Circle of Hope Girls Ranch: Place of Hope or Place of Fraud, Child Neglect and Abuse?

Recently Chuck Travels was contacted by a mother who reports that her daughter was abused and neglected at Circle of Hope Girls Ranch located in Humansville, Missouri. She and others have alleged that the CEO Boyd Householder made fraudulent statements as well.  Circle of Hope Girls Ranch and Boarding Schools is a tax exempt/non-profit. Many have alleged that Boyd Householder uses Circle of Hope Girls Ranch’s tax exempt status to not only commit fraud against parents, but also abuses and neglects teenage girls. Mr. Householder is the self-described “CEO and Founder of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch. Husband, Father, Grandfather.”

Boyd Householder.

Householder also calls himself, ‘Gunslinger for God.’  Why one who is entrusted with teenage girls would go around calling himself a “Gunslinger for God’ is beyond comprehension.

Parent claims this is an actual picture of the "uniform" her daughter was forced to wear at Circle of Hope. This is what the parent was allegedly charged $300.00 for.

Chuck Travels wrote to Boyd Householder requesting information on Circle of Hope Girls Ranch on June 13, 2011.  As of this posting Chuck Travels has not received a response. Unfortunately, it appears that information that comes directly from Circle Of Hope Girls Ranch as to what the program is, is hard to obtain.  Two websites that were at one time used by the Householders for Circle of Hope Girls Ranch have been removed from the net. One has to wonder what exactly a place that would remove their own website has to hide?

Parent reports that this is a picture of the actual shoes her daughter was wearing when the mother arrived at COH unexpectedly. Claims are the girl wore these shoes in sub-zero weather and forced to shovel horse manure while wearing these same shoes.

Former “students” of Circle of Hope claim the Mr. Householder screams and spits in girls faces, girls were either force fed or denied food depending on the whim of the staff. If a girl vomited her face was shoved in her vomitus, and much more.  Girls claim that a few of them were made to preform push-ups in horse feces. Parents were charged thousands of dollars for tuition, and $300.00 for uniforms.

Parents were promised their daughters would get a quality education when in reality the girls actually received very little to no education.

It is alleged that an adult staff member of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch had sex with one of the minor girls while she was a student at Circle of Hope Girls Ranch.  It is further alleged that Boyd and his wife Stephanie Householder knew of this.  It is alleged the Householders told the girl not to say anything that they would take care of it and notify the parents.  It is alleged the parents were not notified. The staff member left and that was all that was done.  No police report can be found.

Mr. Householders belligerence is not only directed to the “troubled girls.”  He wrote the following discourteous letter to parents.  The letter is dated October 19, 2007.

Boyd Householder Parent Letter Oct 2007 Page 1

Boyd Household Parent Letter Page 2 October 2007

One can only imagine Mr. Householder’s surly attitude toward the students if he is willing to treat parents in such a boorish manner.

Update:   Circle of Hope Girls Ranch is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3).  Circle of Hope Girls Ranch National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Classification lists as a Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility.

  • What qualifications does Boyd or Stephanie Householder have to claim this?
  • There are no licensed social workers or licensed psychologists or psychiatrists on staff.
  • Are there any licensed nurses on staff?

In 2003 Boyd and Stephanie Householder recieved $7,100.00 as a disaster loan.

In addition to the monies Circle of Hope Girls Ranch receives for tuition, room and board and uniforms, Circle of Hope Girls Ranch is supported by numerous churches as part of the churches missionary giving program. New Beginnings Girls Academy, New Bethany, and Hephzibah House program are just three examples. Boyd Householder and Circle of Hope Girls Ranch are like similar facilities supported by churches.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of churches that support Circle of Hope Girls Academy:

Victory Baptist Church, Beaufort, SC

Grace Baptist Church, Crestline, Ohio

Calvary Baptist Church, Knob Noster, MO

Berean Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

Pastor Jeff Ables denied that the church supported Circle of Hope Girls Ranch.  However, the following excerpt is from the Springfield, MO NewsLeader:

“Baxter / for the News-LeaderBenefit ride

The Big 50 Bike Ride to benefit the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch and Boarding School will be May 21. The event is hosted by Berean Baptist Church, with about 35 churches participating.
Anyone who would like to donate to the girls home can send a check or money order to Berean Baptist, 507 E. Norton Road, Springfield, MO 65803. Note on the check it is for Circle of Hope.
For information, call Assistant Pastor Al Price at Berean Baptist, 833-1529.”

