Evangelist Shuts Down Survivors With One Sermon Illustration

At the Beginning of every school year, Bob Jones University has opening exercises. Opening exercises consist of two evenings of evangelistic services that  faculty and students are told will set “the spiritual tone” for the school year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 was the second evening.  The speaker was Evangelist Will Galkin.  This would be the last message the students hear to “set the spiritual tone” for the school year.  The offending example stars about 24:50. 

Evangelist Galkin chose James 4 as the text on which he would preach.  Chuckles will not go into the theological misrepresentations in this post.  Perhaps CP Traveler will take that up in another entry.

Will Galkin’s example is wrong on so many levels.  It is hard to determine where to start!

Let’s start with a few statistics.

  1. 1 in 5 boys, 1 in 4 girls by the age of 18 report being sexually abused.   Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy groups have known for years that most of these crimes go unreported for a number reasons.
  2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Crimes Against Children’s Unit estimates every child has almost a 25% chance of being molested, with a sex offender living “in every square mile of the United States.”  It is known that many children are molested by someone who is known to the child and their family.  The FBI Crimes Against Children’s Unit further estimates that one in ten men have molested children.  Of those men who molest, they only have a 3% chance of getting caught for this crime.


Now that Chuckles has caused you all to be afraid to allow your children or grandchildren out of your sight ever again, let’s for the sake of making this simple focus on the cases in which molestation was reported.   Please bear with Chuckles since he is not a mathematician.  If 1 in 5 boys, 1 in 4 girls by the age of 18 report being sexually abused. Think about how many people who it would be if you walk past 20 or 30 people on the sidewalks everyday at Bob Jones University.   Chuckles finds it deplorable that Evangelist Galkin would use the one example of one girl making up this story because her life was “boring.”  Frankly, Chuckles saw so many discrepancies in Galkin’s illustration, he is left to wonder if Galkin is the one with the active imagination.

First off, “paternal father,” really Galkin?  What other kind of father would the girls biological father be?

To juice up the illustration, Galkin tells how the girl was estranged and “bitter” with (presumably) her paternal father, abused by her step-father.  Her “paternal father” (presumably), is killed in a car accident returning from visiting the girl at camp.  According to Galkin’s illustration, the girl then turns tail and claims she said all this because she was bored and wanted a more exciting life!


What will all the young ladies and young men do what were present in the amphitorium who have suffered through being sexually abused do?  The abuse story Galkin just told was so outlandish, yet some think to themselves, “my story is worse than that, but it’s true!   Maybe, these abused young people who were praying and begging God for years the abuse would stop, and it never did.  Finally!  Finally!  The student get’s to go to Bob Jones University!  Finally!  The student thinks, “I can tell someone about this, get some help.  I don’t know, maybe get some counseling!”  Most of these abuse survivors will never talk for a long time, maybe never!  Galkin just told such a survivor, no one will believe them!   Furthermore, Galkin planted the seed deeply in the mind of dorm counselors, other counselors, and Faculty/Staff at Bob Jones University, to question any abuse statements they hear because the victim might only have attention-seeking problems. There’s probably just “mental idolatry” going on.

Frankly, false reports of sexual abuse/rape are rare.  They do occur.  However, Galkin using such a dreadful illustration to speak about sex abuse, is like comparing the Susan Smith case to nearly everyone who has suffered the death of a child.  Most parents who suffer the death of their child, are not responsible for murdering their child(ren).

Of all the confirmed liars Galkin could have picked…

Why didn’t he pick this guy?  Or maybe, this one? 

[Stepping down off soap box!]

6 thoughts on “Evangelist Shuts Down Survivors With One Sermon Illustration

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  3. Well, I’m not going to address anything in this post, except that it is a waste of time to spend it all attacking a story that actually happened. I was in the camp office when this girl came to be counseled. I was there when the counselor talked to the relatives of this girl and it came out that she had made up the whole thing. Every detail of the story was true. And it was not about sexual abuse…it was about how this girl was willing to make up a murder in her mind to make people pay attention to her.

    I’ll just leave this post with that clarification instead of trying to argue in vain about the other. We are each entitled to an opinion…but not to be hateful.

    • Caroline,

      Thank you for confirming the story happened and proving the point that the MINOR in question is easily identified. Discretion says he should have skipped telling the story with that many specifics. He could have made his point just as easily and not risked implicating the girl. In my way of thinking, this confirms that Galkin has lead a sheltered existence (by choice) that limits his view on things.

      And I still hear a theme in his message (the case most often with a “professional evangelist”) that drives toward a raising of hands or a decision to “come down front”. In my experience, these are emotionally generated and rarely hold any substance in the heart.

      C.P. Traveler

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