and slander you guys are whipping about the Internet.

    Apparently you did regard my post as enough of a threat to make such a lengthy response to it. One thing is certain. This blog, no more than the “Truth Seeking . . . ” facebook group is interested in the truth . . . in fact . . . the truth is the furthest thing from your little minds. You are just a bunch of angry idiots attacking people and organizations you hate . . . while professing your “enlightened” aberration of “Christianity” or atheism . . . or whatever. Whatever your real agenda is, it is most certainly NOT the truth.

    • Terry Davis,

      You can comment under different names, but it takes only a few clicks to figure out it’s really you.

      Read the link above, Terry, STEVEN JONES said he had severe vertigo from a bad ear infection.

    • Terry,

      If you will read this particular post again, it is pretty obvious that much sarcasm went into making a point.

      This blog is separate from Truth Seeking. Some of the posts do overlap, but this blog is not about only Bob Jones.

      That being said, you are welcome to post here if you behave yourself. That is not only true for you. There have been others whose comments are not approved for one reason or another. The Editorial Board of Chuckles Travels is not going to allow you, or anyone else to take this blog to the place the Truth Seeking Graduates of Bob Jones went a few weeks ago. Neither will this blog be allowed to degenerate into a place where commenters attack each other as occurred on one of the survivors pages a few months ago. We feel the work to expose abuse in the IFB as a whole is too important for that kind of distraction.

      The Editorial Board of Chuckles Travels allows nearly all comments. We did have a issue with some comments going into the spam folder, and were automatically deleted. That problems appears to be straightened out now. Generally, if there is a question about a comment, the comment is held in moderation until all members of the Editorial Board have had a chance to read the comment. All members of the board have to be in unanimous agreement before a decision is made to delete a comment. The Editorial Board had decided to welcome you, Terry Davis to comment on Chuckles Travels as long as you can make the choice to behave yourself as a gentlemen. If not the comment I just replied to will be his last until Terry decides to behave himself, or find another blog to visit that doesn’t make you upset. Either way is fine with The Editorial Board of Chuckles Travels.

    • A “threat”? Hardly. But when you rant and we allow it, we will usually attempt to point out the error in said rant … and that’s exactly what I did.

      And regarding your thoughts on “libel” I think you need to understand what constitutes that charge from a legal standpoint. The original blog post and the comments don’t even come close … they either asked a question or stated the truth. None of that could remotely be considered libel.

      Keep posting, Terry, and do it under a single identity. We know your posts by your IP address anyway, so you should at least be honest about it.

      C.P. Traveler

  4. I am a part of this picture, and yes that is stephen jones the president of BJU and Yes he is on a medical leave. This picture was taken long before he was dealing with his vertigo. He was our prayer group partner which means he would take time of his busy schedule and pray with a group of students 1 night a week. Which college president would take time out of his schedule and pray with the students of his university. Before you go and assume and write foolish comments about something you don’t know anything about, check yourself.

    • No, he was dealing with his vertigo in 2010. Truly and honesty wish Stephen Jones that he would get better.

      It’s not so much the vertigo, it’s how he portrayed himself as the PRESIDENT of BJU.

  5. If you will read this particular post again, it is pretty obvious that much sarcasm went into making a point.

    Since the photo’s are indeed elsewhere on the internet, and they are not original with this blog, that fits the definition of free use.

    Oh and by the way, threats won’t work out here in the real world, as threats work inside of Bob’s bubble.

  6. Sam,

    First, please check your grammar and spelling. It’s a bad testimony to your skool to write that way.

    Second, do you want it down because of some “copyright” or because the activities shown equal 25 demerits per person in the room (Mr. Jones excepted) for major horseplay?

    C.P. Traveler


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