Boyd Householder posted this comment under Faith Promise Missions in the pastors blog for Berean Baptist Church:

“I agree! It seems like each Mission’s Conference that we have attended since becoming a member, has gotten better. Hearts are touched and changed, not only in the giving aspect but also in the spiritual aspect. The Missionaries presentations were awesome and Bro. McEntire “flung ‘er down.” Boyd Householder

Pastor Ables why did you publicly lie about not supporting Circle of Hope Girls Ranch/Boyd Householder?

In addition to the tuition, room, board and uniform fees and churches missionary giving, The Householders solicit funds through Charity Blossom and other Charity fundraising sites.

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  1. Very well Written, I know I also wanted to know where in any bible does it say that it is OK to LIE ? Also tried to talk to the Pastor that told me this was the best tthing for my daughter and try to see if he knew the Truth about it yet, he transfered the call to Pastor Ables, not worth wasting time talking to that Man as you will not get the TRUTH from him.

  2. Gads. This is so freaking typical of the attitude of directors and treatment of the young people under their care. Churches who support these places are complicit, whether they understand it or not. These parasites who live off the sorrows and troubles of others are a scourge upon the earth. A true pest that must be eradicated.

  3. ONLY TRUE statement that Householder has made” That the only thing that you will get back is a daughter worse than when you brought her”( IN PARENT LETTER) The reason being they haven’t been able to instill the brain washing effects and also the MAJOR EMOTIONAL abuse and LIES they tell them on how they are unwanted and “LUCKY ” they took them in !!!

  4. Ha! Greg McEntire is the Baptist Taliban preacher that I blog about called ‘Baptist Taliban Memoirs’. He is my brother-in-law and is planning to start a boys’ home in the near future. If you want to know what kind of home it will be, just read my blog.

    My husband and I helped him start Broken Arrow Baptist Temple in 1981 and we were there for 19 years. We left 3 months after he sentenced 12 young people to an Amish-style shunning as an official ‘church discipline’ action for talking to each other about dancing at a wedding shower, when he told them not to. They had already apologized to the church and were stripped of all their responsibilities, but he stirred up the ‘talking’ by calling them one by one into his office to question them further.

    It devastated the lives of many who are very close to me including some of my own kids. Out of the 200 people who attended there at the time, eventually 80 or more left. Families are divided to this day because of him. Yeah, he knows how to “fling ‘er down” alright! He’s a little man with ‘Napoleon syndrome’ and a pure narcissist.

    I had a feeling he was connected to this bunch! Now, I know.

    Cindy Foster

    • I bookmarked your blog and am looking forward to reading it. My husband and I left the IFB church 9 years ago because we could no longer stand the legalism and spiritual abuse the flows from these pulpitse. The last church we went to was the last straw. The pastor visited our home just when I found out my jaw was dislocated and I
      needed surgery. We didn’t have insurance and we had to come up with cash which was around 20K bucks. I was SO scared and in a lot of pain and I started crying. He showed NO compassion and looked at us and said….”well, when are you going to get involved in church?” What a heartless jerk. His attitude was like “what can you DO for me and MY church?” He didn’t even pray for me!

      Any way, my SIL and BIL who are IFB have nothing to do with us any more. They judged us and told me I wasn’t “saved” because of the stuff we “said.” Well. We would rather be like the Bereans who question things and look to the Bible for answers instead of the mindless robots the IFB wants.

      We feel so free now to just have a relationship with our Savior. Our Christian life is SO much more enjoyable than the one that the IFB church teaches — one that is a joyless, performance based Chrisianity!

      I Cor. 13 teaches us that the greatest of these is LOVE and that’s something my hubby and I try to live everyday.

  5. It’s well known amongst former residents of the ranch that Boyd Householder was also personally involved in the sexual abuse of several of his charges, though of course he was careful enough to leave no evidence and will thus never see the dark walls of a prison cell for his abhorrent behavior.

    • Even if there is no ‘evidence’ left now, please consider making a police report NOW. Each piece of a paper-trail in these cases is necessary for a future conviction. Please,Chuckles had had no idea this kind of thing when this article was written, but if what you wrote here is accurate, it needs to be reported to law enforcement, and keep reporting it. Long past time COH be closed so that this doesn’t continue to happen. Unfortunately it takes many reports, and many voices over time to get that done.

  6. yes, I also know that he sexually exploited the girls when they were showering a pubic hair was found and he wanted to know who had shaved there so ALL girls were forced to pull down underwear and show staff! He is a PERVERT! He NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED More for who and what he really is he has over 35 churches supporting him not to mention the love offerings and the Tuition dollars parents are paying . People believe him and he already has 2nd dorm! He will just keep getting more and more to abuse if we don’t do something now!

    • know TRUTH,
      Wow, would you be willing to file a police report? Shedding a pubic hair during a shower is normal just like shedding other body hair. He made the girls expose their genitals to staff members? This really needs to be reported. Even if the police don’t have enough evidence to pursue it at this time, it greatly help in a ongoing investigation. And future prosecution if it ever got to that point. Please do this. If you need assistance please email us.

  7. I know for a fact that Berean supports Circle of Hope because I went there for a time back in the summer 2008. Pastor Ables even addressed the church regarding these girls along with Tenholder in a “private” meeting, or a meeting without the girls in the room. Tenholder expressed in this meeting that these girls were basically deviants who were destroying their families’ lives.

    Tenholder talked about the colors that they wear, which signifies their good or bad behavior. If you notice, in the picture above some girls are wearing the same colors. This is because they are on the same level of the behavior system, etc.

    It was apparently common knowledge that one of the staff members had sex with one of the girls. A family member told my wife and I this after we left Berean. This same family member told us that Pastor Ables overheard her talking about it and told her to stop talking about it.

    It’s horrible that these girls are made out to seem like such horrible people. I’m sure that they do have problems in their homes, but this place is not helping them get the healing that they need and deserve. God’s love is not reflected in that horrible place.

    • Wesley, as an adult, that no longer attends this church. PLEASE report what you know! A childhood memory should not be survival…..These children have no voice, they are locked up in complete isolation.
      Pastor Ables is a MANDATED reporter. What he has done is a criminal offense.
      I will not go into all of the things that are wrong with this picture. I shouldn’t have to.
      I can only hope that you will find the compassion in your heart for these children. They are suffering Wesley. Help them, please…

      • I apologize, I meant to say Householder. Tenholder is the name of another acquaintance.


        I will prayerfully consider reporting something as I am not sure who to actually contact. I was only attending the church as a “requirement” to marry my wife. I don’t know a lot about it, only what took place in that meeting and what I have read.

        I am sorry for your pain. It is something that you did not deserve. Again, I will figure out a next step, because I do want to help. These churches have done a number on so many people out there.

  8. The staff in the IFB institutions have been able to pull down the pants and lift the skirts of IFB students in schools as well as group homes and spank the bare bottoms for far too long. These staff members are not Doctors or nurses. Also if a real social worker was sent to these institution to investigate child abuse they would not be able to even lift the sleeve of a minor child to look for bruise in many states because the IFB is continuing to use the “religious freedom laws” to expose the private sexual areas of minor to staff members who have no medical degrees. This violation of the IFB children has to stop in the schools and group homes. Where else can you force a child to expose their privates to untrained staff?????? How many IFB kids out their in Facebook land were violated by having to show you private sexual parts to IFB staff???? Please come forward because this is sexual abuse and for those of you who were abused further by being touched while your private sexual areas were exposed to a non-medical person would you also step forward and tell your story??? Again, this has to stop. The abuse will continue until the victims come forward. This is Independence Day weekend. Set a victim free today.

  9. “Baxter / for the News-LeaderBenefit ride
    The Big 50 Bike Ride to benefit the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch and Boarding School will be May 21. The event is hosted by Berean Baptist Church, with about 35 churches participating.
    Anyone who would like to donate to the girls home can send a check or money order to Berean Baptist, 507 E. Norton Road, Springfield, MO 65803. Note on the check it is for Circle of Hope.
    For information, call Assistant Pastor Al Price at Berean Baptist, 833-1529.”

    The “Baxter” who wrote this article is probably the journalist Baxter who is the the mother of my brother-in-law Joseph Baxter, who attends Berean Baptist Church in Springfield, MO (where the Tenholders are members)

    The church regularly takes offerings for the Circle of Hope even if they don’t support them officially in their budget.

  10. Dearest *G* and *know TRUTH*,
    I am a survivor of New Bethany. I understand what you are going through. Please know that there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of us. Who want to support you! (We call ourselves ‘Survivors’. Because we are…)
    I would like to speak with you, and help you if you would like me to. There are laws that will protect you from what has happened. There are laws that will bust this wide open.
    In Missouri specifically, ALL MEMBERS OF CLERGY are mandated reporters. When Householder was sexually abusing children in his charge, not only was he commiting one of the worst crimes against children. (That he CAN STILL be punished for) Also, anyone else, failing to report (the other adult staff at COH) will be held responsible for NOT reporting this crime.
    There is this wonderful thing called the statute of limitations, and he can (as well as the other sickos that did nothing to help the victims) still be held responsible. As he should be.
    PLEASE feel free to contact me. I want to help you. And I know that there are many others who do as well…I do not know your contact information, but I am sure that there is some way that we can connect. Here is the link to my FB account!/profile.php?id=1039278242
    Please, feel free to contact me personally if you wish to. Also, here is a link to one of the many support groups.!/home.php?sk=group_134466543281370&ap=1
    We care, we want to support you, understand you, love you, and we will live the rest of our lives doing what we can to bring these sick monsters to justice.
    Simone Jones
    Survivor of New bethany

  11. I know that this is a HORRIBLE place! there is a lot more evidence and documents that they are not educating the girls and the abuse is on going at this place. Pastor Jeff Ables, is a LIER Householder from what I understand is “IN” with the sheriffs dept. as he is a instructor for them for con carry, On other blogs girls have stated that they come out and see bruises and walk away! I know that he kept my daughter from getting medical treatment cause he was hiding all her bruises on her. I know that they have the PA that they take the girls to conned as he has conned many others too cause he tells people “They KNOW what kinda girls we deal with” It is all a SCAM, If you claim to go in front of the church and get saved then I guess Pastor Ables must give them more $$$ as to all the “GOOD” they are doing with the girls. He also bragged to me and I am sure others how he “KNOWS” the sheriff! My daughter stated that he even wanted to get cameras in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Please People I have reported them this is the ONLY way we will get the girls the help they really need and not let them abuse them in JESUS name!

    • Ok sorry, but there’s no way about the cameras.. They definitely wouldn’t do that even if they did have the money (which they don’t) …still totally wanting this place shut down, and for no more girls to have to go through the same things I did, but be realistic.. Camaras?? Get real!

      • Let me just say my sister is currently at this place and just yesterday was my first visit with her (after the first three months) it took her hours to finally tell me what was truely going on. Which happens to be a list of things. Making the girls take their dirty underwear and turn them inside out and wear them that way, wearing the same bullshit dress my mother paid $300 for all week, throwing away her chapstick saying it was a privilege, took family pictures of my other sister who was wearing a beauty pagent dress with her legs showing passed her knees claiming it was provocative, punishing them by excessive amounts of push ups then throwing there faces in to the ground when they could no longer do them, refusing deppression medications telling her deppression is FAKE!!!!! And last but not least taking innappropriate pictures. Let me just say im shutting this fucking place down. Say good bye to your money, and hopefully you go to prision.

  12. I am just adding one thing loads of things are true about that place but ONE LIE boyd would never perve on any of the girls and I no that for a fact he was very carful and he did put a rule into place tht he was not allowed to b in a room by himself with a girl there always had to be at least two girls in the same room as him if he wanted to talk to one of them so that is a lie he is NOT a perve and never touched a girl in a sexual way tell the truth wot happened in there no lies it is stupid!

    • Thats a lie my sister told me specifically he took innapropriate pictures of her and she wouldnt lie like that. What does he give you money for keeping your mouth shut?

  13. @ Runaway, NEver said HE was the one that was looking at the girls. But that DID happen! And even the sexual abuse that is alleged from others says other staff member NOT HIM ! However there are guys from other homes that states that he saw issues with him and some of the girls at another home in which he worked I do not know any of those facts… I however do know of the shower situation and it DID happen. What things about this place are true in your book? How do you know? Where you there or staff?

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  16. As a direct victim of COH, I can attest to a lot of what has been said, including the sexual assault of the girl by a staff member. I have wanted to do something about it but I know that social services has investigated a number of times and all the girls are terrified to say what’s really going on there for fear of the repercussions, they more often than not will not tell their parents either for the same reasons. I still hold out for hope that blogs like this will finally get these people shut down for good and they will have to answer for their actions.

    • Exploited,

      We are sorry for what you endured at Circle of Hope and other similar programs. Please know you are not alone. Keep speaking out, keep reporting things to social services, keep talking until someone hears you.

      HEAL-Online is a watchdog group that was founded by a survivor of Provo Canyon. One of the other volunteers Simone, comments frequently on Chuckles Travels, is a survivor of New Bethany. Heal has a database of both secular and faith-based programs. HEAL gathers statements from former students about these programs. Please concider contacting HEAL.

      From what I understand, HEAL is interested in all statements whether a former student wants to remain anonymous or wishes their names and statements made public,

      If you would feel more comfortable, you can send Chuckles Travels an email and Chuckles will assist you in contacting a HEAL volunteer. Or you can contact HEAL directly.

    • I echo what the others have said. Good on you for speaking out, and please report what you know to the proper authorities. Get the paper trail in place for a future investigation, even if nothing else happens with your report. Also, if you are on FB, please hook yourself up with some of the survivor forums so you can have some support for yourself. You need people who will believe you and care for you, too.

    • What Chuckles said. Please contact someone from HEAL and find out your options concerning reporting, finding *real* counseling and support, etc. You aren’t alone. Too many others from too many of these “homes” are telling exactly the same things. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself and learn what will help you heal from your own ordeal.

    • Whether we ultimately can help in shutting down a home, i don’t know. What I do know is that you as the survivors are worth every effort we put forth in our attempts to expose the truth and elaborate on the evil that was perpetuated at places such as COH. We want to be known as a compassionate source of God’s love for those who were supposed to receive it but didn’t get it when they needed it the most.

      C.P. Traveler

  17. Dear one of the Exploited, I am so sorry that you endured the abuses that you did while at COH , I know that the Householders are VERY good at manipulating and they are Professional CONS, They sure had me fooled. I have been advocating againest this place once I found out what kind of place that it really was /IS. Please reply VIa to Chuckles Travels and we can TRY to advise you on actions to take. I know that the Social Services haven’t really done anything but I have been talking to A LOT of people and have found things that we can do . Please contact me so I can help! I do believe you and understand as I had my daughter there and know that they are for sure NOT the LOVING, CARING, CHRISTIAN , enviroment that they claim to be.

  18. Exploited,
    I am a survivor of the New Bethany Home in Arcadia, La. which is thankfully CLOSED after more than 30 yrs of abusing kids. Ya know what I wish? I wish there was SOME WAY to let all these girls and boys know how hard we are fighting for them out here! Just a way to sneak a message in to let them know that we are all out here……screaming and making the biggest racket we can for them! If they are hearing anything, I’m sure it is a very skewed version of what is really going on, and that they are all being “persecuted”. I just want to tell you, Ex, that what you are doing in speaking up is giving others HOPE! There are alot of us survivors around. And we are all over facebook!!/groups/IFBhomesurvivors/

  19. Dear Exploited,
    We hear you, and we believe you! There is much you can do, I am honored by your bravery in speaking out! Please know that there are hundreds of us out here, from many different places similar to COH. We are here for you, and wish to embrace you with the love and support you deserve.
    When you are ready, Please contact me, either via FB, or at
    Much love,
    Simone Jones

  20. Exposed, You have taken a HUGE step in speaking out! I thank you for your courage. Several things that can help are contact the AG office in Missouri, you can do so without mentioning your name. They haven’t had many claims againest them that is why no one is doing anything against them. Also, Please send Chuckles a list of all the people that are working there at the ranch, Other thing that can and will help is if you call Social service and tell them what is REALLY going on there, There are SEVERAL of us that are willing to come along side you and validate the claims that you are staing as they are TRUE. You do not have to give your name to them as well.And last but least please contact a SS Supervisor and let them knwo that Pastor Jeff Ables was aware of these abuses and DIDN’T report them ! He WILL be in a lot of trouble with out all the $$ rolling in maybe they will have to close the doors down, Lets just pray if you don’t feel comfortable send info that is not identifying and I will call in the reports with the facts. Best fo luck to you !

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  22. i recently left Circle of Hope. Yes, they are tough on us but not abusive at all. They truly desire to see a change in us. The people who have made these aligations are simple angry at the ministry because they either didnt comply or didnt change

    • I take back my former statements. I said them in attempts to get my personal belongings and transcripts back from COH. I was kicked out on Dec. 8 2011. I was allowed to leave with nothing but the clothing I had on. I would not, by any means recommend sending anyone to this place. While there, I never put on the fake as is expected. For this reason I never was promoted higher than a yellow shirt, I was constantly restraind and punished for things unknown. I was told that i would become nothing but a drug addict and a prostitute even though I showed signs of possitive change. I was raped by a friend’s uncle before being sent there. I once filled out a “request for meeting” to talk about the emotional effects it was having on me. I was called a liar and a manipulater, and told that if it did happen that it was my fault and was consentual because i am “a harlet”. I lost 85 pounds in 4 months and was once forced to eat dog feces while in a restraint. Now that I am home, I attend church 4 times a week and participate in any type of additional church functions. My relationship with my family is almost perfect, I attend online schooling 6 days a week. I guess that you could say that I was helped there but in reality, I wasnt. I believe that my life has turned around because of my relationship with Jesus Christ, not the Householders or their program. I am under Blaze Jones on Facebook if you have any questions.

      • Thank you for commenting. We are very sorry about how you were treated at Circle of Hope. Jesus isn’t what the Householders portray Him to be. Thank God, you’re out and attending church.
        The Bible promises “…to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”

        Please know that if you need anyone to talk to, we’re willing to talk to you and assist you in any way we can. We have members on the Editoral Board who have been residents of homes such as Circle of Hope. Please feel free to email We also have a facebook page. If you wish to “friend” us, we would be honored to accept.

        God Bless you, Blaze,


      • Blaze,

        You are one of the most courageous people I have seen in this blog. It would be so much easier to just stay quiet and mind your own business. You however have probably saved some pain of others by exposing some of your own. In my view of the world, that makes you a hero.

        I am so sorry for all you had to endure. I hope that you really know deep in your heart that none of it was your fault and that you didn’t deserve any of it.

        I want to share a video I came across recently that addresses that strength that I bet you don’t yet see in yourself. I want to assure you that it is most definitely there. In addition, you have shown a great deal of resiliency. You clearly have a big future ahead.

  23. Blaze,

    I am under the impression that you are unaware of all the photographic evidence posted online, as well as all the proof of fraud committed by Householder. Please do your homework before attempting to do the Householders a favor. Obviously, you were unprepared to make these statements.

    • Yes, Thanks Teresa! as you know there are MANY that are speaking of the abuse only one or two that have been snowed. Because of the brain washing of how “wonderful” it is . Blaze, either your parents have a lot of money and paid them super well to avoid the abuse or you just really are with the kool-aid drinkers…. It is ok people will keep talking until the WHOLE TRUTH is out there!!!! :) we will not be silenced!

      • Excuse me smiley, but you have no right to say anything about blaze unless you were there! Heck no, her family didn’t pay them any more; and you don’t dare call her crazy! Blaze is one of the strongest girls I know, and witnessed her stand for what she believed and knew to be right the entire time I was at COH with her. Don’t you dare speak down to any girl that went through that place because you have NO idea…. I too was at the ranch for 3 months this past year and absolutely agree with Blaze; the householders in no way made me a better person… but going through hell like that definitely made me appreciate the life I have now that I am out.
        Sorry to be rude to you, but Blaze is my friend. Keep speaking out, cause I don’t want other girls to have to go through what I did.. Thanks

  24. I don’t know what they feed to you BLAZE but I KNOW that there IS ABUSE going on at that place ! I am very aware and so are others that are worried for the girls still in the program! I did not just say things! I researched the FACTS and they are 1) Householders are not honest with their claims. 2) They are neglectful.3) They do NOT educate girls! 4) They do *ABUSE the GIRLS* one of the signs of abuse denial!

  25. I went to COH about 5 years ago.. I know what happened and so does most of my friends who went there as well.. I just wish someone would have done something when we first spoke up. Its sad to know that 5 years later there still hasnt been anything done. I wish we could do something and it hurts me to know that they are still open and still have girls there.. its scary! I am an adult now and I still get chills and scared when I think of his name or see it on the net knowing that there is nothing being done.

  26. For those of you who have suffered at this place, I am so very sorry! My parents threatened to send me to one of the Roloff homes. I remember thinking at the time that anything would have to be better than being at home. How little I knew! The stories I have heard are horrific. It’s hard enough having these things done by parents, but to go to an institution where you are at the mercy of so many more adults thinking of creative means of torture is just horrific. Those of you who have suffered so much have my deepest sympathy! I can only imagine how difficult the nightmarish memories are. I pray that you all find healing from the things you endured.

  27. Dear me, you look like you want to come off as a good parent, but you say your child is worst now. Maybe because you just dropped her off and left her. She probably felt abanded. I mean why would you bring your daughter somewhere that you didn’t even see before? You met Boyd and the second you met him you leave your daughter with a complete stranger. Some parenting skills. I could never leave my child with a compete stranger you signed a contract giving your daughter to somebody else, poor girl. I mean did she know that she was gonna go there? Probably not. And if she went threw it, why isn’t she sharing the story. I’m sure she told you things but wouldn’t or be better coming from the victim ? Why should you get sympathy when you placed your child in it. You just don’t want to look like a bad parent. Im sure if you can leave her in a boarding school that sounds like a prison you would leave her on the streets , because I know you have. You also took in another girl, kicked your daughter out gave the other girl her room told your daughter she was jealous of the other girl. And you also threatened to take her bAck the day she got out. Your not apart of her life. And you wonder why she’s always going down the wrong path. She needs a parent in her life. But all you do is judge her and cut her out. And I’m saying that because I know your daughter and she’s told me this. I’m her good friend, she told me about the web pages.and I see right threw you. You only want attention you dont give a shit about your child. And you really should stop making all these pages, how do we know what’s 100% true and not? You weren’t the one who went threw it, just the parent who pit your child through it.

  28. Well,I see that “Mr. Chuckles” has deleted my comments about how all these girls are saying is nothing but trash and lies.Let me ask you something,are you trying to hide the truth that COH is not abusive?You allow no truth to be posted on your abusive website.Stop hiding it.

  29. I went there for 2 years some things written I do agree with but the sexual abuse is not true whatsoever :/ It makes very angry because I know what kind of place that is. Yes it may not be the greatest but at the same time I got the change that I needed

    • While you may not have been sexually abused at COH, it doesn’t mean sexual abuse never happened there. As a matter of fact there are legal documents where a girl was sexually abused by a staff member. So be angry, sure, but be angry at the right thing. Not many sex abusers have an audience when they commit their crimes.

  30. Honestly i dont get this web page becaue alot of these girls and parents that post know the truth and Ann you are right they wont post the truth because they like the gossip yes i do agree that some stuff wasnt handled right sometimes but arent we all human and whether or not we believe in God we will all make mistakes. And as for the sexual abuse you all are crazy cus there wasnt any going on and i know that for a fact. Bro house is a very careful and as for they dont hava an audience let me tell you something i was abused as a little child by my bio dad they may not have the audience but it does come out so get the facts straight and see The Circle of Hope Ranch is a good place and most of you girls when you sit back and think about it you may not agree with what happened but ur not there anymore so stop back stabbing the very people who tried to help and let me tell you something if the state thought it was a bad place they would have shut it down. look into the law some and you will see people do find the truth out and it will show trust me i know. so like i just wanted to say that and please post this what i have to say is how i feel every one else has said there part now its my turn

    • Honestly, you know what we don’t get? This blog post is a very old post. Yet you seems rather invested, even a tad obsessed because you keep returning to comment where no one else has for months.

      Why are you so invested? Are you a staff member, or even one of the Householder clan, perhaps?

      It just seems very strange you are keeping this thread going.

      • Abuse doesn’t happen to everyone all the time and not everyone sees it. Some people don’t consider what happens to be abusive, but the law does. Please try to keep that in mind when posting on this site about circle of hope. By the typing I am sure it is either a householder or a brain-washed friend of theirs. Yes everyone makes mistakes but in America we punish people who continue to make mistakes. I would never even allow my dog to go there. I went there I know what happened. Just because we WERE troubled teens doesn’t mean we are ALL lying about abuse. I did not receive any help there and honestly everyone single person that was there with me is now an adult and NONE of us came out better… Only worse! Keep that in mind too.

  31. I was there for 3 weeks. Boyd got in my face and yelled at me and told me I was the biggest suck up he’d ever met. Just because I wrote a letter to my parents wanting To leave. We had to do push ups when we talked. And I had to scrub dog crap and dog pee off their floor in their house. They told me I was a bad person and my brothers and sister were gonna end up there too because of me. I was only there for 3 weeks. That’s it. But when I came back I had no idea what was real or what was a dream. His is a terrible place to send anyone. My mom said it was worse than jail. They have attack dogs that come after you if you try to run. And they beat you with a paddle. You cannot change for 3 days or put deodorant on after You take a shower. This place ruined me. It’s been over a year since I’ve been there. But I am still trying to get over it. And I no longer speak to my father.

  32. People that say this stuff isn’t true are completely brain washed. I wasn’t there but I saw enough! The girls are SCARED. Also. Central baptist church is a part of all this. A few girls from there have been sent to this place. I’m very sorry some girls got brainwashed into thinking these things are okay. It’s a terrible thing.

  33. I’m afraid of these people. I literally cry. I didn’t have any schooling there. I didn’t talk hardly ever when I came back either. Certain smells freaked me out because it reminded me of that place. And I do recall bro householder being alone with a girl beating her bare bottom with a paddle. I was 15. This girl was maybe 11 or 12.

    • Bridget, please contact the MO state police about what you know. Give them names, of the abusers as well as the abused, dates, times, places, anything you can tell them. Anyone else that you know who was abused there or witnessed the abuse of others need to know they can call the MO State Police. It’s not advisable to call the authorities local to Humansville. The last we heard, Householder was giving the “carry concealed” classes for the Humansville Sheriff’s Dept.

      • When I came back they were going around and singing at 2 if the churches that support them. We had cops interview all the girls. A couple of girls told them but the others were too far gone I guess. We’ve had cops involved but nothing changed. There was an 8 year old little girl there when I was there. I’d heard shed been there since she was 5. I honestly don’t believe the cops want to do anything. They’re all involved somehow. They’re apart of a church that supports it. Anything that’s ever happened to me the IFB members covered it up. They’re everywhere.

  34. I was a student at Agape Boarding School, this is where Boyd Householder worked before starting this girls home, and honestly, everything in this article sounds about right.

  35. I was removed from COH last week by DFS i spoke out to my family on a visit about the abuse. As far as i know they are shutting them down

  36. I personally went to circle of hope. Most of things said are lies! I can say I honestly hated it and guarantee your girls did to, to the point where they’ll lie about it! You sent your girls here for a reason such as LIEING so why believe them now. I won’t say I think everything there was right but I don’t think lieing will fix anything. Brother house NEVER spat in girls faces or deprived them of eating. If a girl didn’t eat it was because she refused to eat what was given! We had school like trays and they were always full! No girl was ever shoved in there own vomit. I’ve seen girls there throw up even on purpose they were just requested to clean it up. If a girl did push-ups in horse manure it was there fault for not moving. But no one ever made them. A lot of crap is said. So really don’t say stuff unless you really no.


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